Is Affiliate Marketing a Real Business Or a Scam?

By | April 22, 2015

Is Affiliate Marketing a Real Business Or a Scam?

There are a wide number of scams that are on the Internet today, and they are thriving. By taking advantage of todays individuals who are trying to work from home, these companies can truly capitalizing on them.

As a result, some people are unsure whether affiliate marketing is the real deal or not. In this post I’d like to explain how affiliate marketing works, how you can benefit from it, and the best affiliate marketing company on the internet. 

How Affiliate Marketing Works

The way affiliate marketing works is actually pretty awesome, and even more rewarding, when done correctly. Despite todays many online scams, affiliate marketing is proving to be one of the best ways to start an online business from home. 

Here’s How It Works:wa-steps

Step #1 – First, you’d be required to get started with a particular online company, relative to your desired niche. Three of the best companies to work with include Amazon, Click bank, and Wealthy Affiliate.

Step #2 – Step two, you must have a foundation to getting visitors and traffic. This will allow you to leverage whichever affiliate offers that you wish, and in-turn get compensated in commissions for each referred sale that you make.

Step #3 – Once you have gained the proper traffic, you are then on your way to earning an online income! One of the best and most popular ways to do this, is by starting up your own website, which you can learn how to do so here!

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing!

The benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer are very extensive and advantageous. They range wide in number and allow individuals over the world become increasingly self-reliant.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits Include:

#1. The ability to make recurring commissions.

#2. The ability to work from home, or wherever you want.

#3. The ability to consistently leverage your own income by scaling up efforts.

#4. Very low overhead cost involved.

#5. Getting ranked on Google and various search engines.

#6. Ability to promote any number of affiliate offers as you wish.

#7. Allows for more time and freedom with family and friends than any other opportunity out there!

Warning: Income may tend to grow exponentially!

Best Affiliate Marketing Company!

So how can you get started on the right foot..?

Easy, with Wealthy Affiliate – a product specifically developed to help you earn and succeed with affiliate marketing. The company offers an extensive number of very detailed classes and a community, which you will find to be second to none.

By becoming a Wealthy Affiliate you will learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, without having to worry about being scammed!

The tools, resources, and help offered are extensive to say the least, and there are thousands of people making a full-time income with this single product. I highly recommend getting started with Wealthy Affiliate above anything else, and I think you will agree!

In addition, the company will show you from start to finish, how to begin making money with big companies like Amazon, Clickbank, and other highly popular affiliate programs and services.

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Hi I'm Peter. I'm 27 years old and I'm a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there's no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

4 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing a Real Business Or a Scam?

  1. stanley

    Peter, how can I get in touch with you, I mean your email. I really need to talk with you privately.


  2. Brian

    Great article, tons of valuable information here. Depending on which route you want to take ­ some are obviously better than others. In my opinion you want to build a business that’s long-term, sustainable, and actually gives you the freedom you want! (that’s why we ALL want more money, right?)

    Probably the most effective way to do this is through affiliate marketing. There’s tons of great free training out there, and you can literally turn your passion into a paycheck ­ if you’re willing to work for it that is.

    One of the best affiliates I know of is only 21 years old, and although he’s drifting towards the coaching side of things ­ he’s got some great stuff to really get your affiliate business kick started….

    Once again great article, I’ll definitely be subscribing and following the blog for more awesome content.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi there Brian,

      First of all excellent point of view! You bring up many good points in your comment, which makes me hope to see you apart of Wealthy Affiliate. You are definitely right about affiliate marketing now being a business that is long-term, sustainable, and most-definitely profitable. And while there is a ton of good free training, nothing compares to the best! :)



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