Lets Have Cash Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | December 15, 2014

letshavecash review - Scam or Legit?

Product: Lets Have Cash

Website: LetsHaveCash.com

Price: Free To Join; Requires Purchasing

Of $10 Advertising Packs To Earn Money.

Overall Rank: 25/100


LetsHaveCash.com Review: Scam Or Legit?

First of all, in the following review we will be looking into one of the latest most hyped up earning online products, known as LetsHaveCash. The company claims that as a member you can earn when signing up with LetsHaveCash as long as your willing to purchase their $10 Advertising Packs, allowing you to earn while advertising your own company or website for more traffic.

LetsHaveCash: Claims To Be “Worlds Number 1 Money Generating Product”?

With this being said, LetsHaveCash has recently implemented a so-called $30 demo to test and see how the product works.

The product additionally claims that by working hard enough, you can begin earning an upwards of $20,000 per month.


LetsHaveCash Review: Letshavecash.com Homepage

 letshavecash legit or scam?

Here are some following things you’ll see as soon as you land onto LetsHaveCash.com:

1) Join Now and Get a $30 Demo – In addition to the 221,000 Facebook likes shown above, and the likeliness of it not being very genuine at all, the company immediately provides a join now button to get you into the program and begin spending your first $30 to see how it operates.

2) Below this you will see the entire LetsHaveCash company is based upon money investments:

Doubler Package: $10, with 2.2% daily profit, 90-day duration, and an ROI of 198%.

Adpack Package: $20, 3% daily profit, 50-day duration, 150% ROI, with 100 traffic views.

Bitmining Package: $500, 2% daily profit, 100 day duration, 200%+ ROI, and 30% quarterly dividend.

CPA Camp: $200, 2% daily profit, 90 day duration, 180%+ ROI, and 40% quarterly dividend. (Basically you’d be investing a minimum of $200 into supposed “experienced” marketers to help leverage their CPA efforts – Cost-Per-Action. This is not available until January 2015 however).

3) Additionally you will see:

– A LetsHaveCash Chatroom.

– Program Calculator to Help You Understand The Earnings From Your “Risky” Investments.

– Latest Amount Of Deposits & Withdrawals – No surprise there seeing the huge differential in the low withdrawal amounts versus the deposit amounts.

– They also provide you their Alexa Website Rank – a highly misconfigured source of data that’s been utilized for years now to help bump up the legitimacy of “not-so legitimate” products just like LetsHaveCash.


So What Is LetsHaveCash and Do You Think It’s Legit?

Absolutely not!

LetsHaveCash.com is nothing more than an investors ponzi-scheme, basically a company that can shut-down at any moment or time. There are absolutely no guarantees to the profits you’ll be attaining in return.

One additional sign that makes me so worrisome about all these people buying into this program is its CPA program – Having you invest $200+ so that this companies marketers can take into their very own hands and produce Cost-Per-Action campaigns all over the internet. Something you have no idea could completely fail right out the gutter.



Thus, they are asking you to lend a hand with your own money to invest. If that money becomes lost, even stolen by the company in the end, are they obligated to pay you any of the returns?

Absolutely not!

I understand this company seems to be very similar to MyAdvertisingPays, and while I believe M.A.P’s has done a more than exceptional job in the way it operates, people need to truly understand the huge differences at play here. MAPs was a product that was created by a well-informed and trust-worthy man who was not ashamed in working hard at producing a platform that sold nothing but the chance to advertise a company or website. They even went as far as attaining their own payment processor so that they wouldn’t have to rely on being confronted by the many problems introduced here by LetsHaveCash.com.


Lets Have Cash Overview

Nevertheless, LetsHaveCash truly presents itself as a “High-Risk” Investment company, better well-known as close to a ponzi scheme as one gets, if not for the advertising packs you are purchasing.

Without those packs, this company would have no chance of surviving and could even be confronted with legal repercussions.

Additionally, LetsHaveCash seems to have no problem introducing as many ways to potentially earn (bitmining investing, Adpack Investing, CPA Investing..etc.), just to attain more traffic by users. My sincere opinion, as I have seen these companies come and not just go, but literally get squashed harder than a fly, is to stay the heck away!

Final Verdict:

verdict- scam

Overall Rank:


Thank you for reading my review on LetsHaveCash and I truly hope you listen to my advice. For an opportunity that is 100% more legitimate and will earn you a consistent income and living for the rest of your life, feel free to insist upon looking at my #1 recommended review – the best product I have seen in my 2-year online marketing venture.

24 thoughts on “Lets Have Cash Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Catherine

    It seems the clowns at letshavecash has now scammed you that’s a shame
    now forget it as you wont get your cash back
    start over in this ONETIME FEE of only $1.50 its an amazing opportunity and getting referrals is so easy as it only does cost a onetime fee of $1.50
    don’t let yourself down try this today

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Clowns? Really.. Scamming us?

      Real mature Catherine!

      Good luck and way to go helping others

  2. andres0301

    Desde el 31 de dic. hice mi ingrezso, y a la fecha, no he podido retirar ni un solo dolar… Quien responde por mi dinero???
    Porque la pag. no me deja entrar???

  3. sutris

    Lets Have Cash isn’t paying out anymore.. What can i do about this..??

