Is The Max International Opportunity Worth a Second Look?

By | March 14, 2016

Max International - Glutathione Company
Max International


Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Rank: 70/100 – Not Recommended


What Is It?

Max International is an interesting MLM network marketing opportunity that focuses on using a substance called glutathione in order to help improve your health. Apparently this is a substance that can help accomplish a lot such as improve your health, energy, and quality of life. It can even assist individuals in losing weight.

What Max International has done is release its own product line of Glutathione products, which they’ve then used to incorporate into their own income-producing opportunity. This opportunity is thus, based on you recruiting new individuals into your network in order to become eligible for their strong compensation plan, as well as selling Max International products.

Given the rigidity of the opportunity itself however, becoming a successful distributor with Max International isn’t all that easy. You need to be able to handle a lot of things at once and need to be creative when it comes to finding individuals to sell these products to. It’s hard to say how many individuals know about glutathione and the number of individuals that would be interested in looking more into this product as a means to greater health.


Max International Product Line

Max International has a solid number of products under its belt. Unlike other MLM’s I’ve seen that might only carry three or four products or tend to have an overly excessive number of products, Max International seems to carry an appropriate amount.

Here is the product line in a gist:

#1. Cellgevity – Advanced riboCeine formula to protect you from oxidative stress and free radicals.

#2. MaxATP – Replenishes energy and fights fatigue by neutralizing free radicals.

#3. MaxN-Fuze – Supplies important vitamins and nutrients. Max International Products

#4. MaxGXL – Supports cellular function and health.

#5. MaxOne – Supports cellular function and health.

#6. Switch – Helps your metabolism work at its optimum level.

#7. Curb – Provides soluble and insoluble fiber and healthy blood sugar and cholesterol.

#8. Purifying Cleanser – Removes dirt and oil from your skin.

#9. One Minute Wonder – Removes dead skin cells and trapped dirt.

#10. Facial Serum – Improves the appearance of your skin.

#11. Soothing Moisturizer – Soothes dry skin and enhances your skins appearance.

#12. Visible Solutions – Cleans and exfoliates your skin for a natural healthier look.


Max International Compensation Plan

As a Max International Associate there are a variety of ways you can get paid when joining this opportunity. But in order to qualify for these commissions, you’ll need to maintain 100 in Personal Volume by your team or what they call a Business Center within a given month.

This then makes you eligible to receive:

  • Binary IncomeThe Max Opportunity Information 2016-03-14 14-14-55
  • Matching Check Bonus
  • Global Bonus Pool
  • Max Living Bonus
  • Prime Bonus

Now the way this works is by buying these Max International Products and then selling them at a markup. This is what they call the Retail Price of the product and it’s the difference you keep that earns you your profit.

The way you would get paid through your team is by enrolling those individuals into Max International’s Auto Ship Program, which would make you eligible to receive 25% of the commissions that they make.


Requirements for the Preferred Customer Program:

  • Meet 100 in Personal Volume
  • Enroll a preferred customer
  • Get paid 25% of the CV & 50% of the Volume will go towards your own Personal Volume.

The other ways of getting paid within the opportunity are all dependent on how you recruit new people into the opportunity. Recruiting new associates into Max International is therefore a requirement to your success within this opportunity.

The Fast Start Income Program for example is tailored towards the newest enrollees in the program and requires that you’ve made enrollment pack sales to new associates within their first 60 days.

Example: If a new associate purchases a $150 personal pack, you receive $25. That would be an example of “Fast Start Income,” and is actually quite popular among many of today’s MLM’s. It’s most-likely used as an incentive to keep newest enrollees such as yourself engaged with the program.

After the Fast Start Income Program, you can then move towards reaching the Prime Bonus, which would consist of you now having a team of 3 Personally Enrolled distributors who’ve also maintained 100 in PV with 500 in CV that’s come from your first generation.

Basically, the more active associates and recruits you can maintain under you and the more products you and your team are able to sell, the higher your compensation becomes. Your monthly binary income therefore, also goes up with your rank as an associate.


What I Think About Max International – Scam Or Legit?

I think that Max International actually has a solid product line and actually somewhat deviates from the norm by offering a product line that is very different from others. On the other hand, I also feel that these products may be a bit over-exaggerated or hyped in what they can do to improve your health.

But putting these products aside, I also feel that Max International isn’t the easiest of opportunities. It takes a long-time to go up in rank and it’s very hard to make something out of an opportunity as this. One of the biggest concerns or complaints faced with anyone in any MLM is the fact it can be so difficult to find people to sell these products to, as well as recruiting them into the opportunity.

Imagine you’ve signed up and have purchased the products to come to you on auto shipment every month. You are then expected to both sell these products, while finding new recruits to join your opportunity. Without the right tools and training, this can be a very difficult task to accomplished and most people end up finding themselves stuck without anyone to go to present this opportunity.

Overall, I wouldn’t say Max International is a scam exactly. But I would say that the majority of the individuals who end up joining aren’t going to find much success with it in the long-run. You need to be able to both sell these products and recruit individuals on a daily basis, while also making sure that your team is able to make these sales themselves. That can be one of the most difficult aspects of the opportunity as a whole. So just because you’re able to make sales and refer individuals, doesn’t exactly mean that your team will as well. It’s a whole lot to handle in the end and just because you might be able to pull it off, doesn’t necessarily mean that the people under you can or will as well.


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2 thoughts on “Is The Max International Opportunity Worth a Second Look?

  1. Felix

    “But I would say that the majority of the individuals who end up joining aren’t going to find much success with it in the long-run.”
    You just described life. Show me a company or industry where majority are making it. Pareto Rule applies everywhere because we are all human. Not everyone will go for it 1,000%!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Completely agree Felix. Hard work, patience, and commitment is required for any kind of entrepreneurial success!


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