LinkedIn Profit System Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 9, 2015

Name: LinkedIn Profit SystemLinkedin Profit System Scam Review 2015


Owners/Creators: Jonathon Teng & Venkata Ramana

Price: “$12.06”

Rank: 10/100

Now here is a product review I simply could not avoid. This latest JVZOO product and release by owners Jonathon Teng and Venkata Ramana, is one I hope by means of this review, will truly open your eyes to the world of online marketing.

Given the recent history and owner reputation of Jonathon and Venkata, I find no reason at all, to give this product a single thumb up. And while, the product itself claims to be worth something alone the lines of $1,500, this review is going to show you exactly the reason why, these two complete online marketing ‘gurus’, could only muster up the courage to price it at the minimum $12.06 price; something I am in no way, shape, nor form, surprised at all about given their schemey marketing tactics.

What Is LinkedIn Profit System All About?

Linkedin Profit System Scam Review 2015Essentially, this latest, cheaply priced JVZOO release, shows you how to start marketing on LinkedIn to begin making your own online income.

Nevertheless, while the initial intention and objective of the product seems to be good upon first-sight, what you will come to learn is that with its long, never-ending sales page, false and over-exaggerated income proofs, along with its cheap and disorganized product, to be nothing more than a rip-off.

LinkedIn Profit Red Flags!

Before going into the actual product itself, I would like to briefly go over some red flags which you can use to not only watch out for now, but may also be of help in the future, when you think of whether or not to purchase a product, based on its overall legitimacy.

Red Flag #1: Jonathon Teng’s reputation with other well-known, established online marketing scam artists and guru’s. I know this may sound a bit over the top, yet it is the truth. His relationships with all these other online marketers known to create completely schemish products should say a lot about their relationships and intentions…

Example’s – Anik Singal & Ewen Chia’s, which ironically enough are the two first people they have on the copy of the sales page itself, mentioning them as their customers.

Linkedin Profit System Scam Review 2015

Red Flag #2: Over-exaggerated and over-stated income proofs.. Now I find this red flag, to be one of the worst yet most critical to understand, red flags of all. It immediately tells us everything we need to understand about the credibility of this product and owners.

Linkedin Profit System Scam Review: Fake Income Proof 2015

Whether or not, this claim can be refuted is really dependent on how many products you’ve bought with over-exaggerated income claims and proofs, that have done you any good.

Personally, I have purchased, reviewed, and tried, well above 100 products to this date, and can tell you in my experience that products claiming to produce false income claims, never do anyone, any good, other than to get your false hopes up for no reason.

Red Flag #3: Here is another red flag I see time and time again, one that has been proven to work on the owners behalf, but not so much on the consumers. This red flag I am talking about deals with the longevity of the sales and copy page.. Along with its longevity however, is the immediate notice and presence of way too overexaggerated type of talk.

It is like the owners had spent so much more time in the creation of its sales page over the actual LinkedIN Profit System Product itself!!! 

The reason for this is simple to comprehend, and all has to do with the product owners detailed attention on simply making money and sales, and much less to do with the actual satisfaction of the consumer.

Therefore, as you can tell, these two owners seem to care a lot less about how their actual reputation turns out, and much more about their immediate profits.

LinkedIn Profit System Content and Value…

Now for the last, and most important part of this product, I would like to briefly go over what one could expect in regards to the included content of this system.

One of the last, most important pieces of information dealing with LinkedIn Profit System which makes this a full blown-out scam, is the owners methods of taking the most easiest way out, by not even having to worry or concern themselves about what is actually included within this product.

Yes, you heard me right!

Just like their latest product before this, Jonathon Teng and his partner, simply purchased a bundle of PLR product to use as their content to deliver to you. Tell me, how much worse of a scam, can LinkedIn Profit System become!Linkedin Profit System Scam Review 2015

This thus, tells us absolutely all we need to know about it, by better explaining to us that these guys have never made money off LinkedIn Profit System, let alone over $10,000 they claim. Nevertheless, it’s a lot more understandable to know why this product not only is priced at a measly $12.06 price (take the pennies in mind!), while also claiming only 2 copies available!

I can guarantee you, login to this website every single day, and you will see on the main sales page, “2 copies available” every single time.

LinkedIn Profit System Overview

First, let me congratulate you for taking the due diligence of doing your research and homework before making any immediate impulse decisions. Next, I want to tell you that I know exactly what it is like to struggle as an online marketer. It is no fun, especially seeing all these claims about such gurus making it so big.

Verdict: Scam!

Rank: 10/100


However, you and I, we’re better than them, and deserve better. So, if you would like to learn how to begin creating an established online marketing presence and income for yourself, I highly suggest and recommend reading over my #1 recommendation – a product which has proved to be by far and easily the most valuable one of all after having researched and written approximately 200 various reviews on all sorts of online scams along with other legitimate products as well!

Anyway, thank you for reading this review, and please, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns for me, to leave them right below.

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