Leafit MLM Scam Review: Is This Legit?

By | January 6, 2015

Product: Leafit

Website: Leafit.com

Price: $47

Opportunity Type: MLM & Social Networking

Rank: Not Legit! (40/100)

What Is Leafit?

In this following review we’ll be taking a look into Leafit and whether or not this is a truly legitimate method that may help you earn money through it’s MLM opportunity structure and integration into various social marketing mediums.

First of all, Leafit has attempted to create its platform into its own virtual social media type service that apparently claims by using it can allow you to earn an actual online income.

The sketchiest part of Leafit however, isn’t so much that it’s attempting to become a large social network similar to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and what have you, but its ironic contradictory stems from the fact that its a social media network in which one can earn from by attaining referrals!

What kind of social media platform does that come across as?

What Separates Leafit From Networks like Instagram or Pinterest?

First of all, the fact it offers an MLM type scheme into its own attempted social media outlet causes a bit of raise for concern.

Secondly, Leafits opportunity operates based on the fact where not only does a member need to share a picture of a so-called affiliate product, but must be a product that is purchased or bought buy another Leafit member.

Essentially its a result of these picture product/service recommendations that allows for this highly awkward in nature type earning mechanism.

Leafit Consumer Reviews and Income Opportunity: Legit..?

Many consumer reviews concerning Leafit has proven this MLM and social media networking business model as a highly inneficient means to doing online business.

I remember like it was yesterday, all the hype that was occuring around Leafit’s pre-launch, and I had a feeling that despite the professional look of its advertising that it would be nearly impossible to pull-off.

Here we are today and Leafit has almost nothing to show for!

How Much Does It Cost To Join Leafit?

Becoming a member of Leafit is free, which shouldn’t come across as a surprise, as its successful means to an attempt as a profitable social networking opportunity relies on it completely.

Nevertheless, you can still potentially earn with Leafit, but it won’t come across as being a simple business endeavor.

Here’s How You Earn As a Leafit Internet Marketing Member:

#1 – Affiliates: As LeafIt members, potential to earn up to ten percent in sale commissions made from any and all affiliated LeafIt Sales by other members.

#2 – MLM/Network Marketers: May earn $17 commissions for every personally recruited iGrow Membership Enrollment into Leafit’s Paid MLM earning opportunity.

Hence, in order to take part as a Leafit mlm associate, you must be willing to pay a $49 monthly fee. When doing so, you get additional access into Leafit by unlocking certain tools and features to help with your ongoing Leafit promotion. This includes:

– Your own backoffice to check up on your latest referrals, amount of income/money earned, along with various promotional tools and resources (banners, text ads, etc.)

– Some basic Leafit recruiting sales training.

– Your basic MLM-type capture and lead pages for your recruiting sales funnel.

As a Leafit Associate you also get the ability to earn from four different available methods. However, in order for this to work in the first place, you must be have certain methods in place that will allow you to consistently recruit new potential members.

These new Leafit earning opportunities include:

– 9 Generations of Uni-level

– 3 x 9 Forced Matrix

– Evergreen Check Match

– 9 Generations of eCommerce Sales

What I Don’t Like About Leafit:

Sure, Leafit has come up with a very unique business model in place, but is it proving to be as sustainable as claimed during their over-hyped pre-launch?

It seems Leafit has lost a lot of that leverage they once had and in-turn a great decrease in traffic. I believe it is no longer being seen as a viable solution, which in essence makes complete sense.

MLM opportunities to begin with must have great products and services to back up in order to sustain long enough, or else will immediately go out of business. Using Social Media and Networking as a simple solution to replace such products and services in order for mere profit while may seem like a good idea at first sight, can easily be seen by average members as nothing but a way for the company and potential members to profit from.

It’s like Leafit is using its marketing side (its MLM network marketers and affiliates) to use and profit off from its consumer side (that is, its normal everyday social media networking enthusiasts).

The company couldn’t be anymore blatant with their online earning scheme, despite their very subtle attempt, which is what truly makes this Leafit opportunity very ironic looking in nature.

Furthermore, given the mere fact that the Leafit company would be creating a product and service much more geared towards helping the overall profits of online marketers, and less so, with your everyday facebook/social media fan, the company is now stuck with MLM networkers looking to profit off eachother from the purchasing of eachothers pictures of products..

LeafIt Makes No Sense! Overview:

Nevertheless, Leafits overall advertised marketing scheme when sending out the message to “make money by posting pictures,” seems highly-deceiving. As we now know that is no longer the complete truth, we can still come to conclude that Leafit is by no means an earning opportunity to waste your energy, money, or time on.. atleast not for the time-being. It’s possible that if they focused more on the consumer side of things and the product as a true, maybe even “non-profit” social media platform, just maybe they could create something useful in the future!

Thanks for reading, and if you’re still looking around for an enjoyable way to start an income, or are simply hungry for success, check out my comparison table below for my most legitimate opportunity!

4 thoughts on “Leafit MLM Scam Review: Is This Legit?

  1. Dave

    I looked at products in the igrownet.com network. I randomly selected 4 items, a fire extinguisher, a phone, a graphic equalizer and a game console. 3 of the four items were less expensive if purchased elsewhere. One item was $100.00 less if purchased elsewhere, and the fire extinguisher was about 30% less expensive at one of the big-box home improvement stores. Nowadays, lots of people have apps on their phones that will tell them where they can buy a product for the least amount of money. I just can’t see this working. It takes about 60-90 seconds to find an item online and compare prices across multiple vendors. My question is… who is going to buy these products from “IT” when they can be purchased for less money elsewhere?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Great catch there Dave. I agree, I don’t think people should be buying these products from their iGrow network when they can be purchased elsewhere for cheaper. It just makes no sense. Overall, I don’t think that iGrow network is that bad of an idea, but at the same time I just don’t see how people can be making money with it.

  2. Tony Peacock

    Hi Peter, Interesting post you made. Have you seen the latest videos? Its not called Leafit. Its called the “it” social network. Have you ever downloaded the app? Or enrolled in being a member for a few months?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hello Tony,

      Apologies for getting to your comment so late, it somehow ended in the wrong folder, but no I have not seen it. I’m excited to take a look at it though.

      I will definitely check this app out. In the meantime, I’d love to know how Leaf It is doing overall. If you don’t mind letting us know, that would be amazing!

      Thanks again Tony


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