Leads Leap 2.0: A Legit Way Of Advertising Your Site!

By | February 22, 2016

Name: Leads Leap 2.0Leads Leap 2.0

Website: leadsleap.com

Type: Advertising & Revenue Share

Price: Free to Join

Rank: 90/100 – Legit!

What Is It?

As I correctly recall, before the newly released version of Leads Leap, it was an auto-surfing website. What this meant was you would input your own web address and surf other websites for credits. It would even allow you to leave the browser open on the computer and automatically browse other websites for you in exchange for advertising credits. It wasn’t the most effective, but this was before version 2.0 was released.

Now Leads Leap has come out with an updated and greatly improved method of advertising your website that may just be worth looking at. The site now has nearly more than 4,000 other consumer websites listed in its database with a very interesting way of allowing you to gain more exposure to your site. Even more interestingly though is the fact that they have even incorporated its own revenue sharing process within the system.

Let me just state for the record, that I am not a fan of revenue sharing nor do I endorse it in anyway. But Leads Leap has done something different here. Now you don’t need to purchase one of those worthless adpacks to make money. Instead all you are required to do is surf 10 ads a day, without having to purchase anything. In-fact the more sites you surf, and the longer you surf them for, the more money you can make. Normally I would say this type of thing is a scam, but in this case, it could be considered the exact opposite.

If you’re looking to give Leads Leap V2.0 a try, go for it!


How Much Is It?

It used to be the case that before the second version of Leads Leap, you would for the most part, be offered with a monthly membership option that would allow you to get more automated surfing credits. But since its second release and its integration of revenue sharing, you can sign-up for the platform for free, or as an upgraded member.

Free vs. Paid Members

Free members ($0/month):Site Conversion | LeadsLeap 2016-02-22 11-50-45

  • 3 Free Ads
  • Credits Required
  • 1-2 days for ad to get approved
  • No guarantee you’ll get traffic
  • No auto referrals
  • No spillover downlines
  • Unable to track links
  • 5% daily revenue share
  • 15% weekly revenue share
  • 25% recurring affiliate commissions

Paid members ($27/month):

  • 10 Free Ads and 10 Pro Ads
  • No credits required
  • Ads shown in members e-mails
  • Ad is shown immediately (no waiting period for approval)
  • About 600 – 1,000 ad views per month
  • Potential auto referrals
  • Spillover downlines (20 a month)
  • Able to track links
  • 10% daily revenue share
  • 30% weekly revenue share
  • 50% recurring affiliate commissions

As you can see there is a fairly big difference between the free and paid memberships when putting them side by side. As a paid member, you get more room to advertise more ads and you don’t need any credits in order to promote them. These ads are also delivered to the inbox of various members e-mails. In addition, you get double the daily and weekly revenue share, as well as a higher potential to earn more recurring affiliate commissions each month.


Earn As You Surf System

A feature I actually really liked about Leads Leap was how they kind of re-invented the way traffic exchange surfing should be online. For example, rather than having to view an ad for a specific period of time (especially if its an ad you’re not Leads Leap 2.0
interested in), you can choose which ads you want to view and get rewarded for longer viewing times. This is such an amazing incentive. In-fact you are rewarded every five seconds of your viewing time for up to 3 minutes…

OK, so I’ll admit I was never a fan of traffic exchanges (whatsoever), but this might be something worth looking into. On the downside, if you are using this to promote your own personal website or blog, this can be an easy way to increase your bounce rate and/or lower the amount of time spent visiting your site, which is something you’d do better to avoid if you depend a lot on SEO like myself.

The way Leads Leap 2.0 advertises the sites in the sidebar is extremely innovating as well. On most traffic exchange sites, we usually just see some ordinary or bland text, but in this case, we are given everything to help us decide if this is a link we actually want to visit – a user avatar, topic of the link, number of visits, and even a voting system by the users.. Impressive!


Leads Leap Revenue Sharing

Now I’m still trying to figure out here how Leads Leap revenue sharing works and if it’s in full-effect yet or not. There doesn’t seem to be too much information listed on the website. It’s very interesting to see though how the admins of Leads Leap 2.0 has actually come up with a workaround strategy in this area. By the way, this is probably the only revenue sharing I’d ever recommend, since they’re not selling you adpacks, but are simply using the membership and advertising funds to help spread the wealth.. Pretty sweet!

Take a quick look at how you can make money with Leads Leap:

#1. By simply viewing ads – By viewing on 10 ads a day (yes, even as a free member), you earn 5% of their daily revenue, as well as 10% for pro members. These earnings will be dependent on the amount of credits you earn and the duration in which you surf an ad.

#2. By sending traffic to ads – By adding the Leads Leap widget to your own website (build one here!), you make money. Earnings are based on how much third party traffic you send to Leads Leap.. What a great incentive. It’s almost like reverse PPC, if you think about it! :)


Leads Leap Overview – What I Recommend!

Ultimately, I was leaning towards the side of caution before testing out Leads Leap 2.0. But after reviewing, I found that the avenues to make money with Leads Leap and the opportunities provided, make this opportunity legit. Despite my deep opposition towards revenue sharing in general and working relentlessly just to build a downline, Leads Leap puts a nice spin to the features at play here, which has given me an appreciation for what the admins of the site are trying to accomplish.

I really appreciated the amount of effort and work they put in to the product here. Rather than a half-a** attempt at releasing a product in a week, they’ve spent months trying to optimize their traffic exchange system and expanding the opportunity in general that even allows its own free members to earn. Talk about value!

Last but not least, I highly recommend before joining Leads Leap to build your own website to promote your other opportunities as well. This will greatly increase your user feedback and ratings on Leads Leap (another amazing feature) and your overall conversions. If you’re looking to build a full-time business online, I can now recommend using no other than a combination of both Leads Leap + Wealthy Affiliate to make your income dreams happen.

Thanks for checking out my Leads Leap Version 2.0 Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please do leave them below! :)


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  1. Gina T

    Leads Leap sounds interesting and appreciate there be no fee for trying. Need to make money and a consistent income. Ready for a change.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I agree Gina and I believe Leads Leap can support you in doing that. But more importantly, if you’re just starting out with online marketing, I personally think the best route to take is with Wealthy Affiliate. Before you can begin advertising on Leads Leap or any other affiliate networks in that case, it’s of utmost importance you have a website in place first. Thanks for the comment!


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