Latest Review On DS Domination: Scam or Legit..?

By | November 25, 2014
Product: DS Domination
Website: DS Domination com
Owner: Jason Rose
Co-Founders: Hitesh Juneja, Roger Langille, & Kevin Hokoana
Price: Basic- $19.95 Per Month; $99 Per Month;
Including Many Additional D$ Domination Upsells.
Overall Rank: Legit, or Scam?

Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with DS Domination. This is a simple honest, truthful perspective and review.

DS Domination Review

Now that we have a basic overview and understanding of the product, given the primary website, the owner, DS Domination’s 3 different co-founders, the prices and upsells, our mission now is to move forward and delve in deeper into what DS Domination offers its everyday consumers and whether it is worth the price or not.

Question: Can and how does DS Domination attempt in helping you create an income online?

One of the product’s primary solutions to helping its consumers create an income is by one of the biggest platforms in the world, Ebay. Hence, it’s extremely important that we look into every detailed aspect of the DS Domination product before buying in, given the fact that much this products popularity is a result of a very seemingly logical method to making money online – Selling products on E-bay!


My First Impression Of DS Domination Homepage: Is It Really Legit?

My first impression while visiting the DS Domination home-page wasn’t bad at all. In-fact, my gut was telling me okay this product might just be one of the good ones!

Why did I think this?

Well the home-page is very clean, minimal design, and easy-to-understand. There is minimal use of fancy advertising, and the absence of some type of automated video guaranteeing you thousands or millions of dollars in the next year is not apparent. The next aspect is the price.. As soon as I figured out that not only is the price $19.95 per month, but the fact its explicitly untold on both the homepage and within their own webinars, is when I began to immediately realize there to be a huge catch!

Indeed there was..


DS Domination Price & Upsells

That is the use of DS Domination upsells – If you’re not aware of what an upsell is, it’s basically an MLM-type technique that gets you into joining an opportunity by paying more than you had initially intended to with in the start. First by selling you a low-priced membership, followed by much higher priced offers with usually many false promises and guarantees that tend to be associated.

The next thing you know, in order to gain higher access to say the training, earning opportunity or whatever else is involved, suddenly gets sold to you!

The fact that you already spent the initial $19.95 is how the whole tactic of the upsell becomes leveraged. Given the fact you already paid a certain amount, will likely lead you to spending more money within the program. At-least that’s the idea!


My Second Look Into DS Dominations Webinar

Holy Cow.. Talk about IMMATURITY!”

OKAY, before you attack me with any criticism, if you have not watched the webinar on the DS Domination homepage, please do if you’re looking for a reason to believe me!

Nonetheless, the DS Domination Webinar utilizes the following words, terms, and phrases:

– “Shouldn’t we make a bunch of money since we’re greedy?”

– “ThingAMajig”

– “Aw that’s so sad!”

-“It’s not sad, it’s happiness..”

-“Monopoly Status”

-“We’re Probably Making Fools Out Of Ourselves Saying This Right Now”

-“Everybody In The World Is So Scared Of Them (e-bay)”

Fake story about signing up with a pizza boy and then his cat… Which he then finally gets rich.. Apparently!

-Cat: “Meow..”

-“Why is that awesome?! Because every member that left DS Domination or tried to learn from a youtube blog or took content and sold it for 88 cents off or something like that, or every moron out there, I guess is how I will classify as that who has left is now screwed, so when this comes along their account will get shut-down and they will have to come back to little old DS Domination so we’ll actually control everything b/c their accounts are in terrible health.” <– WOW! Talk about ethical business.

– “and the second thing.. wait did you guys say anything?” “No, nobody said anything..” “Oh okay because I think I just called everybody morons hahah”

– “That policy would absolutely suck!”

-“Just give up, to the members who’ve quit, just give up”

-Sings:Cuz we’re here for a long time, cuz we’re here la la” <– ?

-“Can’t we charge our members whatever, since everybody wants this, and we have a monopoly on all this anyway?”

