Is Swagbucks Legit? Time To Get Your Swag On!

By | October 13, 2014
Product Name: Swagbucks
Price: Free - No Cost
Overall Rank: 90/100 Points


Make Money With Swagbucks Review

Is Swagbucks Legit?

To answer your question, Yes!

Swagbucks is indeed to my own surprise a legitimate rewarding opportunity.

swagbucks review free rewards program


It is also becoming one of the all-around increasingly most popular online rewards program suitable for all-ages.

Since its inception, Swagbucks has additionally began to add several new methods, ways, and incentivized features to allow any regular internet user to earn rewards and prizes.

At the same time, there has been an increasingly popular problem with people trying to develop cheats and hacks to get more “Swag Bucks.”


Advantages of Gaining More Swagbucks:

– To gain more prizes, rewards, and gift cards.

– To gain increasing virtual “Swag Buck” currency in order to redeem better gifts and prizes.


How Does Swagbucks Work?

It’s pretty easy actually, which is why I think has caused for its own blossoming growth over recent years.

Unlike most products out there today, somone like myself, would have first come across and seen this product, as a total and complete scam!

Let me tell you, I was wrong!

Swagbucks is not a scam, and is actually very legit! 

After having registered for the program myself, I began to realize this program is actually very similar to PTC’s -Paid To Click websites, like Clixsense! The main difference of course being that you’re not earning income in this case, but swagbucks prizes.

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How To Make Money With Swagbucks:

1) Using The Swagbuck Search Engine

2) Taking Swagbuck Surveys – Actually Legit! Ability to Earn $10/Hr. If Your Fast Enough!

3) Watching Various Entertaining Swagbuck Videos on: Food, Health, Art, and More!

swagbucks platform review

4) Playing Swagbuck Games.

5) Printing and Using Swagbuck Grocery Coupons – Great way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

Swagbucks Games Rewards


What Are Swagbucks Prizes?

Upon first glance, seeing the wide variety of products had me initially think, Swagbucks is indeed not legit whatsoever.

After further research, I realized “All those points just to receive a silly $5 gift card.”

So off the bat I told myself, scam indeed, until I once again proven myself wrong after I had began to utilize its features.

Needless to say, I found out that Swagbucks is an actual search engine, who rewards its millions of daily users, simply for using this!

Well I thought, this makes a lot more sense now.

From a perspective of a fairly experienced online marketer, I could see how this would turn-out to be a win-win from both corporate and swagbuck user aspect.

The first thought that came to mind was I can only wonder what this company is trying to do, facing BIG corporate and basically monopolistic search engines of our day. We are talking Google itself, Bing, and Yahoo – The big 3, and Swagbucks suddenly hops right on as its own potential commercial search engine! That’s cool.

I must say, they deserve my own applause for taking such great measures to help online users earn prizes legitimately!


Why I Love Swagbucks:

– It provides a very easy usable interface.

Without that, I believe Swagbucks would not have the leverage that is gaining today. However, because its so easy to utilize, users from all the over the world would love to use something so simply and easy to gain points on a daily basis!

– It’s free!

Meaning this is a total win-win. How could a company like Swagbucks be operating for free with all the gifts, rewards, and opportunities its providing for all these people? Well just like Google, by operating through paid advertising.

– What I love even more is its overall ability in providing an actual online learning experience more than anything:

Not only does Swagbucks offer promotional gift cards and rewards for doing their simply daily search engine routine, but is highly incentivizing for people in their young adolescence and even adults, to go out there and spread the word!


Now why is this helpful and so advantageous to young users?

Just like anything in life, Swagbucks is helping those who are so truly determined to earn awesome prizes, ranging from small little gift cards, to heck your own new iPAD, by learning how to connect with others. How important that is in todays life! It always has been, and will never cease to stop.

It never matters what type of job or career you are in, but the mere ability to connect with others by writing simple blog posts, or picking up the phone and telling your best high school friend what you’ve found and coming up with a unique plan to come up with an awesome kick-a** marketing strategy, is truly unique in its own educational way!

Swagbucks offers a way for online users to get higher rewards, for greater efforts.

In order to greater prove this to my ownself, I went on YouTube, and needless to say, came across a seemingly intelligent 16 or so year old kid, who has literally been making constant youtube videos and blogs.

By doing so, he has attracted millions of users to his own Swagbucks account!

Despite my initial disbelief, after having seen the determination of this kid that I said to myself, this guy here is going to be one successful man the older he grows!

What I liked even more though, was the way he commented back to people who had nothing but negative feedback and things to say, like – “Oh man you’re just using this to get more rewards.. Or, your just doing all this to get swagbuck referrals..”


It’s the internet and he truly understood this! So what does he do next?


He goes on to making an additional YouTube video, except extra-long this time, and confronts these guys face-to-face!

He gives them all the information they could ever need in order to begin producing their own referrals.

How humble of him to do so! Treating people the way he wants to be treated, and as a result, by giving away the “swag buck secret to getting more referrals,” in which there is none to begin with, gains that beautiful trust and legitimacy growing his Youtube fan base to an all-time high!

You’re probably wondering, what these Swag Bucks secrets are.. right, right??

His secrets to getting Swagbuck referrals were very simple and straight-forward.