  4. Shameem

    But now a days LHC is not working , even not login , what will I think LHC eat my money ???

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yeah Shameem, not sure what to tell ya’, other than it probably would be best to stay away from these small-time HYIP programs. There really aren’t any set-in laws right now against these products, which unfortunately makes it all the more difficult.

      Nevertheless, my recommendation for those looking to make legitimate money online is to check into joining Wealthy Affiliate.. Sorry for your loss. These things tend to happen. I’ve gone through the experience and it can really damper your mood. It is why I started this website, so I no longer need to rely on making income off these types of ruthless online scams!

  5. Ian hancock

    Yep, Lets have cash seems to have said byebye, there is no access to the website and nothing posted on facebook since 2 Jan.

    EurostarBank (Abdullah Al Mamum) has taken my first (nominal) deposit and run-BEWARE.

    Any thoughts on My Traffic Value would be appreciated.


    Ian Hancock

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Ian!

      Thanks for sharing your input here. I’m sure many people will attain a great deal from sharing your experience. This LetsHaveCash company must really stink huh!

      As of right now, I have yet to look into My Traffic Value, but will be sure to get to them on my list of product reviews. Also, I’ll be shortly adding an e-mail opt-in for anyone interested in learning more about potentially legitimate products.

      For the time-being, feel free to head on over to W.A., and get in contact with me there. They offer a one-of-a kind online opportunity, along with a wonderful and live active community! :)

      Plus, you get to join for free.



  6. jj

    realmente Letshavecash é scam, já é a minha segunda solocitção pagamento que eles não pagam, já não tem mais rendimentos diários e nem as publicidades estão colocando mais, agora eu gostaria de saber se tem como reaver o dinheiro por meio da justiça obrigado.

  7. Andrea Ho

    Letshavecash was down yesterday. I’m unable to access the site any more and I lost $100 demo buck granted by the project owener :). I always know there must be something wrong with any money generators. An elder friend of mine has a very good statement that MMO is not an easy life. It only pays off if you work hard. Thanks for your excellent review. By the way, Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely trusted-worthy and you will be trained to be a professional MMOer with that network.

  8. Kristen

    Letshavecash was paying and it has stopped but on it’s front page it has member’s withdrawals listed but when making a withdrawal this is the message received:
    Your withdrawal request has been received. It will be processed as soon as possible.

    That is contrary to yesterday’s email (Jan. 18, 2015) informing members that withdrawals would be instant as of today (Jan 19, 2015).
    Google maps street view shows the address, i.e. office buidling, that is on LHC’s whois.
    Very interestingly short lived HYIP ;-)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you Kristen for sharing your experience with Lets Have Cash.. As I initially stated this was one product I advised people to stay away from the start! I hope you were able to recover most of your investment to begin with. For people looking for a less-risky HYIP product, my recommendation would be to take a look into MyAdvertisingPays :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Elly,

      I’m not saying that at all! Although that is a pretty awful assumption to make as this is merely a blog used to help people in making a decision on the information I research and put out there for the public. You don’t have to like it! But my priority is in helping people from making any kind of mistake from today’s crazy world of online hype and scams.

      Nonetheless, I am sure “Lets Have Cash,” would be more than happy to have you on-board, but think exactly about what you’re doing… You’re simply joining a HYIP product in which its income and profits operate are purely based upon the number of new people who register everyday.

      It’s nothing more than a ponzi scheme and a fast one-time way to make you a bit of income! I’ve been there done that more times than you can count, and only 10% of these products or so usually end up lasting more than a year. So, what type of work do you plan on doing besides investing some money and referring more people to increase your money.. If that is it, good luck on your “Lets Have Cash” journey :)

      – Peter

  9. David

    LetsHaveCash pays everyday! Get your Free LHC downline builder, just follow instructions

    (Affiliate Link Removed)

  10. Neil Valentine

    It makes me laugh how you slag another website of into the ground and then you hype up your own money making website, how do we know that you are legit. I have spoke with people who know the owner of lets have cash and the site is here to say I have made multiple withdrawals from the site and have had no issues. Lhc is not a scam. You are just jealous cause they are making a ton more money than yourself.

    1. Peter G. Post author


      I have no doubt in the world they will pay you, not a single doubt my friend. HOWEVER! Do you really think that the company will sustain for years to come..? Honestly?

      Anyway, how can I be jealous!! I love my website, I love my work, and I love helping.. I only hope you may come to see the good and honest work trying to be done here, one day.

      Enjoy LetsHaveCash! Unfortunately, I see your already doubting yourself, which is too bad. I believe my review has truly gotten to you and you have every right to question the opportunity. Anyway, good day, and happy new year!!! :)

    2. BILL


      1. Peter G. Post author

        Yikes Bill.. That doesn’t sound good at all my man.

        I truly hope you recoup your costs and make back that investment.

        That’s why I’m TELLING you guys, LetsHaveCash are nothing but thieves. Stay away and listen!

        If you must contact me for anything, I’ll be glad to help you.

    3. fernando

      hola buenas noches q me recomienda de lets have cash es una buen negocio por inter o no quisiera ingresar a ello por favor ayudame escribeme a mi face

    4. Keith

      I lost over $500. Lets Have Cash is definitely a SCAM!!


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