My Motive For Mentioning These Quotes Within The DS Domination Review:

Given the simple fact we are talking about:

1: Supposedly reputable Ebay/Amazon Sellers..


2: DS Domination’s Very Own Owners & Co-Founders…

Who are going off talking about customer service, and return policies, etcetera, what would your first natural instinct tell you, about the company as a whole?

Given the IMMENSE sarcasm, very rude statements concerning past customers who have left, and just their overall natural approach to how they go about conversing with each other completely takes away any and all potential ingenuity of DS Domination. This has been my very first webinar where I’ve heard owners of a company go this far in showing this immensely incredible resentment towards the world outside of the DS Domination company.

I really don’t understand one bit how someone so conceited can expect to make any money going forward in recruiting in this fashion. I genuinely and most-truly hope that this precise DS Domination scam review reaches as many potential current and future members, in order to prevent as many people as possible from joining this awful company.

Excuse my bias!

However, I’m just stating what I see, and letting you in on what I hear.. In-fact the more DS Domination webinars I begin listening in on, the more urge I begin to have in creating my own “DS Domination Scam Podcast”. How fun would that be?! :)

Nonetheless, lets move onto the guts of this review. Now that we know a good bit of information of the people you could be potentially working with, we’ll have a better perspective on the product being offered as a whole.

So we know that much of DS Domination is focused upon E-bay, and a bit with Amazon as well. Essentially, in DS Domination you’ll be learning how to dropship. However, this is not where you’ll be earning your main portion of income as you’d initially think….


Essentially, profiting off of E-bay and Amazon no longer seems to be the main objective and intention of DS Domination at play any longer. After an even much deeper look into the company, the use of Ebay and Amazon seem to be more of a “front,” than anything! Instead, the major profits will be primarily reliant upon the use of… MLM – Multi-Level-Marketing (yikes! :0)

DS Domination Webinar MLM Scam - 2014

How this works is very simple.

You pay your DS Domination monthly membership, you recruit a person into the company, and in-return make $9.95. Yes, this downline goes down 5 levels deep. Not surprising seeing that making any money from drop-shipping utilizing Ebay, Amazon, and DS Domination is now, out of the question. Lastly, on the slim chance a person can consistently recruit others into DS Domination, then will they finally be compensated!

Proof My DS Domination Theory May Be Right!

DS Dominations Overall Verdict, Rank,

& #1 Online Income Alternative.


DS Domination Scam Overview

DS Domination Scam Testimonial






DS Domination Overview


verdict- scam


Yes, we have ranked DS Domination as a “minus 10,” an almost highly unachievable rank! To be honest, my first belief that the company was truly legitimate became immediately over-turned after listening in on their webinar. If you can’t feel a sense of trust just in the voice, talk, and manner of the owners and co-founders themselves, than be aware of the reality you are being 100% deceived, without doubt.

It’s sad how so many people today will go to whatever length to make as much money as they can. They will gladly tell you all that you want to hear, while doing the best to hide the truth.. That is the real motive and intention of the company, which in this case is the ACTUAL earning opportunity that is being outright mis-portrayed to the public. Completely uncalled for and should even be shut-down and investigated for fraud!

Take a look at my #1 Online Income Opportunity Online – Unlike DS Domination, Every Virtue, Value, and Opportunity Essentials are in Complete Opposition of one another.. Here’s a comparison chart I created for you to better visualize and see!

2 thoughts on “Latest Review On DS Domination: Scam or Legit..?

  1. Jan

    Hi Peter! I want to say thanks, this DS Domination review is completely on point.

    The owners of this product are completely unreliable and very unprofessional.

    Would not recommend this product to any legitimate online marketers out there.

    1. Peter G.

      Thanks Jan!

      I could not agree more. DS Domination is nothing but a scam in my book and its techniques seem very similar to the new Options Domination.

      I can’t believe their still operating! Pretty surprising if you ask me.


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