Is The Emobile Code System a Scam? Here’s My Honest Take..

By | January 1, 2015

emobile code system scam reviewProduct: eMobile Code System

Owner: Bill McKnight & Jenna McKnight


Price: $49 Including UPSELLS!

Rank: Scam!

Thanks for dedicating this moment out your day to read my honest eMobile Code System review. eMobile Code was a review I couldn’t resist in writing and informing my many readers upon.

You see this system has not only gained more false leverage, hype, and attraction, but is being used by its very own affiliates to exploit potential buyers by writing falsely misled reviews, claiming that eMobile Code System is legit! Personal note: I find that to be an act no better than the system itself.

Is The eMobile Code System a Scam?

What this review covers?

#1 Price of eMobile Code System.

#2 Products and Services offered by eMobile Code.

#3 Upsells to expect.

#4 Consumer experiences.

#5 The Man Behind It All!

With that being said, in this review, I repeat to you that…

“I say the truth, and nothing but the truth”

What Is eMobile Code System?

In short, it’s simply one of the latest mobile marketing products thats been introduced as a possible way for individuals to earn income. Essentially, the whole strategy behind eMobile Code system is to have you making money from websites that target advertising through mobile device…

Sound confusing? That’s because, it kinda just is!

Better well be, given the fact that the creators of this system have decided to infiltrate this niche through means of ‘dirty’ advertising.

Rather than creating appropriate and informative information on what the product actually is, what it does, how it can benefit you, or even a simple gist of what this product really does, they decide to create a film based on hype and over-exaggerated earnings.

This is easily the BIGGEST red flag!

Why do I say that?

Because it happens… time and time again!!

They do so because they know that this type of advertising works for them and its masses and that people can easily be bought by producing fake income proofs and over the top type testimonials.

They will go as far as they can to convince you, regardless of whether there even is a product at all, to get into your pocket.

Strategy Behind Emobile Code Turnkey Websites..?

Unfortunately, it primarily is through turnkey websites! That’s really all it is, a product that will create ‘cloned’ websites for you, and for every other member…  YES, the same old clone website!?!

Think of it like this…

Your cloned website will be the exact same as everyone else who has bought into this eMobile Code system!

This gives Google every reason in the world to have your website ranked back in the millions rather than on the front page, where your optimal money making website should be. This must be why the whole focus of this product is based purely upon attaining e-mails and making money by having people purchase products/services from you sending your automated e-mail messages.

What About eMobile Code and Mobile Devices..?

The system has additionally insisted on creating a name that in reality has nothing to do with professional marketing!

Instead, they’ve used it to lure in consumers and gain better attraction to the company.

The only thing eMobile Code and actual mobile devices have in common is that eMobile intends on charging you to optimize your newly cloned website into one that is more mobile friendly in nature!

Honestly, if that is all you need eMobile Code System for, I have a much better proposition.

The answer: search for, “free mobile wordpress plugin”

There, its done!

So what’s next..?

eMobile Code’s E-mail Marketing?

Nevertheless, eMobile Code has an additional feature, including its own private classes on teaching you how to use e-mail marketing. Essentially this teaches new online users how exactly to go about using an autoresponder, how to setup pre-automated e-mails to your opt-ins, create e-mails that sell, and bam “you’re now getting rich!”

That is the basic prefise of how the eMobile Code system works.

Question being, how can that work? When is the last time you’ve opened up an e-mail and just decided to purchase something..?

These are the opt-ins who’ve signed up for your newsletter through your cloned website by the way, either through your mobile phone, desktop, or tablet, which in all likelihood is guaranteed somewhere close to ZERO visitors per day.

“Really not much to see here..Indeed! Nope, nothing special. In-fact! IT’S beyond gruesome.”

– Anonymous

How Much Is eMobile Code?

To get involved with eMobile Code System, you’ll have to pay an apparent one-time $49 fee, which we will see the many catches involved with.

There is a second option as well, and a much cheaper route and alternative that will only cost you $19, but with limited access to your eMobile Code products and services.

eMobile Code System Products and Services?

What Are They?

– Unlimited access to eMobile Code’s System.

– Pre-made eMobile Businesses.

– $20 in Free Advertising Credit.

eMobile Code System Bonuses Include:

– Additional “supercharged” Training.

– Additional 20 Premade eMobile Businesses.

– Additional 50 Desktop Based Business.

The $19 eMobile Code System Option Includes:

-Unlimited Access to eMobile Code

-30 Pre-made eMobile Code System Businesses

A very fair price, if the system were actually legitimate and included such training. However, don’t ever let a system like this ever mislead your thinking. I’ll show you why…

eMobile Code Private Membership Dashboard:

Now this is where all the magic is supposed to happen. It’s really too bad that the company took such a sour turn as they truly had the potential of creating something big.

Instead they decided to use the easiest way out and create something of literally no value.

What they should have done was create a system that could teach you how to use e-mail marketing properly. In order for you to do that however, you would also need to know how to create a website.. Not a cloned website though, but a personal website, and one that could reach the top pages of Google!

eMobile Code System Upsells?

eMobile Code apparently knows however that it takes months to create such valuable training, and that they could in theory profit more off the public, using their method in a very short time-span.

Hence, eMobile Code is only here looking to gain short-term profits. Not to offer true value! Everything, and I mean just about everything within eMobile Code’s dashboard will cost you a nice hefty fee, and as a result of their tacty marketing skills, are likely to get you to pay up. An unfortunate reality..

Even more is you’ll have to purchase:

– Your own autoresponder

– Your own Domain Name

– Your own Hosting

– Not to mention the additional upsells offered to you by eMobile Codes System, that will inevitably cost you an upward of $100’s and possibly $1,000’s of dollars each and every month! One more thing you will see and notice is the company’s free training, which is very basic, and simply used to catch you off guard and to promote a feeling of false legitimacy in your mind.

The eMobile Code Scam Review – Overview.

Who’s Behind All This?

Did I mention Bill McKnight… Well, maybe you can scratch that. Whether or not Mr. and Mrs. Mcknight are actually real people doesn’t matter at this point. The true man behind eMobile Code’s System is a man named:

RONNIE MANTANO – Not A Cool Guy! ;)

However, this is not his first rendesvouz, and to prove it he has created these other similar systems, known as:

– Easy Cash Code

– Tube Cash Code

– Commission Cash Code

– Mobile Cash Code

– Mobile Money Code

Can You Believe It?!

Verdict: SCAM!

Rank: 0/100

As I said, these people will go as far as they must to get in your wallet and profit, without giving anything of value in return. This is something any experience online marketer is truly aware of. Some of them will support them, writing positive reviews, for profit. Others will do what they can to spread the word, and the real truth, in order to help lead YOU in the right direction.

As a past victim of such “highly acclaimed” online scams, I can promise you, that my only #1 income-making alternative is the best most solid way you can begin in creating your very own profitable online business! :)

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment!

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