Is Prizerebel Legit Or Another Scam? Read The Review.

By | October 15, 2014
Is Prizerebel Legit Or Another Scam?
Product Name: PrizeRebel
Type: Rewards Program
Overall Rank: 55/100

What Is PrizeRebel? is a website, first established back in 2007 which operates very similarly to Swagbucks.

Like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel rewards its users for completing various tasks not limited to filling out online surveys, completing various tasks, and even clicking and watching advertisements.

PrizeRebel is also known as a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website and is similar to the rising popular term PTC: Paid-To-Click.

By the accumulation of PrizeRebel points, you are able to cash out and redeem them for various rewards and prizes.

Nonetheless, PrizeRebel is actually a somewhat legitimate means to getting rewarded online as a result of paid advertisers, that ultimately allows others to get compensated by completing daily tasks.


What Are PrizeRebel Registration Requirements?

In order to register for PrizeRebel you must be able to follow and provide these requirements:

– Name

– E-mail Address

– Postal Zip Code

– Age (13-year old minimum requirement)

Unlike the many various ways one can earn from a very reputable website such as Swagbucks, Prizerebel is much more limited in nature with the different methods to earn from.

Prizerebel - How It Works

That is by:

1. Completing Offers:

From watching video’s to filling out various company registration forms, to daily shopping activities, allowing you to earn PrizeRebel points.

2. Completing Daily Cash Surveys:

PrizeRebel surveys can only be used once every 24-hour period, as they allow you to be compensated and exchanged into monetary cash or other various rewards.

3. Completing Daily Tasks:

These are tasks very similar to what most of today’s paid-to-click websites offer.

These are daily tasks most usually offered by today’s better well-known, popular CrowdFlower advertised funding platform, along with other smaller micro-lancing websites.

4. Attaining Referrals:

As usual, the hardest way of earning the most cash and prizes, comes through the hardest means.

That is by the ability to gather and point referrals over to the PrizeRebel platform. The more referrals you can gain to PrizeRebel, the larger your chance and ability in earning a long-lasting passive income source and chance for consistent reward opportunities.


How To Get PrizeRebel Referrals – More PrizeRebel Points?

First of all PrizeRebel has implemented a highly rewarding and user friendly system, which has ultimately given the product the ability to sustain since 2007. As a result of its rewarding referral program, PrizeRebel has been able to continue on over these past years.

How the PrizeRebel referral program works:

By different tiers.

PrizeRebel tier #1:

The referrer will attain 20% of the overall income and points generated over the life of his or her referrals.

PrizeRebel tier #2:

This tier means the people you refer, who have referred other people. Hence, you also attain from the efforts of your own referrals.

This means you can attain a smaller yet still more beneficial 5% return on the overall income and points generate over the life of your 2nd tier referrals.


What Are The Various PrizeRebel Points and Prizes You Can Earn?

1) Cash:

Only through PayPal deposits.

Obviously one of the most favorited and popular PrizeRebel cash-out option, as it gives you the freedom to use your points into cash however you like.

2) Various Gift Cards:

That can be used by Amazon, E-bay, among others.

3) Charity Donations:

An interesting option indeed!

PrizeRebel actually lets you donate any of your earned points or cash to 5 various charity organizations including:

– Big Brothers Big Sisters.

– Red Cross.

– Doctors Without Borders.


PrizeRebel Overview – Final Verdict!

Would I recommend using and choosing PrizeRebel as a means to attain more financial freedom?

Definitely not.

Would I recommend PrizeRebel to someone looking to earn a few spare dollars and/or prizes in their free time?

Yes, which is why I only gave PrizeRebel a rating of 45/100.

While PrizeRebel proves to be legit and has actually been growing as a resourceful income for a few, namely those able to consistently attain referrals on a daily basis, it will be tough for most people to get PrizeRebel referrals, without an actual online presence or website/blog attaining daily traffic.

In addition, despite the difficulty to be able to earn a consistent amount of income with PrizeRebel, this also comes to prove that earning online is difficult without having a website at all in place, regardless of what you try and do.

In order to successfully enter the realm of online or affiliate marketing, having a website in place is the number one way to start your venture into achieving a better financial future for yourself.

If you are searching for a simple alternative means that pays out better in terms of cash through and paypal and other rewards I would highly recommend taking a look into Swagbucks and Clixsense, which when worked with consistently enough, can have you earning atleast $10 per hour, if you really put your time and effort into it!

Not bad at all.

Thanks for reading this review and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

I’ll make sure to get back to you!

2 thoughts on “Is Prizerebel Legit Or Another Scam? Read The Review.

  1. Gary

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks for the heads up on these guys Prizerebel, I had never heard of them before.

    SwagBucks I know of and have an inactive account with, I say inactive because I have found like you say, if someone wants to earn a little in their spare time good for them.
    For me the little you can earn by jumping through offer hoops and the like is not worth the aggravation.

    Thanks again for your review, my best,


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Gary,

      Yes, I found and came across Prizerebel for the first time myself after having done my research on Swagbucks. They are indeed very similar. Both of these online earning opportunities tend to operate very similar to each other. However, what I noticed was that unlike Swagbucks, Prizerebel seems to be getting a lot of complaints these days. Some of them being that they’ve been recently shutting down random accounts, and not even properly paying out on time to its users.

      Hence, I have found Swagbucks to be the much greater and more legitimate alternative to Prizerebel. Through out my research, I was surprised by the number of individuals who’ve been joining Swagbucks as of recently as well! It seems like the company is doing really great these days and I only hope it doesn’t end up taking a turn for the worse out of selfish greed like Prizerebel seemingly has (hah, “rebels” huh!) :0

      Thanks again!


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