First of all, just like contrary to popular online belief, there is no secret SwagBuck Hacking Codes! So, do not give into these spammers.

One of them being creating a youtube channel, because not only is it extremely difficult to get ranked, and attain visitors right away, he begins explaining his many other methods, which I personally can definitely vouch for; even how far blown away I became in watching someone his age utilizing methods who myself being in the late 20’s am still using to properly learn in my own online career!


He went right to the main points:


1. Using the powerful technique of utilizing autoresponders like Aweber for e-mail marketing.

2. Creating his own free swagbucks blog using free tools like Siterubix:

3. Making sure to write 3 to 5 short posts a week to leverage visibility.

4. Using those blog posts to directly connect with his YouTube Channel, which is ultimately very favored by Google, and is bound to get anyone determined enough to take these 3 steps above as a way to begin achieving consistent everyday Swagbuck referrals.


Do you have any questions? Good.. Lets hear ’em!


Leave a comment below. Also, for those interested in learning how to leverage the above three steps either on your spare-time or even full-time, I decided to create a comparison chart below.

These two products go extremely well hand-in-hand, as you are taught pretty much all that it takes to getting easy Swagbuck referrals like clockwork!

Anyway, either check it out, or get out of here and go see if Swagbucks is a good choice for you or not..

Like I always say, free prizes and rewards never hurt me or anyone I know of.


15 thoughts on “Is Swagbucks Legit? Time To Get Your Swag On!

  1. Diana

    Thank you for all of the great information! I have learned a few things here and will be back to learn some more!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Diana,

      It’s really no problem. I take great pleasure in helping out the online community in anyway I can.
      Ever since using the internet so many years ago, I simply found too much corruption and scam-related
      products sneaking their way into other people’s pockets.
      Since then, I’ve made it my objective to try and do the opposite by providing the most truthful information as possible.

      Thanks for the comment Diana. Let me know if I can be of any assistance :)


  2. JB

    I thought this Swag Bucks was a scam too, until reading this! Thanks, I think I am going to try it now. :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Awesome JB! That’s a great choice. Let me know how it works out.

      If you need help, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  3. John

    Interesting review. I’m not so sure I’m as positive about Swagbucks, having also read another review where it was said that you spend lots of time to get tiny rewards with Swagbucks. For now I’m skipping it.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi John,

      Whatever you feel more comfortable with.

      I don’t spend as much time with Swagbucks as I used to anymore, because of how busy I am constantly working on my website.

      However, if I had the free time I wouldn’t overlook it so much!

      Swagbucks has paid over $7,000,000 in payouts and has become known as one of the highest rewards program today.

      Either way, its up to you whatever you want to do my friend :)


  4. Josh

    I created a SwagBucks account a few months ago and never really did anything with it. After reading this post, I will probably switch my homepage to SwagBucks given that MSN just discontinued the one that I was using and I don’t like the new features. Might as well get paid to do what I am already doing.

    1. Peter G. Post author


      You got the right idea Josh, I like your thinking.

      Definitely don’t take this income opportunity for granted.

      It can really help you earn a nice little income on the side!

      Highly recommend it.


  5. bernie

    Glad I came across at your site and learned an awesome information and this is my first time to know about this. Thanks a lot!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sure Bernie anytime!

      Happy to have helped you find this wonderful opportunity.

      If you have any questions going forward, simply feel free to let me know.


  6. Mr. Z

    Howdy Peter,

    I had heard of this program and had automatically decided it was a scam. I’ve had more scams come my way than I have fingers and toes! But I admit, after reading your review, I might make myself an account just because I have some extra time here and there and I’d like to put it to use.

    I also have a little addition for you for your linking. is a way in which you can hide your very long links (even behind pictures) so that nobody can come along and steal your affiliate link. I’ve literally had this done to me and with tinyURL!, that is easily prevented.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for that Mr. Z.

      I will make sure to look into it.

      And yes, the number of scams out there is almost devastating!

      That is why I created, to show others the best way in getting started on the internet.
      Too many people fail merely as a result of these scams alone, and it’s not very fair.

      I am here to try and change that and offer something extra-ordinary! Something that can allow you to earn by fulfilling easy and simple little tasks. The internet is a huge land of opportunity, in my eyes. Its important to make others better aware of this, especially those in need.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment.

      This will help affiliate-sale gain better proper exposure and visibility!


  7. Randy Wood

    Hello Peter. Good review. You know I love it comparison better yet think I will look at Swag Bucks. Thanks for the information. Randy

  8. Neil

    Hi, Peter

    I’ve heard some great things about Swagbucks, and your post just confirms that to be true. You’ve outlined some brilliant ways to make some money using this program too, so this is something I will have to take for a spin.

    I never knew you could make serious money from doing this until I discovered your 4 main points which sound completely awesome!

    Anyone who wants to earn the big money online should follow your recommendations in this post and work hard.

    By the way… I just socially shared this post with all my friends ;)


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Neil,

      That’s great to hear. Glad to be of service!

      Thanks by the way for the social shares. That helps so much. And indeed is what makes Wealthy Affiliate such an amazing place to be!

      Appreciate your overall confirmation of my recommendations and for stopping by on my website.



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