Legit Writing Jobs Review – Can You Get Paid To Write?

By | March 31, 2016

Can You Get Paid To Write?Name: Legit Writing Jobs

Website: www.legitwritingjobs.com

Type: Freelancing

Price: $4.95 for 3-day trial, followed by $17.95 membership

Rank: 25/100 – Not Legit.


What Is Legit Writing Jobs?

This is a service which allows you to try and capitalize on your passion of writing. While it’s true that there are an endless number of bloggers and webmasters always looking for individuals to write articles, it’s questionable whether or not, Legit Writing Jobs can really help to deliver this service.

Nevertheless, I will go over the pro’s and con’s of using this service and things to watch out for when using Legit Writing Jobs. Let me also state for the record that a lot of individuals do write and freelance for a living.

But, I feel that Legit Writing Jobs tends to exaggerate the simplicity of it all. Starting as an online freelancer is not as easy as it may seem. Bloggers today want the best quality and content available so for Legit Writing Jobs to say that you only need “1 hour per week” is very misleading to say the least.


Legit Writing Jobs Promises a Few Things:Writing Jobs: Freelance, Full-Time, & Part-Time | Legit Writing Jobs 2016-03-31 13-52-49

#1. Work with flexible hours.

#2. Choose topics you’re passionate about.

#3. Earn an income through freelance writing.

#4. Write for blogs, ebooks, and magazines.

These are all very true statements when it comes to freelancing, but what we want to look at here is whether or not Legit Writing Jobs is a reliable middleman between those looking to offer their services and you as the freelancer. First and foremost, I’d also like to point out the income claims, which are way over-exaggerated.


Legit Writing Jobs Claims:

#1. Earn $215 per day to proofread and edit content.

#2. Earn $160 per day to read and respond to e-mails.

#3. Earn $55 per article to write short articles.

#4. Earn $25 per hour to review sites with inappropriate content..?


These four claims are only true to a certain extent. Your pay is not merely dependent on finding the right source to write for, but moreso on your experience as a writer and a freelancer. If you have impeccable writing skills, you’re likely to get paid more for your services.

Moreover, Legit Writing Jobs claims you can earn $215 per day to proofread and edit content. Let me just say off the bat how entirely misleading this statement is. Most individuals are not going to pay you that amount of money to simply proofread content. Same goes for getting paid up to $55 to write short articles. From my experience, an article would need to be around 3,000 words just to get that amount of money and that is in no way, shape, or form considered to be a “short article.”


Can You Really Get Paid To Write?

You most-certainly can get paid to write, but I do not believe Legit Writing Jobs can assist in anyway. To me, it looks like another get rich quick scheme, which promises a lot of things it cannot deliver. Very rarely would you ever actually see a freelancing site try and promise you $375 per day. Getting paid to write online is absolutely possible, but Legit Writing Jobs online is just not your go to service.

The simple fact here is that it requires you to pay a membership fee — $4.95 for a “free 3-day trial” followed by another $17.95 charge. Every legitimate freelance or writing directory I have seen or come across does not require you pay for a membership. There are other signs as well, such as the fact that you don’t need “experience” or any “education.” While that might technically be true, you still need to have quality researching skills and content that makes sense and resonates with that group of readers or audience.


Examples of Legitimate Freelancing Websites:

#1. iWriter – If you look at iWriter, you’ll immediately notice you don’t need a membership fee to find someone to start writing. Everything is already there and available at your disposal. It’s as easy as setting up your profile and networking with other bloggers and writers on the website to start working with them.

Legitimate Freelancing Website

  Legit Freelancing Site Example (iWriter)

#2. Upwork – With Upwork, you also don’t need a membership fee to get started. Instead all you need to do is register as a member and as soon as you complete your first writing assignment, they take 10% of your invoice. Talk about convenience, which is clearly not offered with Legit Writing Jobs.

#3. Freelancer – Another legitimate freelance writing service is freelancer.com. Here you’ll see that as you enter the website, you have two options: “I want to work” or “I want to hire.” This is what a legitimate freelance writing service truly looks like and a reputable middleman between those looking for work and those interested in hiring writers.

One more thing all three of these legitimate writing services have in common are the fact that they don’t hype anything up. There are no over-exaggerated earning claims and you can actually see the number of posted jobs without needing to pay any membership fees up front.

For these reasons alone, one can almost instantly infer that Legit Writing Jobs is indeed a scam. They are merely taking the freelancing industry, leveraging it, and attempting to exploit the market for their own benefit. It’s more than likely that they’re job directory doesn’t even exist.

In most cases, products like Legit Writing Jobs offer nothing more than actual advice on where and how to get started as a freelancer and good sources to turn to (as the ones listed above). It happens time and time again.

You can even see this happening with paid to survey websites – sites like “Get Cash For Surveys” or “Take Surveys For Cash” do this exact same thing. They completely inflate the potential earnings, offer you some kind of membership in-turn, only to present to you in the end, a small tutorial on the best survey websites to get started with — why pay for something like that?


Legit Writing Jobs Overview & What I Recommend

In summary, Legit Writing Jobs is a scam. There is no doubt about that. If you’re really looking to get started as a freelancer then choose from one of the three legitimate options above instead.

But it is in my opinion and my sincerest recommendation that you don’t write for anyone else but yourself. First question, why would you need to write for someone else and what would that person gain from your writing?

The fact here is that they are most-likely a blogger just looking for quality content to add onto their website. This way they gain traffic and make money in the process.. Well why not do the same thing?

That’s what affiliate marketing and making an income online is really all about. I highly recommend getting started with that route, and if not, I hope this Legit Writing Jobs review at least helped to reveal the truth about what is actually behind this so-called “service.”

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