Breezing Through Tedious Long-Tailed Keyword Research

By | September 25, 2014
Product Name: Jaaxy Enterprise
Product Owner(s): Kyle & Carson
Product Price: Free Trial; $19.99 Pro; $199 Enterprise

Introduction: SEO Keywords Software Tools For Bloggers


Today’s post will be covering keyword research. More specifically, Jaaxy’s SEO keywords software tools for bloggers, and why it is a must-have in regards to fast page optimization and great Google rankings. Despite my awareness with the increasing tendency in writing posts on this particular subject I find its become increasingly prevalent, vital, and significant to online success.

This does not only go for online marketer’s and everyday casual PPC campaigners, but casual writers and bloggers; people who especially blog not so much for monetary gain, but other purposes. Yet, the growing awareness of adsense has made its way for such bloggers to utilize so anyway. The only problem being a lack in due diligent research with keywords. Many seem to realize that a quick and simple search within Google’s adwords keyword planner should do just the trick!

Though I must argue otherwise.

Moreover, if there were one similar feature amongst the many various online occupations, I would have to assume the utilization of Jaaxy’s SEO Keyword Software tool and research as having become the most significant process and factor to online success! Despite being somewhat young in age in comparison to tools like traffic travis or market samurai, Jaaxy’s SEO keyword software technology surpasses all professional keyword software tools with ease!

SEO Keyword Software Tool: Your Biggest Asset To Proper Google Ranking

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or what your primary purpose is. The fact remains. Utilizing an effective keyword software tool is a huge, if not the biggest, of all necessary assets to extending your audience reach. It’s like adding gas to your blog. The use of long-tailed keywords is in itself, an all-in-one power tool. Without them, you lose the most consistent powerful gains in visibility of both your website and blog, no matter what you have to offer:

  • You could be a local pizza shop with an attempt to become more visible within the chaotic streets of New York City, yet your website rarely gets any visits all due to the lack of long-tail keywords.
  • You could be a young college student blogging on a college experience, while attempting to monetize with adsense, yet finds no luck as a result of inexperienced keyword research and SEO page optimization.

The simple fact is Jaaxy makes or breaks the difference with online success. Period! (or exclamation)

With the growing number of websites and blogs keyword research should no longer be seen as a simple Easter Day scavenger hunt as it was years ago. That’s like searching for a single egg to rank for. You can’t merely shoot a blank for the best hoping the keyword you aim to rank will magically appear on Google’s front page news. Just like you can’t expect to win a potful of chips on your first slot spin at a casino!

Keyword research is like finding treasure at the end of the rainbow. Keyword research is magically finding water in the middle of the Sahara. It is the pearl hidden in the deep seas of the Atlantic.. (or Pacific..!) . And once you have it all figured out, your new treasure map will lead you massive traffic, and more success then ever thought possible!

Why Online Writers, Bloggers, & Marketers… Fail :/

In summary, the basic means to the end with keyword research is to have a full understanding and measurement of the keyword you aim in ranking for! I see too many people fail in their online marketing attempts simply because of lacking the due diligence required in proper keyword research. Another mistake I see bloggers do is researching just one keyword! I’m not sure what makes a person think they could rank on google for a single word. But the fact is, unless you attempt using a word like superextaledocious (excuse my spelling, its been 25 years since I had to spell that word out.. no joke), the chances of your post ranking is 0 to none (excuse my redundancy and intense use of paranthesis)!

Despite that being the case, many more people seem to be catching on to the importance of consistent long-tailed keyword research (which by the way, must be utilized for each and every single post and page that you write!) as a result of an increasing prevalence in network marketing and this ever-growing legitimacy in work-from-home opportunities.

Lastly, I would like to go over Google’s Adword Keyword Planner and exactly why you should be using this as your last resort! If you find your keywords ranking then by all means, use it until your fingers drop from all the money-making content you’re writing.

However, if you’re like me, and in the recent past found your niche-made sites to be a complete failure, please consider it to be the likely result of improper keyword evaluation in your research.

Google’s Keyword Planner & Improper Long-Tailed Keyword Evaluation and Analysis

Problems with Google’s Keyword Research Tool:
1. Doesn’t give you an estimate number of traffic if you were to rank first for a particular keyword.
2. Doesn’t evaluate your keywords based on SEO Competition – no metrics to show you that a keyword is worth ranking for.
3. If you notice, Google Adwords low, medium, and high competition is geared towards competition in terms of adwords competition, NOT SEO.
4. Doesn’t tell you the number of websites and blogs using the same keyword.
5. Concluding that the number of estimated monthly traffic is useless when attempting to rank your keyword.

