Limu MLM Review – Scam Or Legit?

By | May 3, 2016

Name: LimuLimu MLM Review


Price: $499 to $999

Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Rank: 40/100 – Scam

What Is Limu?

Limu is an online MLM marketing company that I feel is very complicated and doesn’t look all that trustworthy. While the presentation of the website itself looks nice, there just seems to be too many incentives going on.. Almost as though it gives you this “too good to be true” feeling.

The products they sell are primarily nutritional products inspired by the seaweed based super nutrient called Fucodian, which is supposed to make you look and feel healthier. It’s really not all that surprising that these are the products Limu sell. I’ve seen many MLM’s that sell similar types of products claiming to have some kind of secret magical ingredient, namely Kyani, Skinny Body Care, Xango, Usana, and Asea. It’s become a very popular trend and has really come to grow as nothing more than hype.

More importantly is the Limu opportunity itself that is filled with one incentive after the next… They tell you to get paid to host a party. These same techniques can be seen in the Global Wealth Trade MLM, where they have you showing off jewelry items to your friend, and in Pampered Chef, where they have you cooking meals in front of others using their cooking utilities. Although, I did find Pampered Chef to be a more legitimate MLM opportunity than most.. Especially including Limu, where you are required to pay an upfront $499 just to get started!

And just like in Kyani, Limu will even make you dream of getting that new BMW. MLM opportunities like this one sometimes make you feel like they are your only option at making it big (but that is the furthest thing from true), and is why they have no problem charging you an arm and a leg to join, making you feel as though you’d be missing out.


Price Of Limu’s MLM Opportunity

Here is the one aspect of Limu that just makes me want to scream out scam and I’ve seen all sorts of complaints online where people have lost too much money to an opportunity that hasn’t done them a whole lot of good.

Limu can definitely be considered as one of the most expensive online MLM opportunities and my biggest gripe with Limu was the fact that the price can’t be found anywhere on the website.

The only place you’ll find it is on the where the application for registering as an independent distributor can be found.


Here you’ll see the two price points of joining Limu’s MLM:

#1. $499 with a QV( quantity volume) of 500 items including..

  • Limu MLM Review2 Bottles of Limu Original
  • 15 Limu Original Shots
  • 1 Limu Lean Shake Chocolate
  • 1 Limu Lean Shake Vanilla
  • 12 Cans of Blue Frog
  • 1 New Member Kit
  • 2 Free Months of
  • 1 at-a-glance tear off pad (50 sheets)
  • 1 all-in-one brochure (10 pack)
  • 1 Limu original brochure (10 pack)
  • 1 Blue Frog can brochure (10 pack)
  • 1 LIMU 101 Brochure (10pack)
  • 1 LIMU LEAN® Results Tri-Fold (10pack)
  • 1 Shaker Cup

So really, you’re only getting 31 products and paying $499 up-front. It almost looks like any other MLM opportunity out there, just more expensive. They give you your products, a bunch of brochures to hand out, and tell you to go sell their stuff. There really isn’t all that much in terms of help or support.


Let’s look at the 2nd membership option, which costs twice as much!

#2. $999 with a QV( quantity volume) of 1,000 items including..

  • 4 Bottles of Limu Original
  • 30 Limu Original Shots
  • 1 Limu Lean System (2 chocolate & 2 vanilla shakes, 1 appetite controller, 1 digestive health cleanse)
  • 24 Cans of Blue Frog
  • 1 New Member Kit
  • 2 Free Months of
  • 1 at-a-glance tear off pad (50 sheets)
  • 1 all-in-one brochure (10 pack)
  • 1 Limu original brochure (10 pack)
  • 1 Blue Frog can brochure (10 pack)
  • 1 LIMU 101 Brochure (10pack)
  • 1 LIMU LEAN® Results Tri-Fold (10pack)
  • 1 Shaker Cup

The only difference between these two membership options is the fact you get double the product.


Limu MLM – Does It Work?

I really don’t mean to put down Limu in anyway, but the biggest problem with it is the fact they just hand you a bunch of products and expect you to sell them while building up your own team. It’s a lot of work and the majority (including myself) are simply incapable of achieving the work that’s required.

No matter how hard you might try, it simply pushes you into using techniques that are not effective enough to make something out of this opportunity. That’s because the leaders of this MLM only rely on large numbers. They only care about the Limu word getting out there and less about individual success.

They push you into having your own house parties, which means you’ll likely be bothering or trying to push your friends or relatives into an opportunity that they more than likely won’t be interested in. Successful individuals within MLM usually have some kind of system that allows them to be successful.

For example, creative a massive following or influence on social media, or having some kind of website receiving thousands of daily traffic a day. That can constitute for success, but the people (and usually the majority of individuals) who try taking the Limu opportunity into their own hands and try selling directly to outside people will surely have the most difficult time.

Unless you already know what to expect with the Limu opportunity or know the kind of hard work and individual effort it takes to be successful with Limu, I simply cannot recommend joining Limu. The high price point itself should make you want to stay away from this MLM. Even its compensation plan isn’t enough to justify becoming a member as it will take years and years to achieve anything remotely worthwhile.

Have any questions or comments concerning Limu. Please leave your comments below!


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