Kannaway Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 26, 2015

Name: KannawayKannaway Scam Review 2015

Website: www.kannaway.com

Price: $29.99 Monthly Membership

Rank: 11/100 – Scam!

What Is Kannaway?

Kannaway is an online MLM opportunity that sells a variety of hemp-based products. Due to its nature, it has become a growing online marketing trend in this past year. This review will go over some of the products that consist within Kannaway, its compensation plan, membership pricing, among other information, and most-importantly, its true legitimacy.

Whether or not you can make a legitimate online income with Kannaway is the primary purpose and intention of the following review.

Price Of Getting Started

The price to join Kannaway starts with a $29.99 monthly membership fee. You can easily become a Kannaway Independent Business Owner, by enrolling online. This gives you access to Kannaways Brand Ambassadorship materials.

The downside to this, is your inability to generate any commissions by solely paying the monthly fee.

In order to become eligible for commission, you’ll have to get into the business of re-selling Kannaway products. There are nine different ways in which you can get paid within Kannaway, which will be explained below.

To qualify for commissions, you must be both a Brand Ambassador, while reaching a minimum Personal Volume, based on your rank. The one biggest annoyance I find with Kannaway is the fact they will make you pay more just to maintain a minimum PV to in-turn, earn a higher income potential.

Thus, the higher volume you maintain in products, the more money you can essentially earn.

What To Expect

As a paying Kannaway member, you can expect to receive the following, which supposedly will help with your new MLM business:

– Promotional Material

– Kannaway Marketing Website

– MLM Training

– Kannaway Media Marketing System

– Kannaways Secure Back Office

– Retail Hemp Products (note: NOT Cannabis or anything closely related!)

– Access To Kway University Training

– Kannaway’s Compensation Plan

– Success Manual & Quick Start Guides

How Does Kannaway Work?

Similar to any other multi-level marketing company out there, the way Kannaway works, happens to be no different.

As a Kannaway Brand Ambassador member, you will be referred to as an IBO; which in other words, is an Independent Business Owner, or Distributor, and will be relied upon to be making your own sales, either directly, or indirectly.

After having paid your Kannaway membership fee, you must go ahead to activate your current Kannaway MLM business. You would do this by personally selling or purchasing Qualified Kannaway Products. These are likely to be shipped to you, and are bought at a wholesale price, which you can then go ahead to sell to other individuals, you either know personally, or from online consumers.

Once you’ve done this, you must maintain a minimum PV according to membership rank. This stands for Personal Volume and is generated from all personal and customer sales, and correlates with your Kannaway rank each month.

This can be made by your own consumer sales, or personal orders, and is done by enrollment in Kannaways Auto Delivery Program, which charges you every month for a bundle of products.

In addition to this, you’ll also be relied upon for referring other members directly into the Kannaway opportunity. These individuals in-turn will be directly added to your downline, giving you a percentage in exchange, of their total earnings.

Quick Recap:

Your commission is therefore, based upon reaching a minimum Personal Volume (PV), the performance of your team, and your overall marketing and networking skills.

Because this is MLM, a percentage of your earnings, also happen to be transferred to your upline, also known as your sponsor.

Kannaways Compensation Plan

Let’s now briefly go over its MLM compensation plan.

Kannaway offers a variety of earning methods and bonuses, but before even becoming eligible for any of these, you must resell purchased Kannaway products for a higher profit.

You have two ways of doing this:

#1 – Directly selling your PV of inventory.

#2 – Directing your potential buyers to your personal Kannaway Brand Ambassador website. This allows for your purchased products to be sold directly from Kannaway rather than being shipped to you.

Direct Sales Bonus

Everytime you as a Brand Ambassoder recruit a new team member, you earn a Direct Sales Bonus of 30% Commissionable Volume on all Kannaway products only within your first 30 to 60 days of having recruited that new member. Supposedly, this is just an incentive to work harder…

Fast Start Bonus

Another added incentive, is the Fast Start Bonus Program, allowing you to earn added commissions only during your first 30 to 60 days.

There are a couple ways to earn this:

#1 – When a Brand Ambassador sells or purchases an Essential or Lifestyle Qualified Package your Fast Start Period is 30 days.

#2 – When you sell a Premier Qualified Package your Fast Start Period is extended to 60 days

Kannaway Products

One of the most misleading features of Kannaway is the actual products being sold.. Despite calling what they sell to be Cannabis, it has nothing to do with it at all!

As previously stated, in order to make a reliable income you’ll need to be both selling products and recruiting individual paying members.

