Live Profits Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 24, 2015

Name: Live ProfitsLive Profits Live Broadcast Scam Review


Price: “Free” With a Catch

Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

What Is Live Profits?

Is it just another one of those “fully automated trading softwares”? That is what we are about to find out. Initially, I wasn’t going to write a review on this, but couldn’t resist after having entered the website and having taken a look at what they had done..

Adding a “live broadcast,” among a few other features, which I plan on explaining further within this review.

Whether or not, you feel Live Profits could be a good addition to adding another stream of income to your finances, is the primary purpose and intent of this review – an intent I don’t think can be shared with Live Profits.

How Much Is Live Profits?

The owners behind Live Profits claim that the software is 100% free, but that’s not the real deal. Why would anyone go through all this, to hand you over some free money making software?

Thus, the real price of this software, will actually cost you a $250 minimum just to get started.. So, not exactly an arm and a leg, but if you were to keep using the software, you could expect that to be the case over-time.

Furthermore, I’d like you to take note I have tried and reviewed almost sixty different versions of these kinds of product to date, all of which have been proven to be far from legitimate.

They lie, cheat, and steal. Their ability to go around the law by use of the web is likely some of the most unethical methods of making money. Click here to learn of a much more legitimate way and method of making an online income!

Live Profits Disadvantages

Nonetheless, lets go over some of these red flags that are first apparent when logging onto Feel free to open your browser during this review if you’d like.

Red Flag #1 – The first red flag is very deceptive and why I took such an initiative to review Live Profits. You can probably take a guess at what that is.. The Live Profits, Live Broadcast. I believe it is likely the first Live Profits feature you will notice when heading on this website, and to tell you the truth, after having logged in on 3 different occasions, I noticed that its been a pre-recorded video put on replay every single time!

You can honestly even stay on this website for a few minutes, and notice it replaying over and over again. What a fluke!

What’s the point?

The whole point of this simple and to look as legitimate of a system as possible. Reason being that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other products exactly similar to which the way Live Profits works, all of which use some very deceptive yet convincing mechanisms to making you think it is legitimate.

Red Flag #2 – The next red flag deals with the number of people currently on the website. For example, if you look at the number of viewers, it rarely changes when you log onto the site. The next item deals, with its Live Attendees. It will usually count down from a certain number of individuals and show this man named “Monty,” “George”, or “Mark” who’ve entered the broadcast, or a guy named “Robert.”

Live Profits Scam Review - Binary Trading

Eventually the longer you remain on the Live Profits website, the more likely you will see that the live event to be “Sold Out.” However, try refreshing the page, and you will see the numbers and video all having been reset. Pretty unbelievable!

Red Flag #3 – This last red flag deals with the product itself, which claims to simply be a downloadable software that is supposed to help make you money, but that is not how it works and is far from the truth.

The next section will go over in detail how Live Profits actually works and why it is a scam!

How Live Profits Works?

As of now, we know that Live Profits is not actually free, uses very deceptive mechanisms into making us think it is legitimate, and supposedly uses a downloadable software to making us money.

But, what does this Live Profits software actually do and how come none of this really ends up being free?

First of all, when you do go forward to downloading this software, you will actually become registered into a pretty basic system. This system is completely focused and dealt with Binary Trading.

There is additionally, a widespread reason to why Live Profits is offered for free, and happens to be the case with 90% of other similar products focusing on binary markets. The reason is simple: the owners behind Live Profits are offering you a system to download for free, but in reality, you will be required a minimum $250 deposit to actually begin trading.

Thus, while they try and tell you in the video, you can make endless profits with this system, truth is, the chances of your wins and losses, are nearly equal.

Therefore, it is no different than basically gambling all your money away. You could easily lose that $250 in no longer than just ten minutes! Many of these guys claim it is 100% risk-free, but that’s probably because they are speaking in terms of the actual free software itself.

So when you go to download the system, you must make your deposit to actually activate it, otherwise it is useless. When that happens you are automatically assigned to a binary options trading broker, that is the same exact people who has created and designed Live Profits for your “potential benefit.”

What this does in-turn is it gives them, a percentage of commission on each and every one of your deposits.

That is, because they’ve now referred you into the binary market system, making you a valuable asset to these guys, as you further go ahead into depositing money into this complete gambling scheme.

Live Profits Overview – Scam Or Legit?

Furthermore, I know this does not sound like good news at all, but better to have the truth now, then to regret a bad decision later.

As a result of the entire intent of these guys, and literally offering no value in exchange, I intend on titling this product a complete and utterly disrespectful scam, and to share this around with as many individuals as I can. These guys do not deserve a single penny in profit in their bank account.

Verdict: Scam!
Rank: 0/100

If you’re similar to me, and are truly genuine about wanting to make money in a legitimate fashion, and are looking to become a successful online marketer, I can’t tell you enough how important and vital it is to stay away from binary trading as a whole, let alone these “systems.” If there is one amazing thing that you can take away from this review, it would most surely be for you to check out My #1 Product Recommendation, helping me and countless others become financially independent! I know you will be more than satisfied with this legitimate place and method of teaching individuals how to become proper internet marketers.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns dealing with this Live Profits Review, please leave them below, and have yourself an amazing day!

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