Is Reason Quiz a Legitimate Survey Website?

By | February 15, 2016

Name: Reason QuizReason Quiz Review


Type: Surveys

Price: Free to Join

Rank: 0/100 – Scam.


Reason Quiz is very similar to in the sense that both these survey websites are scams. The homepage is very bland and contains a lot of misleading information. There are only 4 surveys to be filled out that don’t even seem like they’re surveys at all. They basically consist of a short video followed by 10 really short questions that don’t even make much sense. In-fact a lot of these questions didn’t even bother to use the correct English grammar!

Most survey sites will start out by asking you details of your personal life. Questions 2016-02-15 14-26-10 where do you live, how old you are, are you married, etc. in order to see if you’re really qualified for filling out that particular survey. But Reason Quiz has no qualification process. They simply ask whether or not you used the product.

Another problem with the survey is the fact that you watch this video beforehand (which by the way is taken right off of YouTube) followed by questions that are completely irrelevant to the video itself.

In one of the videos I watched there were no actual “products” or “goods” to be used. Think of it this way. No legitimate company out there is going to pay you $18 for 2 minutes worth of your time filling out questions that won’t happen to improve that company in any way whatsoever.

Apparently by finishing just a single survey, you get credited with a whopping $18 into your account and you can complete up to 4 surveys a day. The problem with Reason Quiz however, isn’t only the “$1,000 minimum threshold” 2016-02-15 14-36-49required to achieve your withdrawal, but the fact that Reason Quiz doesn’t actually pay out at all. Add that on top of the fact that you fill out the same four surveys everyday.. It just doesn’t make any sense!

Another issue with is the fact there are absolutely zero advertisers on the site itself so it’s impossible this site actually makes money that can pay you out for completing a survey. There is no sign that the company or advertiser itself is in charge of asking you the questions. This $18 payout is way above what any normal or legitimate survey website would pay you, which should by itself indicate that Reason Quiz is nothing more than your average survey scam.

Another big indication that Reason Quiz is a scam is the fact that one of the main things you see on their site is their Affiliate or “Partner” program enticing you to lure more and more visitors to their site. No legitimate survey website would actually ask you to do this and the reason for this is so that the site itself can generate more traffic.

It’s hard to understand why Reason Quiz would create this scam site in the first place. Maybe it’s to gain more e-mails, try and get into your PayPal, or simply so that people will click on that small Google Adsense Ad below for their measly 5 cents. But if one thing is for sure, it’s to not waste any time whatsoever on this website. It’s a complete waste of space and time and isn’t going to help you earn a penny.

While Reason Quiz isn’t the first survey scam of its kind, it’s very similar to a lot of the ones I’ve seen. They even provide the fake statistics up top showing that they’ve apparently paid $10 million to date. Don’t believe anything on this site. It’s 100 percent fake! 

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