iPAS2 Business System Review by Chris Campbell

By | September 13, 2014
Product Name: iPas2 Business System Review - iPasFreeGiveAway Scam.
Product Owners: Chris Campbell and Chris Jones
Product Price:  Advertised as Free!
$100's to Join; $1,000's to Advertise.
Overall Rank: Scam - iPAS2 Not Legit!

The iPas2 Business System Review by Chris Campbell

iPAS2 Review by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones

iPAS is the acronym for Internet Prospect Acceleration System. Today’s review will be going over the legitimacy of this online marketing program and the benefits and disadvantages involved with the iPAS2 System. Is it any different than the original iPAS launch?

iPAS2 first flaw lies within it’s own advertising promise:

“Free Automated System.”

Anytime I come across this phrase or even hear this my mind becomes immediately susceptible.

What are the premises that lie within a Free Automated System?

  • Minimal Setup Requirement Upon Login
  • A System That Will Automatically Build You An Income In Due Time
  • In The Case of Ipas2, A Complete Made-For-You Funnel System That Does The Work for you.

Hence comes the question..

What’s the IPAS2 catch?

Clearly, when one has a “done for you” automated funnel system able to catch you leads and make you sales without any effort required on your behalf should result in high skepticism:

                         Not Much Of a Success Formula in this Marketing Strategy now is there?!

ipas2 system review

iPAS2 System Review



Upon further investigation iPAS2 not only offers no money back guarantee after a full-year of not making any income but additionally requires the iPAS participant to have implemented every part of their coaching technique.

Thus, I find it somewhat odd, as this goes against the whole fully “free automated system” and “done for you sales funnel” irony!


iPAS2 Costs To Make Money!

It’s true. One must pay a certain sum of advertising fee’s in order to attain their leads in the first place. IPAS2 utilizes what is called a “pay to play” fee of anywhere between $300 and $500 which essentially provides consistent one-on-one coaching in the Internet Marketing world of mentorship.

That is not all..

An iPAS participant must also be willing to pay the additional $30 monthly fee to have their web hosting, domain, and c-panel setup and configured for the life of their account. Now, in my opinion, a domain usually costs no more than $10 to $12 on a yearly basis. Hosting depending on the type is very cheap these days and can be attained anywhere from as free to $15 per month.

In essence, iPAS2 is already over-charging the participant alone on the monthly hosting fee (as this does not involve the coaching, mentorship, or additional advertising fee’s used to attain leads).


How Does iPAS2 Lead Generation Work?

In order for an iPAS participant to receive any direct leads in the first place he or she must be willing to have an advertising budget:


ipas2 business marketing scam

This budget thus becomes invested on a daily basis and is paid directly to iPAS, which then goes out and attains leads from sources such as, the internet, direct mailing, and mailing campaigns.


Whether or not these leads are actually legitimate, is unknown!

Additionally, the amount of leads you receive will depend on the iPAS pot of money invested by its pool of participants. Say for exemplary purposes the iPAS advertising pot was $10,000, and you’re budget was $100, well you would receive your share of 1%.


Why Can’t iPAS2 Be Trusted?


1. The amount of information on the web is slim to none. This is a first-handed sign to stay away. Any company who tries hiding and keeping secret their own reputation through means of their own online advertising is not to be fooled around with.


2. As an online marketer, if you’re not aware now, here is your first and biggest advisable tip.. Any marketing system claiming to “automatically generate you money,” as you supposedly, sit back and watch your advertising money (go to waste), “make you money,” is today’s biggest online marketing scams, and hence, is the reason for iPAS hidden and secretive reputation. If you can’t find the required information, and enough details to comfort you into the money your spending, to receive money (odd!), without any money back guarantee, its simply a signal I would like you to stay aware of. Unless you’ve experienced monumental success from iPAS1, then I have no objection in going forward.


Bringing me to point #3…


3. Why does a company need to so quickly change its brand name from iPAS to iPAS2?! Nonetheless, why does the company solely rely on an advertising ploy that utilizes nothing but some grand musical-like showbiz video, with absolutely zero true information on what the company does, and a required e-mail address from you!

Interesting, isn’t it?

When you think about it, it’s very clear as of where the advertising leads come from in the first place. 



iPAS2 Scam Review!

I’ve seen the term iPAS thrown around, along with all their capture pages, yet never understood the grand finale.. what I mean is the objective, the goal, the true prestige required for the online marketer to reach his end-goal!

Hence, iPAS only objective seems to be one of their own selfish profit.

That is, attain money from you, provide you with some coaching you can get not only for much cheaper, but while attaining you long-lasting success, without the payments of hundred and hundreds of worthless dollars being spent on advertising revenue in which you have not the slightest clue of what’s being done with it!


iPAS 2 Overall Review & Conclusion

Stay Away! 

