List Building Magnet – An Effective Course On E-mail Marketing!

By | August 10, 2015

Name: List Building MagnetList Building Magnet Review - An Effective Course On E-mail Marketing!


Owner: Chris Cabo

Price: $19.95

Rank: 82/100 – Legit!

What Is It?

List Building Magnet is basically a PDF report that goes into the details of how e-mail marketing works. It gives you tips, strategies, as well as a checklist to get you on the right track. List Building Magnet is a great product for anyone who has an established e-mail marketing list and are either trying to build a better relationship with their readers or are simply trying to grow their list and improve overall conversions.

One thing that stood out to me in Chris Cabo’s course is the fact he believes in a list full of quality subscribers over quantity. This is important because if you’re only looking to grow your e-mail marketing list there’s no say that your readers are going to engage with your messages, which in the end, is what makes you sales. That’s not to say I agree with all the tactics and methods within List Building Magnet but before we get into the details let’s take a look at the price.

How Much Is It?

I found List Building Magnet to be offered at a very reasonable price. For only $19.95 you’re getting some quality information. On the other hand, I’m not so sure how beneficial List Building Magnet would be for those just getting started.

Given that it’s merely a PDF report, without the necessary support and missing community aspect, it can be a bit difficult for any beginner to get started on the right foot. At the same time, this might be beneficial to have for individuals who have already started to grow their marketing list, or maybe has a website in place who are looking to leverage and make use of their visitors.

What’s Included?

In List Building Magnet you’ll get a variety of e-mail marketing pdf reports. While it does also come with a few extra bonuses, my List Building Magnet Review - An Effective Course On E-mail Marketing!favorite aspect of the self-instructed course is actually the checklist itself. This ensures you are actually taking action and that can be hard without an actual online marketing community to be involved in!

Nonetheless, not only are the lessons very realistic, but did you actually notice the absence of any outrageous income proofs? That’s another green light that List Building Magnet can be a trusted course.

Unlike every other Clickbank product or hyped up product in online marketing, List Building Magnet distinguishes itself from the crowd by not overhyping anything or showing false income proofs. Really, the only image we see here is a very legitimate looking screenshot of Chris Capo’s Aweber account and his subscribers, which is really great!

Now onto the courses..

Chapter 1 is a great introduction into the actual attraction of your readers. In this part you will learn where to find your potential subscribers and how you can appeal to them. By writing content you can and will build trust with your audience, which in-turn will get them to subscribe and want more from you. On the other hand, the one thing I do disagree with here is the use of article directories. I believe your efforts and focus can be maximized elsewhere such as in creating your own website, giving you traffic over its lifetime. Not only that, but article directories are becoming more and more outdated and less of an effective way to get the attention of your readers. This is a big con in List Building Magnet since traffic is the true foundation and staple to any business.

Chapters 2-4 really add a lot of techniques to the first chapter, especially through the use of social media. There couldn’t be a better more effective way to begin building up subscribers, besides through your own website. Nonetheless, you’ll learn how to begin creating your fan page, sending out tweets to your audience, and even begin capturing audience through YouTube. Use all these and your subscriber list is going to inevitably grow and attract more individuals.

The last couple chapters are probably the ones that appealed to me the most. They go into SEO strategies, which will obviously  require you to have a website. Maybe that’s why it’s my favorite, as these efforts into SEO will go a very long way, as you begin to get more and more traffic from Google.


– In-depth e-mail marketing strategiesList Building Magnet Review - An Effective Course On E-mail Marketing!

– Affordable price

– No outrageous income claims

– Realistic methods and ideas

– Use of social media + SEO to build up your list

– Great step-by-step checklist for action takers!


– Not the best course for beginners

– Doesn’t go into the details of finding a niche

– Use of outdated article directory marketing

List Building Magnet Overview

List Building Magnet is a product I would recommend to individuals who have a list and are looking for ways to grow it even more. The combined strategies in social media, search engine optimization, and forum posting can all be a very powerful and effective way to appeal to new subscribers within your niche.

However, if you’re just starting out in online marketing or haven’t built a list yet, make sure to take a look at my #1 recommendation. I found this to be the most beneficial course in online marketing as there was an entire community to help me through the process.

In addition, the information was a bit more thorough and rather than just including strategies and tactics to help build up a list, they showed me the ropes to creating my own full-time business online. Through affiliate marketing, the sky is the limit so you shouldn’t only be taking advantage of e-mail marketing and list building, but also learning how to sell products from Amazon on your own website. You’ll be surprised to learn how simple this can be and the money to be made!

Thanks for checking out my List Building Magnet. Please let me know if you have any questions concerning this product or anything else. I’ll be more than happy to help :)

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