Life Force International Review: Is It a Scam?

By | January 20, 2015

Product/Company: Life Force Internationallife force international scam review 2015
Owner(s): Wayne and Gerri Hillman
Type: MLM/Independent Distributor (IBO)
Rank: 32/100

Life Force International MLM Review: Is It a Scam?


As you might know by now, Life Force International is an MLM-based company. Like many online companies that start out in various “niches,” Life Force International simply happens to be one of those companies who base their entire opportunity and compensation off of MLM tactics.

While some MLM products may be trusted, most have proven to not be.

Why Is This?

Well, because MLM has become so relevant to the more popular term we now know as “pyramid scheme,” many companies have now taken this once illegalized form of advertising and turned it legitimate by simply adding some kind of product or service to it.

This is something, I find to be important to mention before we move forward.
As a result, almost 90% of MLM companies have now focused sole intentions on the mere ability to profit and much less “umph” or emphasis on the actualy product/service being provided itself.

First lets look at Life Force’s products..

 life force international products review 2015

The products are shown to be advertise with wildly exaggerated claims:

“secret plants found in the Amazon..”

“desert plants with miraculous juice healing..”

“ability to eliminate all types of diseases..”

Rather than showing any possible con’s or disadvantages of the products, their solely exclaiming out loud the many possible benefits involved with their products. This is the first cautionary sign to be aware of when becoming a member.

Especially when joining any MLM opportunity, it’s vitally important that you choose one you believe in, and can advocate the products without any hesitancy to others.

Otherwise, it just makes it all the more difficult in joining an occupation solely for the money. In all likeliness if the value and worth of the products/services do not add up, it is highly expected the MLM company’s compensation structure to come falling crashing down on you.

Life Force International Compensation Plan

Here is a brief following of what the compensation plan entails:

It includes a Fast Start Bonus of 55% for each person you bring into the opportunity.

Thus, by becoming a Life Force International Member, you gain the eligibility to earn a recurring amount of commission from other people who purchase any Life Force products.

Eligibility Requirements:life force international compensation plan members

This is where the decision can get tough and personally, I wouldn’t want anything to do with Life Force. But, here is what is required to become a Life Force Associate:


Level 1 – Associate 1 -> Requires Purchase of 25 Business Volume Units.

Level 2 – Associate 2 -> Requires Purchase of 50 Business Volume Units.

Level 3 – Associate 3 -> Requires Purchase of 104 Business Volume Units.

Therefore, in order to earn as Life Force Member, rather than having to pay any additional fee, you’re simply required to do two things:

#1 – Must Select Autoship For Purchase Of Life Force Products (meaning you order the products on a daily/monthly basis while being charged, regardless of how many left over products you might have in your inventory).

#2 – You Must Purchase Inventory Minimum of 25 Business Volume Units.

Life Force Product Auto-Shipping – Can You Be Successful?

I’m not going to lie, but in order to become successful with Life Force Internation you must have a preimplemented marketing plan in place.

You must also expect to begin receiving shipments of products from the company after having paid for them. Imagine how tough it will be just to get those products to sell, without any sort of business in place, or way for people to find you. Hence, the most lucrative and profitable MLM representatives online happen to be the ones who have and know how to create a website in order to fulfill consistent orders.

If you don’t have this, or simply cannot find the way and the time to do so, Life Force International is not worth your effort it.

The other option is to simply sell the products on the streets, to your family, your relatives, or friends. Along with the products you’ll also be expected to sell the opportunity itself, an even more invigorating and tough product to sell, as people must come to trust to know you first.

That’s where the true logic comes in, when having a true online presence in place! Somewhere you can be found, contacted, and inquired.

So Is Life Force International a Scam?

One thing that many people fail to consider is relating the price to the potential outcome in your compensation.

Thus, in order to become an associate at the 3rd level commission structure you must be willing to pay $176 just on Autoship every month and be able to really sell these products. The more you purchase, ultimately the more inventory you have that you must sell.


Nevertheless, Life Force International does not look like a well-worthy invesment. The products are over-hyped and don’t seem to sell very well. The commission structure is actually really cheap in comparison to other awesome online opportunities and products out there. In addition, there is very little talk concerning Life Force in the MLM world, and it’s not an opportunity I would recommend especially if you’re just getting started.

Verdict: Not Recommended
Rank: 32/100

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5 thoughts on “Life Force International Review: Is It a Scam?

  1. Mike Warner

    I’ve been a member in good standing with LFI for more than 15 years. I’ve been paid a check each monthly for the members I referred. Recently though, some sort of cash flow problem exists. Presently Life Force owes me more than 500 dollars in “back” commissions. Not good!!! Two parting thoughts: Body Balance has been a good product for this senior citizen and up until cash flow problems a good relationship for me. Now, I’d say to all: Beware!!!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      How unfortunate. Sorry to hear about that Mike. That’s just one more reason I choose to stay away from MLMs. Thanks for providing us with this information though!

    2. cecil fitz

      Lifeforce is now in the process of paying all back commissions that is owed to every distributor. The company took a bad turn under new management. The ceo has assured everyone the that the company is here for the long haul. I wish you would reconsider coming back.

      We have a great marketing team!

  2. Kelly Barnett

    Thanks so much for thoughtful review. I thought about joining Life Force International, and I would have liked to try some of their products, BUT I was going to have to shell out nearly $200 a month on the autoship, postcards, and postage, and had NO guarantees I was going to get any of that back in sales! NO THANKS! I’ll give something else a try!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Good thing you didn’t Kelly! That’s where most of today’s MLM & Independent Product Distributing programs get you, through the autoship. So whether or not you are making sales, they’ll still charge you. Just comes to show how far companies like Life Force International are willing to go to make money off their own recruits. You should definitely give something else a try – If you haven’t checked out Wealthy Affiliate, I believe it’s a great place to start :)


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