Jo Barnes Social Networking Academy Review

By | January 23, 2015

Product: Social Networking Academysocial networking academy scam review
Owner: Jo Barnes
Price: $67/per month
Rank: Legit – 83/100

Do you have an online business in place you’re looking to compliment with social media? Are you simply looking for a better grasp on today’s major social media channels? Or.. Do you simply have an interest in attempting to make money online?

This review on Jo Barnes Social Networking Academy will be covering some of the many features involved, who this product is best for, and its overall legitimacy.

What Is Social Networking Academy?

It is a training platform thats been out for some years now teaching both self-employed entrepreneurs to businesses methods on how to go about properly integrating some of today’s larger social media networks. Its primary focus is on:

– Facebook

– Twitter

– Youtube

What’s The Training Like?

Inside the Social Networking Academy platform you will find some difficult aspects get broken down into easy-to-understand concepts.

The training is thus, described and taught through:

– Videos and Media

– Various Articles and Discussions

– Training Guides

– Live Held Webinars.

What You Will Learn At Social Networking Academy?

The training starts with some of the most basic concepts in helping individuals get started to some more expertise related subjects. The training sessions are focused and separated by focusing on one social media platform at a time.

Facebook Training:

When starting with Facebook, for example, you will get a better grasp on how to first go about finding a profitable niche, which you can build upon and eventually leverage with your own Facebook Page, Fan Pages, and Groups.

The training by Jo Barnes is very intricate and formatted in a way so that Social Networking Academy members can succeed.

Once you have gone through the Facebook training you will now know you how to better market your niche and develop the proper skills needed to setup pages, while gaining likes and followers.

Twitter/YouTube Training:

Social Networking Academy afterwards compliments the work you’ve done by having you set up your own YouTube account.

The YouTube modules use the training to help you properly develop keyword rich videos, in order to gain an increase in traffic and subscribers.

Following YouTube is where you start to delve into Twitter along with more up-to-date training, videos, and webinars, on how to properly link all your social media accounts together for a stronger presence and foundation within your niche.

How Much Is Social Networking Academy?

While the price may seem a bit hefty, Jo Barnes does offer a very acceptable payment and trial method by giving you 10-day access to the product for just $1!

1) For those who find themselves genuinely interested can upgrade their monthly subscribed membership to $67 per month.

2) Your second option is to buy a yearly membership at a discounted rate of $397.


Lastly, Social Networking Academy offers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee from the moment you’ve signed up.

Not so bad, right?

So Who Is Social Networking Academy For?

Just like the majority of today’s legitimate online products offering a reputable way of starting your own online business, this product is tailored to those willing to truly learn and take action upon the learning.

It is a product for those willing to go beyond their comfort zone with the proper guidance and training in order to begin earning a lucrative income online.

While social media is just one way to do this, it is one reason I’ve found the platform to be a highly acceptable and legitimate method for anyone looking to get started online. The methods being taught will help you to build a presence in your niche, very gradually.

Therefore, this product is not for someone looking to make money on the internet tomorrow. Something I find too many people doing these days.

Just like anything else, you reap what you sew..

Social Networking Academy does just that by offering you a proper game plan to go about selling products in your niche to even the possibility of creating your own product to sell on social media networks. Those willing to exchange the cost of being patient to making a great income in the long-run will find this a great product to have.

What Is Missing?

While the product truly is very specified in allowing anyones individual ability to profit off of social media networks, I personally find the absence of daily blogging and lessons on how to create your own website as a big miss here.

With all the work you’ll be doing on finding a niche, setting up pages, creating videos, and the like, having a blog in which you can post on just once a week and link out to all your social media networks with will only have your presence become THAT much stronger!

Jo Barnes Social Networking Academy Overview

While Social Networking Academy does focus a bit on the aspect they tend to go around this huge important facet to internet marketing by simply offering you a WordPress template you can use to help compliment your social media efforts.

This in my opinion isn’t enough to get you ranking on Google until you begin to get a large number of social media followers.

Hence, it will take you a long while to begin seeing your reputation become established and will have to expect all of your online traffic, as becoming solely from social media networks only.. Which though isn’t a bad thing necessarily, having a website to compliment will most-likely triple your on-going efforts (at-least)!

While I’m in no way against Social Networking Academy and the efforts they are doing to help regular people earn online, there are most-definitely better and quicker alternatives for those just getting started.

Social Networking Academy is something I find to be a much more effective process to have in place once you’ve established a website, blog, or some kind of business online.

Social Networking Academy Alternative?

A simple and wonderful alternative would be Wealthy Affiliate. This product comes first to mind as its reputation is not only second-to-none, but even offers just about everything you could expect at Social Networking Academy with a more unique process of getting a website started as your first priority. The lessons then move on to help you build traffic to your niche through use of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest/Instagram, and Google Plus.

Their heavy emphasis on Google Plus seems to make your efforts that much more effective as your postings are likely to be listed on the first page of Google while allowing you to join other similar niche communities.

To conclude, Wealthy Affiliate additionally offers the same wealth of information but at a much cheaper price; a reason to why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as #1!

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