Is Internet Funnel System a Scam? Check Out This Review!

By | November 7, 2016

Internet Funnel System Review – Why You Need To Be Careful Of This One!

Internet Funnel System Scam ReviewInternet Funnel System is backed by an online marketing system that I’ve written about time and time again. The individuals behind this product are known as “MOBE,” aka My Online Business Empire, led by Matt Lloyd and others.

This seems to be a recurring theme, where every couple months they create a “new” product under a different name, in which they drive tons of traffic to it, in hopes of making more sales through their astounding funnel of up-sells and they don’t come cheap.

MOBE has undergone a variety of names and trademarks in recent years such as:

As you can tell, I’ve written on each one of these products to let you guys know what’s really going on behind these systems. It was just recently when the Internet Funnel System had come to my attention and needless to say, I knew right off the bat, who the creators of this system were. It’s almost like a never-ending list of products, even though each one is identical to one another.

To bring a little more depth into this review and what the Internet Funnel System is really all about, let’s take a look at the product itself. First off, Matt Lloyd hasn’t presented us with anything new. Instead, we are confronted by the same exact entry page where you’re told to only pay $49 for the product.

While it might not sound like much, just wait until you see the following sales funnel, as the name already implies. It’s nothing more than a game to get you into buying everything else this system supposedly has to offer and trust me when I say, not a single one is worth it. And when it comes to “personal coaching,” all you’ll find is that you are being e-mailed and sold into these following up-sells; the same ones seen in both MOBE and MTTB.

Internet Funnel System Upsells:

This is a system that was purposely intended on taking your money. It’s as simple as that. So I hope you find and trust this review in good faith. No one should ever have to pay $1,000’s of a dollars for a chance at making some money without a chance of a refund.

Internet Funnel System ScamInner Circle Membership – $97 Monthly Fee

Elite Earners Membership – $97 Monthly Fee

Done For You E-mails – $97 Monthly Fee

Opt-In Formula – $194

Affiliate Bonus Domination – $291

Funded Proposal – $194

Alternative option – Purchase all up-sells above for $1,000+


Upsells Continue:

Get 10,000 Leads in 10 Days – $1,997

Income Revolution – $997

90 Day Challenge – $997

Six Figure Coaching Secrets – $997

Add The Nitrous – $997

Diamond Coaching Program – $4,999

Titanium Mastermind Program – $8,997

One of the things that is very apparent by this system is their love for selling high-ticket products. Essentially by buying into these products yourself, you can in-turn sell these same high-ticket products to others. But do you really want to take that chance? More importantly, do you truly feel comfortable selling these kinds of products to others?


Internet Funnel System Overview

Guys, this product is nothing but hopes and dreams. That’s all it was designed for and nearly nothing has changed since the more recent, My Millionaire Mentor. In-fact, every thing is the same. The only thing that is different is the name it hides behind.

And let me tell you, that there is no reason for anyone to constantly be using the same old product under a different name unless they truly had something to hide. Folks, it’s these up-sells mentioned above, which is exactly what they have to hide and is what consistently tarnishes every newly released name for their product. There’s no better way to say this than to avoid Internet Funnel System at all costs.

When it comes to creating a legitimate and sustainable business model, you need a few things: traffic, content, and a website. This program barely teaches you any of that. While I’m sure you may find some quality information here and there, trust me when I say that nothing could ever justify a $9,000 program.

Heck, a few of those, and Matt Lloyd just made his income for the year. All this program does is turn you into one of their high-paying customers, purchasing nothing more than hoops and dreams. If this isn’t good enough proof, then just take a look at every program Matt Lloyd has ever come out with.

Thanks for checking out my Internet Funnel Scam Review. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

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