Primary products consist of:Kannaway Hemp Products

#1 – Cannabis Beauty Defined Salve.

#2 – HempVap – A Kannaway trademarked product, including 1 vaporizer, 1 charger, and 1 battery.

#3 – HempVap Atomizer 2 Pack

#4 – Combo-Pack

In regards to Kannaway’s products, I must say that their catalog looks pretty bleak! Sure, they have many products, but every one of them is so similar to each other, nor do they seem to offer a variety of different hemp products. In my opinion, it seems Kannaway looks to be taking the easiest way out, by using this so-called “Cannabis Niche,” for their own gain and sake of attempting to brand a new “trendy” and growing company.

Thus, what the company is really attempting to sell is some salve, e-cig batteries, and the essential atomizers, along with some fake “cannabis.”

For a more legitimate way of making money, I would recommend checking out V2 Cigs, or better yet, start affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate.

This company, while may spur your interest at first sight, really is nothing special or unique, and its use of the word cannabis is the most extremely misleading aspect of it all. In-fact this company is against the use of any real marijuana and/or THC, but still uses the term CBD, or Cannibidiol, merely to spur interest.

So don’t believe for a second their this marijuana loving company, but rather are pushing these products for their own growth and profit.

Especially since turning into its own MLM company, Kannaway is attempting to offer products, individuals think they may want, when in reality the majority may not know the truth. Nonetheless, the use of CBD supposedly offers some great health benefits, which I guess is a plus.

As for the opportunity itself, forget it!

MLM is literally the toughest method of online marketing, and Kannaway’s compensation plan only makes it ten thousand times more difficult than it should be. Its difficulty never ceases to amaze and most don’t get as far as to making even close to a part-time income after years of effort.

The reason for its difficulty, is the way the opportunity sets itself up. In order to be making a residual income for life, you will really need to sell yourself, and recruit individuals by the masses. Thus, you’ll have to find individuals not only interested in Hemp, but in making money online, while convincing them that this is not in-fact a pyramid scheme, when in reality, that’s all this is.

Nevertheless, if you’re still interested in becoming a Kannaway member, you must understand how online marketing works, and how you can go about building a proper online business.

The toughest part is most MLM IBO companies like Kannaway, lack the essential training, resources, and tools, because their just all about their profit. Moreover, you will find most profit does not come from the actual selling of retailable products, but rather by the recruitment of individuals.

The way you do this is by first selling Kannaway’s offered products, which in turn makes you eligible for a certain percentage of what you’re selling. The most attractive part of this all, is your eligibility to be making an income from those you’ve sponsored into your downline, from what they sell.

Why Kannaway Is A Scam!

There are a several number of reasons why Kannaway can and should be labeled and treated, as a Big Fat Scam!

First – They wrongly use the term cannabis and mislead the crowd into thinking its something other than it really is. They should have labeled themselves as a health company, even though, they are still selling eCigs!

Second – They have one of the weakest MLM compensation plans I have ever seen and reviewed. It’s just horrible what they’re doing. The fact you have to maintain this minimum PV at all times, while trying to makes it compensation plan more glamorous than it ever will be, is straight up depressing. There is a great reason as to why all their bonuses only last for a minimum of 30 days.. Because everyone quits before then!

Third – I really did not understand why they have to make you pay this membership fee, in addition to the basic products you have to purchase and re-sell, until I realized their only in it for the profit. They claim the only required fee to become this ‘Brand Ambassador’ is $29.99 a month, besides the fact you can’t make any commissions.

Fourth – They give this incentive that by referring your first three paying consumers, you’ll be eligible to get your own Kannaway products.. crap products that is! What I don’t get is what about commission, isn’t that what this really is all about.

Last – I really can’t stand a company that directly has to correlate your commissions with your company rank; a rank that is completely dependent on your Total Group Business Volume! Therefore, in order to make more, you have to spend more, before you even know how effectively you’ll perform. This is all nothing but a grimey tactic to get you spending more money from the start.

It seems to me Kannaway is doing everything in its power to minimize the necessary commissions as much as possible. I know it doesn’t seem that way at first sight because of how complex they make their payout structure, but the true reality is, Kannaway is a complete and utter MLM scam, pushing out one product after another, for its own greed.

Verdict: Scam!
Rank: 11/100

For a much more legitimate method of making an online income, without having to involve yourself in some sketchy direct selling corporation, and recruiting others by the hundreds everyday, please check out this #1 recommended product review!

Thanks for reading. Leave any comments, questions, or concerns for me below.

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