Is Global Domains International Scam Or Legit?

By | January 26, 2015

Product: Global Domains International (GDI)global domains international scam review
Owners: Alan Ezeir and Michael Starr
Rank: Legit

In this review I’ll be covering some information about a popular company that started back in early 2000, a company called and known as Global Domains International.

I’ll be going over the company’s legitimacy, why I believe Global Domains International is in-fact not a scam, but is also not a company you’d want to “get in bed with”!

What Is Global Domains International?

They are a basic internet marketing product service that provides an opportunity for members to make money using a very specific and unique method, which one might find to be a bit awkward.

The premise of this GDI review covers the company from the perspective of both a consumer and as potential member looking to get into the opportunity.

Global Domains International Hosting – “.ws”

Domain hosting just happens to be one of the primary products that is offered by GDI.

But, in order for the company to stand out amongst the basic competition of other big-named hosting companies like GoDaddy, GoHosting, NameCheap, etc., Global Domains International primary service is to sell and offer hosting for domains using only the “.ws” extension, along with other unheard of and highly unusual domain extensions.

Global Domains International MLM Networking Opportunity

In addition to their attempt to offer a unique service to members, they have additionally incorporated a multi-level networking opportunity. Like most internet marketing products today, GDI is using the MLM strategy simply as a way to help the company grow to new and bigger measures.

This is why, many people today, will perceive the GDI company as nothing but a scam!

And though, it may look and seem like one to many, the fact is they are not a scam as they do offer an actual product and service.

At the same time Global Domains International is not the greatest opportunity to get involved with from the online marketers point of view.

How Much Can You Make As a Global Domains Affiliate?

By offering this opportunity to others you can start making up to $1 for each customer you refer who purchases hosting for their .ws domain.

In addition, because they offer an MLM networking opportunity, you have a chance in making a residual income by consistently referring new members who are willing to join the opportunity.

Why So Many GDI Network Marketers Fail?

There’s a good reason why the majority of GDI MLM marketers give up so quickly and that’s because of the lack of having many necessary things in place.

Example: just like any brick and mortar store, you need traffic, and you need visitors. Otherwise it will be nearly impossible to create and train a team who can make continual GDI sales, while being completely committed and dedicated to making it happen.

Thus, your success in GDI not only relies upon you and your abilities, but moreso upon the way your team ultimately operates itself. With Global Domains International you may just have the slightest chance in providing a somewhat decent opportunity, if you can make these things happen.

Factors To Consider:

global domains international compensation plan

At the same time however, you must consider whether GDI actually provides a service, product, or opportunity that is popular enough amongst the average consumer? Will people truly want to purchase a domain name ending in “.ws”? If so, what is the benefit in doing so for the consumer?

Therefore, regardless of all the hype and professional look surrounding GDI’s opportunity, we find there to be already two big preventative factors in place from allowing the ordinary individual to succeed:

#1 – Lack of proper essentials: Website, Traffic, Potential Buyers & Consumers.

#2 – Extremely tough product to sell: Have you ever seen random extensions (e.g. “.ws,” “.company,” “.job”) ever ranked on Google before?

Global Domains International Overview 

Is Global Domains International a scam? Not exactly, no.. But, what is the track record like when it comes to individuals succeeding on an everyday level with GDI?

Very, very few, and that’s the reason why various teams comprised of individuals who have failed are now heavily promoting themselves.

About GDI Team Elite – A GDI MLM Scam?

For example, one of the bigger Global Domains International Teams is GDI Team Elite. The point of this team is unlike solely having to rely upon GDI, you now are signed-up with a team who can offer you some sort of advertising system, for example lead pages, capture pages, squeeze pages, and autoresponders. That way, most your selling will be done utilizing e-mail marketing.

Would I Recommend This?

Honestly not. No way! It’s in my sincere opinion, individuals literally find members who are struggling within MLM opportunities such as these only to offer the same old tools to the same struggling online marketing newbies for one sole purpose: To get you in their downline.

Is There A Better Alternative To GDI?

Sure there is, and to show you, a more reliable solution to creating a truly wonderful income for yourself, I have created this specific comparison chart below. If you’d like simply click the link below to get taken to a more appropriate product and review. One I can assure you will profit from for many years to come on a much more massive scale than with any other product you have come across yet, enjoy!

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