Nevertheless, too many people are consistently mistaking these metrics for another. Not to mention as well, the estimates are nowhere near as detailed and precise as other new keyword tools, in which the sole focus is to get your website, blog, and every page and post of yours, 100% optimized, ranked, with the ability to monetize it all head to toe!! (know what I’m sayin’… ;) ) Course you do.

SEO Keyword Software Alternatives: 3 Options – Traffic Travis vs. Market Samurai vs. Jaaxy & the winner goes to…

Hence, here are some tools I recommend you try as an alternative.

Despite my inability to find a free keyword research tool that would have this 99% guarantee to getting your content ranked (I’m sorry, some things in life, sorry almost everything in life, costs a penny or two, am I right or what?), I did find Jaaxy. I began using Jaaxy because of the 30 free searches they offer. Although, I never intended on purchasing the $19.99 premium package, I found myself only a month later after solely relying on Jaaxy my ability to go with the $199 Enterprise package as a result of the immense precision and easy to use metrics that allowed me to rank 3 out of every 4 posts at the top of Google in a time-frame no other keyword tool could possibly compete with (making up for my other past horribly failed amazon niche websites…. Could have sworn I was reviewing the best summer time grills on the market..hmm!)

Two other possibilities are Traffic Travis, which also has a free trial, but seemingly comes off as just “TOO much” for my liking. Too many unnecessary features, too much hardcore training, and simply SEO factors I just don’t want to have on my plate, simply because I can’t stomach all that zuchinni!

Jaaxy was a dream, and life-saver for a fairly below-average blogger like myself to utilize.

Market Samurai was also another alternative google adword keyword research tool I utilized, but found it way too difficult and time-consuming as well. Nonetheless, I was sold after utilizing Jaaxy’s free 30 search trial, not to mention their amazingly easy to follow video tutorials inside. In addition Jaaxy provides me exact domain availabilities to purchase more niche-related websites matched with each keyword!!! This is why Jaaxy is the one of two tools that remains on each and every one of my blogs and is the only tool you will ever find me continually and consistently promote as a Jaaxy affiliate member – yes, do note, any purchases made by you, under my affiliate link, will make me eligible for affiliate compensation. At the same time, you will also be given that same opportunity as well, and because it is such a one-wonder type of tool, you’ll probably find it very easy to promote. If you prefer traffic travis- click here.. If you prefer Market samurai- Join…right…. Here! (these are not affiliate links because I simply have no care for them!)

Google’s Adword Keyword Planner: I myself had to put an end to the constant keyword toss-ups. I mean, how could I evaluate the use of a keyword that shows me metrics almost so helpless in my content ranking. Sure, it gives me thousands of potential related keywords to use in a post, which is all well and good. But I found it to be missing something. Even moreso, I found there to be a possible error with my findings.

My Final Breakthrough: A Personal Secret To A Blogger’s Success!


Don’t worry I won’t let you go without giving you my big secret breakthrough, my keyword tool weapon giving me the results I want and need for all my niche websites to make me money everyday of the month!

That’s right! I already said it JAAXY!! Now what are you waiting for? Give it a test-drive. (they provide a free 30 search trial for a reason, and a great one at that)… Wait a minute.. Check out this fanciness!! (show me a keyword tool that can do this.. look below, enter your first Jaaxy keyword, and enjoy!)

Hey Guys – Thanks so much for reading my post on my favorite keyword research software tool. I truly hope you make the best of it. Most importantly, I hoped this was helpful more than anything else, and that it does help you even more with whatever you decide as long as you simply keep in mind- the importance of Long-Tailed Keywords! 

“don’t you forget” 

4 thoughts on “Breezing Through Tedious Long-Tailed Keyword Research

  1. Kjell Roger Eriksen

    Nice information.

    Using Jaaxy enterprise myself, truly a good tool for affiliate business!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Awesome Kjell! A huge fan of Jaaxy myself. Not sure what I’d do without it.

      The enterprise edition is definitely worth it. So many awesome keywords to use at your disposal.

      There is simply nothing like it :)

  2. John

    Jaaxy is a great tool and if anyone really wants to make money online, they will need to do keyword research. Thanks for sharing man!


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