Legit Paid Online Surveys – Should You Use It?

By | May 12, 2016


Name: Legit Paid Online SurveysLegit Paid Online Surveys

Website: www.legitpaidonlinesurveys.com

Type: Taking Surveys

Price: $17

Rank: 5/100 – Scam


What Is It?

First question that comes to mind with Legit Paid Online Surveys, is why you would need to pay $17 in order to fill out surveys and make money.. They claim to have a directory that can pay you anywhere between $5 to $75 for filling out a regular survey, when in reality I think the actual pay out is between $1 and $2.

Nevertheless, one of the main reasons I wouldn’t trust this company with my survey efforts is because of the simple fact it is offered on Clickbank. Why is this an issue? Well because there are loads and loads of survey scams that are listed on Clickbank and they all tend to make many of the same promises, while delivering nothing of real value in the end.


List Of Clickbank Survey Scams:

  • Get Cash For Surveys
  • Click 4 Surveys
  • Paid Survey Authority
  • Paid Surveys at Home
  • Real Surveys Online
  • Survey Junkie


It’s Only an E-book..

I could keep going on, but the truth of the matter is that there are tons of survey scams listed on Clickbank. The oddest part about it is that they all look very similar to one another.. By that I’m talking about the images are similar, the claims, the promises, and even the final product, which always tends to be some sort of informational product.

In the case of Legit Paid Online Surveys we are being offered an e-book containing over 450 different survey companies you can register for and claims to offer the secret to making a lot of money by taking surveys. They claim this secret is by joining as many survey companies online as you can.

The problem with this mentality is that the number of survey companies you sign-up for is completely irrelevant to how much money you can actually make. In reality, the amount of money you can make taking surveys has a lot more to do with the amount of time you’re willing to spend than the number of online survey companies you register for.

This e-book can offer you 1,000 different survey companies online, but at the end of the day, it does not matter how many survey companies you sign-up with. It all comes down to the amount of time you spend on these surveys.


It’s Not Worth $17

Even at the low $17 price point, I can’t recommend Legit Paid Online Surveys. To me the product seems like nothing more than another boring and cliche method of attempting to make money online. While you can surely make money taking surveys online, it’s not the kind of money one might get ecstatic over. We’re talking no more than a few dollars a day for a lot of hours spent on survey taking.

This is the one thing Legit Paid Online Surveys avoids mentioning.. They don’t tell us that it will take hours and hours a day to qualify and become eligible in order to take their surveys. Instead they tell us that all you need to do is wait for these simple surveys to come to your inbox. All these Clickbank survey companies love trying to make it sound so easy, don’t they? I guess that’s what makes these products sell. But it’s important to look past the hype and not become vulnerable to their false claims.


Offered Survey Bonuses

Last thing I want to mention are the bonuses listed within the sales page. If we were to take a quick look at that we’d see these few things being offered:

#1. Get Paid To DriveHow to earn $1,000/month or get a free car.

#2. Get Paid To Pass Out Free SamplesEarn $10 to $40 per hour.

#3. Get Paid To Read E-mailsEarn $100’s monthly just to read e-mails.

Do you see the similarities here? These bonuses make making money sound so easy. None of these are legitimate ways of making money. You can’t get paid to drive, unless you’re driving a taxi cab or Uber.

You can’t get paid to pass out free samples, unless you’re working at BJ’s or Costco, and you can’t get paid to read e-mails unless your some sort of virtual administrator working under somebody else. And, if there is one thing for certain, it’s that every single one of these earnings are completely inflated and unrealistic.

So.. if you can’t even trust the free bonuses being offered by “Legit” Paid Online Surveys, how can you trust the product itself? It’s simple. You can’t. My advice is to actually avoid taking surveys online as a way to make money. It’s just not very efficient. To see what I recommend to begin making money online, click on my top recommendation down below.

Also, feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns down below. Thanks for reading!


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