List Legacy Review – List Building Gone Wrong!

By | July 21, 2015

Name: List LegacyList Legacy Review


Owner: Frank Malone

Price: Free Version; $47 Elite Upgrade

Rank: Scam!!

What Is It?

List Legacy by Frank Malone is an online marketing system that focuses on list building. When joining List Legacy, you get your own free List Legacy website, hosting onto the List Legacy server, training on how to get traffic, and e-mail marketing training.

While List Legacy does look like a legitimate system at first sight, there are some issues with the product that might make someone second guess the efficiency of this program.

Despite how effective building a list is, it must be done in the correct fashion or else it won’t work at all. The important thing to take note and remember through out this review is that list building is all based on building a relationship with your list. This is what makes having an e-mail list so profitable.

In addition, Frank Malone makes the process feel so much easier than it actually is. Through out his video for example, he says if you need money for a car payment, all you need to do is send an e-mail. While it does get easier over-time, without a proper relationship and website, it will be a lot more difficult to get going.

How Much Is It?

List Legacy is offered for free. By becoming a free member you get the basic membership, which doesn’t come with much at all other than a few e-mail swipes used to copy, paste, and send to your subscribers.

There is also an Elite Membership option. I’m surprised to see this being priced at $47 for the total lack of value being offered. Yes, you get a very basic and bland lead capture page. The next thing they give you is called “Traction Maximizer,” which I really don’t understand.

Apparently this allows you to keep all your members on your list instead of passing up sign-ups to the person who referred you. Most might find this to be unfair and I agree. Who wants to do all this hard-work only to see the results getting passed up to the person that referred you?

How It Works?

The more you look into List Legacy as a potential way of making money, the more questionable this product becomes. At first you might think this is a legitimate system teaching you the ins and outs of proper e-mail marketing. But a deeper look shows that this is nothing more than a borderline scheme.

It not only contains upsells that require you to buy Solo Ads from their listed buyers, but the only motive and intention of this product is for you to sell it for them by sending out their e-mails. I’m not sure about you, but this isn’t the type of people I’d be interested in working with.

Not to mention that they also try and downsell you as well…!

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When it comes to List Legacy’s training, there isn’t any! Instead after being upsold into buying one of their “recommended autoresponders,” you are shown a basic list of Solo Ad buyers. Essentially, this is the one and only way you’ll be getting traffic. Thus, you’ll need an even larger budget just to try and get e-mail subscribers for a really crappy product that might not even belong to you, as some go up to your sponsor.

The e-mail swipes are some of the most basic e-mails I’ve seen and look very spammy. One of them consists of nothing more than “Free video reveals everything below..” period. The Ad Swap resource section shows nothing more than a single simple link to the Warrior Forum…

List Legacy Overview

All in all, List Legacy is one of the most disappointing list building products I’ve seen to date. Instead of providing you with some decent training, they simply link out to Solo Ads so that they make a commission off each purchase you make. Even the banners are worth more than anything in this product.

I highly recommend having nothing to do with this product, as it will only cost you money in the end. You won’t learn anything and you’re not going to see any results here. There is really nothing to see with List Legacy. You’ll be much better off building your own reliable list (without having to buy $100’s of solo ads) and building a relationship with your buyers. This is how real genuine list building works and is where the real profit is.

My recommendation would be to get started with a program called Wealthy Affiliate, which will first walk you through how to build your own website. A website that will get ranked in Google so that you can depend on this for all your traffic needs instead of having to order it, which I don’t recommend in the first place. From there, you’ll be able to build a list and promote any kind of products you wish to your consumers on an everyday basis!

Thanks for checking out my review on List Legacy. If you’ve experienced this product or have any questions relating to this post, please leave them below.



One thought on “List Legacy Review – List Building Gone Wrong!

  1. John Hadfield

    I paid for it before seeing your review, but I can’t get access since there is a software problem as shown below and there is no-one to contact to repair it. Money down the drain.

    A Database Error Occurred

    Error Number: 1033

    Incorrect information in file: ‘./listleg_arpreach/arpr_emailsuppressions.frm’

    SELECT * FROM `arpr_emailsuppressions` LIMIT 1

    Filename: libraries/datamapper.php(1) : eval()’d code(3) : eval()’d code

    Line Number: 645

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/listleg/public_html/ in /home/listleg/public_html/ on line 221


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