Joy To Live Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | February 22, 2015

Name: Joy To Livejoy to live review: scam or legit?
Owner: Jerry Ricks
Price: $33 Setup Fee; $198 to $1,000 MLM
Yearly Membership Fee; $22 Auto-shipping
Rank: 24/100

The following review comprises of the Joy To Live home-based opportunity, including its compensation plans, the price to join, Joy To Live’s company products, and its conclusive legitimacy as an MLM company.

By the end, we will find out for sure whether or not Joy To Live offers a sustainable home-based opportunity and financial solution to those considering becoming a member.

What Is Joy To Live & What Do They Offer?

Joy To Live is similar to a wide number of other MLM online opportunities by offering a range of health products and unique online compensation plan. The greatest factor which plays in the sustainability and potential current and future profitability of Joy To Live as a home-based company is greatly dependent on its recruitment structure.

Companies like Joy To Live have therefore, become more seemingly reliant on its growth by use of its incorporated MLM opportunity and payment plans.

While some companies have proved to be beneficial to a number of individuals, the wide majority of those just starting resultantly tend to lose a lot of money, time and effort.

Joy To Live Products:

Aerobia: Liquid vitamin supplement including Vitamin B12, Aloe Vera, and CoQ10

Elixir Blast: Liquid CoQ10 supplement, including basic Omega’s, amino acids, and other antioxidants.

LeJOYva Coffee: Likely one of Joy To Live’s most popular product and consists of their own roast, along with a variety of detoxifying berries and mushrooms.

Neutra-Cleanse: Vegetable nutrient that includes beneficial digestive bacteria.

Pure Green Garcinia Combogia: Green Coffee Bean Extract.

joy to live review: scam or legit?

Other products offered by Joy To Live include and are based upon anti-aging properties.

The quality of Joy To Live’s products must nevertheless, be taken with a grain of salt. The fact they are not FDA approved makes it all the more essential to look at this company from as many other points of perspective as you can. For example, Joy To Live is highly based and dependent upon online profitability.

The company’s sole startup as an online based company should tell us as a result of its incorporated MLM structure, it could be offering products that likely lack the necessary ingredients that could be found elsewhere, and like 99% of other MLM distributing companies place almost all their focus and emphasis on recruitability in order for it to sustain.

Joy To Live Compensation Structure:

Like the majority of IBO (Independent Business Owners/Distributor) companies, Joy To Live takes the greatest measure on the compensation of everyday new recruits.

Now whether or not you intend on joining the opportunity, this would likely be the most vital part of this review, especially if you’re here regarding more information on how the MLM world works.

Before we go into detail understand that every single MLM company I have reviewed and overseen intentionally try to mislead and or over-estimate your personal profitability.

The reason for this is a result of Joy To Live’s owners and their own profit and good. As you will come to learn this is only one reason I have always preferred affiliate marketing over any potential online multi-level marketing scheme.

Moreover, compensation with Joy To Live works like this:

Every other time you recruit a new and paying Joy To Live member, you earn a 50% commission. These commissions will greatly vary upon which autoship package they intend on choosing.. For example, Joy To Live offers 9 various autoship packages, that get delievered to your house. They start with just 1 product a month, that starts at $33 + shipping fees, while you can also purchase 30 various products every month, and will cost you $990 + shipping.

For every 1 product you buy, you get 30 quantity for delivery. And regardless of whether or not you sell out of the product for the month, take note that you’ll be automatically billed for Joy To Lives company as a recurring monthly fee.

joy to live compensation plan

In-terms of compensation, when you sponsor 10 Diamond Packs you earn $4,500.

So to give you an example of how the 50% Fast-Start Bonus works, 10 Diamond Packs x $990 = $9,990 x 50% = Your $4,500 in earnings.

Price Of Joining Joy To Live?

This is where for me personally, I tend to become very weary of Joy To Live as a home-based opportunity I would ever want to get involved in.

When you join as an Independent Business Distributor, in order to earn as an MLM owner, you are required to pay for a yearly membership:

Silver – 25% Commission

Gold – 50% Commission

Ruby – 75% Commission

Diamond – 100% Commission

Question: Can you decide to pay for just a monthly registration to try it out?

Yes, by paying the minimum $33 getting started fee plus an additional $22 for monthly autoshipping you can.

The only problem with this is you’ll be missing out on any matching bonuses provided by the Ruby to Diamond commission percentages.

Therefore, your earnings are solely based on your product sales, and not recritment.

So in order for you to be able to earn as a Joy To Live affiliate you must pay your annual registration fee, that starts at $198 to approximately $999 for Diamond Membership – which I believe should also take care of the autoship payments.

Joy To Live Overview

Joy To Live’s opportunity is just one reason why I stick to affiliate marketing.. It’s as though every MLM opportunity I’ve tried in the past are so very attached to their own sole profits and have no care for your individual success.

Thus, to me, support, mentorship, and guidance, have become THREE vital steps in allowing me to become my own online business owner. Without these, I would have been fried out without any home-based income to show for.

Essentially, because Joy To Live offers zero practical training, no place for you to create an online or home-based presence, you may find it nearly impossible to ever create an actual profit or income with this company!

Without online traffic, you’ll be looking for people who are nearest and likely dearest to you, as a result.. Picking up the phone to call people who likely want nothing to do with this in the first place.

Therefore, as a Joy To Live distributor, profitability is greatly based, reliant, and dependent upon your:

1- Retail Sales
2- Constant Recruitment Of Paying Members
3- Payment Of Your High Annual Registration Fee

In my opinion, I find it irrational to have to pay such high annual registration fee and/or unnecessary purchase of products. Essentially all Joy To Live really offers, is the ability for you to resell their products at a higher price.

The real profitability that accounts for the very small number of large earners in Joy To Live’s opportunity, lies within the ability to recruit consistent daily members. Even then, it is very likely to take you a long while to begin seeing any momentum.

Verdict: Not Recommended.

Rank: 24/100


Due to lack of training and support, I don’t recommend Joy To Live, most especially to those just getting started online.

MLM Vs. Affiliate Marketing!

As with everything, if you don’t have a game plan, or very strong marketing plan, allowing you obtain constant daily traffic, my advice is you check out affiliate marketing.

Now I realize Joy To Live along with other MLM based opportunities have a tendency to use this phrase “affiliate,” which is why I find it misleading in many ways. There is a huge difference between MLM, which is network marketing, and Affiliate Marketing – The biggest one being never having to rely upon a sole online company like to Joy To Live to earn, but even better, not having to try so hard and no payment of high unnecessary fee’s..

Think of MLM more as direct selling, while affiliate marketing is a way for you to recommend any certain product or service from say.. a company like Amazon which in-turn gives you consistent hefty commissions!

Remember, no need to spend a fortune, to make a fortune! ;)

Thanks for sticking it out to the end of this Joy To Live Review here.. And truly hope this review does give you more joy in your life by teaching you some of the major and important differences between multi level marketing schemes and affiliate marketing.

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