List Leverage Review – Nothing But Upsells!

By | August 11, 2015

Name: List LeverageList Leverage Review - Nothing But Upsells!


Owner: Mathew Neer

Price: $47

Rank: 10/100 – Scam

What Is It?

List Leverage by Mathew Neer is an “e-mail marketing software” (notice the quotes!) that attempts to cross the boundaries of automation. The claim with List Leverage is that you can begin to grow an e-mail list without really having to do much through what he calls his Traffic Co-Op exchange. Apparently, with List Leverage all you need to do is “push the button” and begin to make money immediately. I’m not a fan of this “autopilot” type of income and neither should you be either.

Why? Because it’s fake.. It’s not real.. And even if and when you do get your subscribers, you might not be a happy camper. Were you aware that on-top of having to pay for List Leverage, you have to even spend more money on Solo Ads? Essentially, this is how Mathew Neer promises you a “virally growing list.” While this can be a logical way to build up an e-mail list, it really should be avoided at the start of your online marketing journey.

This should be used when you’re ready to scale up your business even higher and you have an established website/foundation in place. What bothers me the most however, is Mathew Neer using this as a way to profit even further off you.

By presenting you with his own recommended list of Solo Ads, he makes a commission off each and every purchase you make and even promises you get to make money, just for buying traffic. Also remember, sending out just a single message to hundreds of subscribers can and will easily cost you over $100. I believe most individuals just starting and trying to make money online, are doing so for a reason and that’s not to spend their entire life savings!


How Much Is It?

The goal of Mathew Neer’s List Leverage product is to build your e-mail list as rapidly as possible. This way you can start sending List Leverage Review - Nothing But Upsells!out your e-mails. But, if these subscribers have never even visited your website, aren’t really sure what your e-mail newsletter is about, and may not be interested in the first place.. how are you supposed to build up a proper relationship with them?

Nevertheless, I was also bothered by the price. It’s nice that they offer a $1 trial, but the problem is it only lasts 3 days! Therefore, if you happen to forget, or still aren’t sure, you’ll be billed $47 per month until you decide to cancel. Even worse, are the clear upsells seen within the members area telling you to purchase your GVO autoresponder.

In-fact that is the first thing you’ll see when entering and is a clear indication that List Leverage is doing nothing more but trying to sell to you. List Leverage probably has a lot more upsells than the majority of products out there and they do a pretty good job hiding it.

What’s Included?

List Leverage does not teach you effective e-mail marketing. It does not go into the dependable methods and strategies I’ve seen List Leverage Review - Nothing But Upsells!in so many other products to date. E-mail marketing products can really go one of two ways. Their either a complete scam as can be seen here or they actually train you on the proper techniques.

In this case you’re not only being advertised and sold to over and over again, but are even pushed into doing all the promotion of List Leverage for them. And not only that… But remember the whole promise that List Leverage will help you build up a viral list. Well that’s not even the case.

Here’s how it works..

You setup your account. Create your maximum 30 character newsletter. Then simply promote this very simple website they give you, which by the way won’t be ranking in Google anytime soon.

The last task is to do everything in your power to promote List Leverage.. Either through, tweeting out to all your followers, posting your affiliate link all over Facebook, and even purchasing Solo Ads.

Solo ads are like renting out other more established e-mail marketing lists that are used to send out your message on a one-time basis and to increase your number of subscribers. Take in mind, that in addition to the $47 fee you pay for List Leverage, you’ll be spending $100’s just on these solo ads.

This is not effective online marketing in the slightest!




– Fails to deliver anything of substance.

– Not a viable way for creating a profitable & long-term business.

– Constant use of upsells.

– Zero training.

List Leverage Overview

This system is a mess in every sense of the word. Maybe that’s because I’ve tried out a ton of similar systems only to see their true ineffectiveness. They require you to spam all your social media accounts, purchase solo ads just to get the List Leverage name out there, and upsell you with so many different things. These guys do not have your best interest at heart. It is so clear that all they’re trying to do is scale up their own business and could care less about your success. This can be seen through the lack of training and deceiving promises. To see a product I do recommend for building a profitable online business, click here!


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