JetAdProfits Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

By | October 28, 2015

Name: JetAdProfitsJetAdProfits Review: Profits Too Small
Type: Revenue Sharing
Price: $1 & $10 adpacks
Rank: 45/100 – Borderline Legit

What Is It?

As you may have guessed, JetAdProfits is another one of those revenue sharing systems, where individuals join simply to receive a profit. The way individuals make money with revenue sharing is by investing into its adpacks. While it’s very simple to get started with, JetAdProfits may not be all that you think.

Nevertheless, there are a couple different methods you can use to earn and the main service here is its advertising; something I have found to personally be ineffective. In the back office you’ll find everything you need from promo tools to PPC ads to purchasing your adpacks.

How Much Is It?

In order to get started with JetAdProfits you’ll need to make your first investment. Whether it be small or large, they have two different adpacks you can purchase. The first is its $1 adpack, which I am actually in favor of as it won’t really hurt your wallet and allows you to test out the program. The other one is a $10 adpack, which I’d recommend for users who are more experienced with revenue sharing and are more confident with the program.

JetAdProfits furthermore, offers an astoundingly high 240% return on investment, which is counteracted by it’s 65% repurchase rule. This is a rule that requires you to consistently invest 65% of your share back into JetAdProfits. Thus, only allowing you to withdraw the other 35%. So in the case of a $1 adpack which makes you $2.40 in return, you’d only be able to withdraw 35% x $2.40, that is only $.84!

Trust me, I know, it makes no sense. Not sure where they come up with this rule, and I don’t know how they see this as an effective method in terms of revenue sharing. But, here is where the profit would come in. By further investing that $2.40 into more adpacks, you can essentially begin to accumulate a bit of profit and use that to keep on repurchasing. The biggest problem I see with this is the time it could take to accumulate anything substantial.

How It Works?

By purchasing adpacks what you’re doing is buying a position into a line of people waiting to get paid out. The latest received profits are made by the latest new member deposits. The fact JetAdProfits has only grown its membership to 1,600 people to date makes this a bit worrisome. Without the proper growth and without a constant flow of new members coming in, the program won’t be able to sustain or will have to face paying out lower earnings. This is by far and easily, the biggest risk of revenue sharing. Without new members, the company will therefore have no profits to pay anybody out with. As a result, volatility in daily earnings is more than likely.

Another disadvantage of this program that I see are all the empty advertising spaces. What this means to me is that their advertising services aren’t selling very well. As a result, there are much less active adpacks then their should be. If JetAdPacks can’t grow their program to contain a sufficient number of members, this could mean bad news.

JetAdProfits Review: Profits Too Small

On the other hand, the recent payouts page is a good sign that they are still paying out its members. The big drawback here is that the payouts are so small; possibly some of the smallest I’ve seen of any revenue sharing program.

Worth The Risk?

I think that the risk you’d be taking with JetAdProfits is actually very small. The fact here is unlike other larger revenue sharing services, they are playing it safe by offering its small $1 adpacks. However, this tends to result in much lower payouts. Also, while it is possible to make money with JetAdProfits, it’s also important to realize that they might be unable to keep on paying out at a future date. Thus, putting your entire investment at risk. Overall, I wouldn’t say JetAdProfits is worth the time or risk with these minuscule and small payouts. If you want to earn real money, check out WA.


– Multi-tiered referral commissions.
– Has a FB support group.
– Opportunity to earn online.
– Still paying out.
– Ability to advertise.
– Cheap $1 adpacks.


– May not last very long.
– Ineffective advertising.
– Profit-sharing is small.

JetAdProfits Overview

While I’ve seen better revenue sharing programs out there then JetAdProfits it is good to see that they did air on the side of caution. By offering cheaper $1 adpacks, you can invest money more safely knowing that if you do lose, it probably won’t be a whole lot. On the other hand, the profit sharing is so small so don’t go in there expecting too much.

When it comes to revenue sharing, it is not something I usually recommend. These programs come and go all the time. They either happen to be ineffective or simply can’t continue to grow. In order for them to function, they consistently need newly made deposits. It’s these same deposits that are use to be paying out its members, which is why I also find them to be a bit unethical.

When all is said and done, revenue sharing is a risky game in so many ways. But, if you’re looking to start earning small online, JetAdProfits might not be the worst way to go.

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