If I can’t make my point as clear as possible now, then it seems there is no getting through to you. Any system that involves something of the sorts called a “Pre-Launch,” is more than likely not, an absolute scam! There is no reason for a company to have a pre-launch besides attainment of a large e-mail list, to get people hyped up for a product, while simultaneously achieving the ability to keep a person’s mind off the end-goal.

It’s in my opinion, an awful marketing ploy that takes advantage of the potential end-user by simply making promises of earnings, but doesn’t go about telling the user, how to attain those earnings; a problem in itself! The initial free registration moreover, is how iPAS proves themselves to be “legitimate.” Despite the fact, it’s not a free registration at all, but either a way to gather free information from you, to give to iPAS members as trashed leads.


iPAS2 Review Verdict: Not Legit!

iPAS2 Rank= Stinks like Scam! ew..

Online Scams

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23 thoughts on “iPAS2 Business System Review by Chris Campbell

  1. Mark

    Thanks for the info. Do you know anything about the Auto Recruiting Platform.

  2. Rick Spencer

    Hi, I need to update n change my small local music biz that has falled, I’m now starting to sell guitars and music instruments through one of my dealers , can Wealthy Affilliate help me for cheap ? my over head is low but I’m cash poor :/
    Thanks, Rick Spencer
    Austin Tx

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yes Rick, absolutely.

      I highly recommend it. The tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate continually prove to be second to none.

      In addition, its community is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The amount of help and advice

      people will be giving you to make your website a complete unique success story is in my opinion, worth it.

      If you want, click here to get started for free. I can and will help you with your business and get it to reach the very top of Google so visitors can actually see it! :)

  3. Grace

    Hi Peter

    I’m actually doing the trial now and I’m only on step 4 the products and the moment I heard empower network lead me to start looking deeper.

    I see you recommend WA why do you recommend these and is it because you want more traffic as a affiliate?

    I’m not being funny but I’ve been looking into the affiliate side for the past 8 months and it’s got to the point I don’t know who to believe as it seems EVERYONE is just out for their own gain or have I got it wrong?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Grace,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and concerns with online marketing.

      You know, it’s not unusual to be struggling within any of your online marketing efforts, due to working online scams such as iPAS2. I’ve been online marketing for 2 years now and it wasn’t even until June of this past summer, where I finally found my luck in getting the proper guidance that I found I needed.

      Eventually I came to realize that the biggest, most crucial aspect to success is to be in control of a website that you yourself own. One that allows you to create quality, trust-worthy content! Oddly enough, this one factor never really hit me, which I think was a result of my constant yearn in trying to search for products that could MAKE me money, rather than in HELPING to make me money. See the difference?

      That’s when I found about Wealthy Affiliate and their free starter membership program. This allowed me to create my own first free website! While also gaining all the help I needed by constant discussions under each related task and the extremely thorough detailed training.

      I would recommend you giving it a try, especially if you’re finding efforts in penny-pinching corporations like ipas2, empower network, ILN, Big Master Network, and the many other thousands of companies, not paying off. They ALL rely on the same old useless and highly stressful techniques in having to recruit others in order to make you money! Almost like its a direct sales job, but even harder, since you’re not even working face to face. Thats the real difference between Wealthy Affiliate vs. all these other companies, which many a times have you pay hundreds of dollars simply to join their MLM programs, get in on their training (and constantly annoying upsells to reach.. what “Platinum Level”!?) only leaving you to struggle in the end.

      Here is a link btw if you’re more interested in learning how to start as an affiliate marketer instead, and forget about MLM as a whole! I simply believe it not being worth your time. It’s what I also believe is causing you to endlessly question yourself in whats true and real vs. what’s fake. I was in that same position, and still remember how annoyed I was getting day after day, not being in control of my own actual online business – Hence, the true beauty in not just affiliate marketing, but Wealthy Affiliate alone for having such a wonderful community at hand willing to lend you help at any moments notice. Without them, I don’t think I could have made this happen on my own.

      Hope I answered your question the best I could. I understand what you’re going through, most-especially in the issue of trust. Fortunately Wealthy Affiliates free starter membership gave me the potential and way out of putting a complete end to that cycle.

      Please read my review if you’d like a better understanding.


  4. Hilda

    Peter, all the criteria you use to label Ipas2 as a scam are really valid. You have made a thorough and hones review of this online marketing program. The information you provide in this article can prevent many people from being scammed by them. Great job!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank You Hilda! It’s nice to hear from you again. iPAS2 is a huge, huge scam and its good to see we’re on the same level here with our opinions. Appreciate the kind gestures nonetheless and truly hope this review can go a long way in helping people keep their money in their wallets, where it belongs.

