Legit Online Jobs Review – Can You Get Paid To Post Ads?

By | September 10, 2015

Name: Legit Online JobsLegit Online Jobs Review - Can you Get Paid To Post Ads?

Website: www.legitonlinejobs.com

Owner: Ross Williams

Price: $34.95

Rank: 15/100

What Is It?

Legit Online Jobs by Ross Williams is a product attempting to show you how you can make money posting advertisements online. He claims the steps are really simple and that he himself makes over $9,000 a month doing this. What he fails to explain is that making money online, especially with legitonlinejobs.com consists of a lot more than simply posting up ads.

How Much Is It?

Legit Online Jobs will cost you a one-time $34.95 fee. This will give you access into their database that also claims to show you, how you can make money making surveys online, making money with Ebay, and a “real online job” database. It’s a bit ironic, because if this initial method of posting ads were to work, there would be no need for all this extra information.

The Calculator Is Misleading!

The first thing worth mentioning is the calculator used on Legit Online Jobs. This is the same calculator I have seen used on products such as, Get Cash For Surveys and Paid Surveys at Home. In-fact if you look at these homepages, you might also come to find that the layouts are very similar to one another.

It’s no wonder that Legit Jobs Online also talks about how to make money with surveys. I believe that the owners or people behind these products are also the creators of this very same product. I should also note that these products are well-known scams.

Legit Online Jobs Revew - Can You Get Paid To Post Ads?


Nonetheless, this same calculator is no different than the ones I’ve seen. In this case, they ask you “how many ads will you be posting each day?” It only allows you to answer up to 13. Unfortunately, the calculator isn’t exactly working as expected currently. But even if we take a look at the minimum settings and leave it at $20 transactions for 3 days a week, they claim we could be earning $51,600 in yearly income.. Sounds too heavenly, right? If you ever see something promising you easy work such as this with such a large payout, don’t put your trust in it.

Selecting Brand Name Companies?

I’m guessing one of the first things you did was checking out how it works. Legit Online Jobs claims that the system is as simple as registering, choosing your desired brand names, and beginning to post.

Legit Online Jobs Revew - Can You Get Paid To Post Ads?

I’ll just tell you off the bat. Not one of these big corporate companies is interested in paying you to advertise. I’m pretty certain they not only have their own executive marketing teams, but wouldn’t be willing to pay you $20 to post a simple ad, let alone $70.

Want To Know How It Really Works?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page! You see the small “affiliates” link? If you click on that, you’re basically getting everything you need that’s already within the “Premium Members” area. The information on the homepage is totally misleading. You’re not really posting ads for big companies, but are doing it for Legit Online Jobs to get other people to join.

Another thing is, you don’t get paid on an ad by ad basis. You get paid depending on how many people end up buying the product from your link. In the affiliates area you’ll find everything you need. From e-mail swipes to banner ads, this is exactly what Legit Online Jobs really means when they say you’ll be posting advertisements.

Legit Jobs Online Overview – Scam Or Legit?

Simply stated, Legit Online Jobs is the latest scam to hit the Clickbank market. Everything they provide you is basic at best. Trust me when I say, you don’t need to cough up $34.95 to join this program. It won’t teach you the necessary steps to actually make money online. It’s whole premise here is based on affiliate marketing and in order to be able to do that, you need to get the proper education.

While affiliate marketing is lucrative and is something I’ve been doing for years, scams like Legit Online Jobs continually exploit the market. They try and show you this easy way out and as a result, they never work. Rather than showing you how to get your own traffic, all they give you is a few lousy article directories and classified ad sites to place your advertisements. As a result, it will be really difficult to see any proper results with this program and is something I don’t recommend.

Have you experienced Legit Jobs Online? If so please post about it in the comments section below!


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  1. maricella castaneda

    Thanks for this review. I wanted to try and post ads online, but now that I think of it, this company doesn’t seem very legit.


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