      I understand the motives for people wanting to spend money on a product they “think” it may or may not work. But the risk just isn’t worth it.
      If the product was truly that valuable, iPAS2 should have no problem in giving their consumer atleast a free day trial or two. That’s the thing
      with scams like iPAS2 these days, as soon as you hand over your e-mail, you’re practically getting yourself ready to be sold!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi there Julian,

      Indeed another awful scam, though not as bad as some other one’s I’ve seen lately, this one is still no good. People need to understand first that iPAS, the original was a complete failure in its ability to deliver a proper product for the consumer.

      The more people that can realize this, the more people will finally understand iPAS2 is an even bigger scam!

      The simple fact the company went into pre-launch, merely to get thousands and thousands of consumer e-mails, showing off to be the new hype of the year, has only been beneficial, to the ACTUAL AFFILIATES who find it so easy to promote this product and make money by methods like e-mail marketing and writing reviews just as similar to this…

      Only difference being, I am not here to hand out an affiliate link, nor am I here to try and profit off my everyday visitors. Rather I am here to expose such unlawful products that are stealing consumer money without anything being done about it.

      Sure, I receive some nasty affiliate e-mails here and there, which is all a result of me lowering their sales. Though unintentionally, my priority is to save struggling marketer’s time and money, even their HOPE! And hopefully provide them on not just a much greater path, but a LEGITIMATE path of starting your own online business, without any catch, upsells, or ludicrous amounts of money being spent.

      Thank you for your comment Julian. Remember I will never stop in the cause of preventing these scams, despite its inevitable growth. There should truly be laws set in place for things like iPAS2!

  5. bernie

    A classic everything for their gains nothing for you to benefit. Thanks a lot for your review, now I know.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      You got it Bernie! More than happy to make just one more person aware of iPAS2 scam.

      The knowledge of knowing what a difference I can make in the online marketing sectors with the amazing help of Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing to have happened to me.

      Not only do I believe in good and bad karma, but in genuine truth and honesty. I used to be a dirty affiliate, and hated myself for it, working within sectors just to make some money. But the mere fact it was dirty money completely changed my motives around. Now its my turn to help in delivering the favor to help prevent scams like iPAS2.


  6. Rich Far

    Hi Peter,

    Great review – thank you for getting this warning out there.

    If it weren’t for reviewers like yourself many more people would be getting scammed by apparent profit seeking pirates like Chris Campbell and Chris Jones (if that’s their real names).

    Good Job Peter!

    – Rich

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you so much Rich.

      What an amazing compliment I will always remember to keep to my heart, truly.

      I’ve heard, seen, and witnessed too many stories of people’s lives being destructed over such innocence beliefs caused by ipas2 scam artists and the like. It’s not fair! Although, not as awful as Empower Network (cough- the worst of all), atleast I’ve been able to consistently push people form iPAS2 with this review.

      As of lately, I’ve been working on writing 5 reviews per week, mainly dependent upon scams, and 1 or so as an affiliate marketer recommending legitimate alternatives and products. If people don’t want to admire what I am trying to do for the greater good, then they simply don’t understand the true overall magnitude that’s involved with online scams. Anyone, can produce and do Anything, on the internet. Realize this people!!!
      No laws are going to help you the day you ask for that 30-day money back guarantee.

  7. David Snodgrass

    you hit the nail on the head sounds like it is just another SCAM!

  8. Ashley

    Your review of this site is pretty good. From what I read, this site is a huge scam. I won’t waste my time visiting this site. Keep up the great post :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hah thanks Ashley! I try my best to help others.
      Good to hear you won’t waste your time with them.
      Thanks a bunch for commenting :)


    1. Peter G. Post author


      Your comment went through the first time.

      Sorry for the confusion. Something seems to be going wrong with my captcha software.

      I’ll make sure to get that checked out!


  9. Peter Blake

    What are these guys selling ?? IPAS2 .. it just seems like nothing .. no product !!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Peter Blake!

      That’s a really great question and was something that took me awhile to figure out. Upon further research, iPAS2 is a program that lets you sign-up for free during its pre-launch phase, and then uses your e-mail and contact information to sell you your own MLM leads; packages that cost $300 to $500. In addition they provide a hosting platform for you to use at $30 per month!

      Essentially iPAS2 promises you the ability to get rich quick by providing you packages of leads that you can advertise to. Where these leads come from? That’s hard to say. They’re most-likely utilizing an e-mail scraper, or buying their own leads at a cheap cost, and then selling them to iPAS members at an increased markup.

      Nevertheless, I don’t recommend iPAS2, unless you feel that utilizing their leads, and e-mails will do you any good. Hence, my biggest alternative to making legitimate money online would be to check out Wealthy Affiliate. This will help you start you own website, and will teach you how to get started for free, with easy to utilize traffic methods. It is a real and legitimate business, unlike iPAS.



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