Lucky Rich Kid Review – What’s The Verdict?

By | August 8, 2015

Name: Lucky Rich KidLucky Rich Kid Review - What's the verdict?


Owner: Jacob Harris

Price: “Free” with a catch

Rank: Scam!

What Is It?

Lucky Rich Kid claims to use a “secret app” that can help you earn a salary of “$15,350.71” or more per day. This product was developed by Jacob Harris who at the age of 19 claims to have become a millionaire. The method that the “Lucky Rich Kid” uses deals with binary trading and you’re probably wondering how legitimate this product and its claims are.

Lets just say I have seen my fair share of these kinds of products.. From binary trading “apps” & “softwares” claiming to help you capitalize on anything from the Apple stock, gold, silver, wheat, and so much more, but in the end, never tend to work.

How Much Is It?

One thing you’re probably wondering is whether Lucky Rich Kid is really 100% Free? Well let’s find out. After having entered aLucky Rich Kid Review - What's the verdict? username and password, you are then taken onto the next step, bringing you to a page where you’ll find a ton of different consumer testimonials.

Just about every one of these individuals claimed to have earned the precise amount of $15,000. But as we probably know, this is in all likelihood going to all be made up just as Jacob Harris’ showing off his bank accounts in his video. Nevertheless, you’re then required to enter in your telephone number. You usually don’t see this in most binary scams today, but this can only mean bad, bad news!

Why would they want your telephone number? Are they going to call you..? Maybe even bug you if you haven’t made that first deposit yet. In all likelihood, the answer is yes. Now let me back up a second, as we know Lucky Rich Kid claims the software to be absolutely free, when in reality you’ll be required to make a $250 deposit!! I know, kind of ironic how they don’t even tell you ahead of time and before entering all your personal information the steps required to take part in what is most-likely a completely fake software.

How It Works?

So what happens to this deposit and what is the involved risk here? Well, Lucky Rich Kid is just like any other binary trading scheme I’ve seen out there today. They make a claim that behind the scenes, there is some magical software that can essentially predict in which way a trade is going to go (either up or down). They make the claim that instead of risking a 50/50 win loss ratio, the chances of winning are now as high as 95%.Lucky Rich Kid Scam

But what’s really behind these scenes? Is there really a magical “app” or “software” as claimed?

Not so much.. Individuals who usually take the plunge out of mere curiosity almost always find that they end up losing just as much if not more than they win. Many also tend to find that their initial $250 deposit can get lost right away.. If not the first game, then the second. In essence, there is no software, app, nor secret strategy involved. The only thing that is occurring, is Jacob Harris making a pretty nice and hefty commission off you.

That’s all the software does. It officially assigns Jacob Harris to you as your binary trading broker and because he referred you over to a binary trading company, that company pays him high commissions just for you making your first deposit. No wonder he tells us its 100% Free!!

Simply said, the main motive for Jacob Harris here is to lure you in and pull you into Lucky Rich Kid.. Either through getting you to pay your first deposit the moment you find it, or as we see, by entering your personal contact information. This way he can contact you over and over again until you finally decide to take the plunge.

The worst thing about binary trading is the inherent risk involved, along with the many schemes trying to pose themselves as having this secret. The reality is, in order to win anything, you’ll need to continually invest and risk more and more money. It’s almost impossible to come out $15 grand on top, and if you do, you have most-likely already lost that much money before having won it.

Take in mind here, that the ratio of winning to losing in the binary trading options market is 50:50 and always will be. No software, app, not even a logical sounding strategy can ever work to change this.

The reason? Well simply put, binary trades don’t exactly have the historical aspects that stocks do, so they cannot be predicted. Not through math, calculations, or logic. Second off, they are very volatile in nature.. Extremely so, since they are being traded over again in a single day. So this gives to the fact that one second they could be traded downwards, and the next second upwards. You see, unlike stocks, binary trades doesn’t have that market like trendiness we look for in stocks being traded over periods of months and years. These are being traded constantly giving way to the high profitability being made by the binary trading market rather than the actual traders.

Lucky Rich Kid Overview – What’s The Verdict?

So can you make money in the binary trading market? Yes, you can. But remember, you can also lose just as much if not more. Lucky Rich Kid tries to promise you the world. They try to promise you that you are going to win every single trade. If I ever saw a binary trading product that could help me do that, don’t you think I’d be doing it for a living? Of course I would, and so would you. But more importantly, we should think and ask to ourselves whether Jacob Harris here even uses his own product? I mean if it did really work, why share it with the world.. Is he really that nice? Or is he just the opposite?

I go with the latter and so should you. Not to mention, his over-exaggerated claims (etc. etc.) don’t exactly help..  Anyway case closed, put your wallets away, save that $250 you’ve worked hard for, and try and find something that is legitimate.

My recommendation for you is to abstain from binary trading. There’s no need to put your money on the line as a way to be making money. There are other much greater ways out there, but you just have to find them, and the most legitimate way to do so is by affiliate marketing. The internet provides for many great opportunities online, but at the same time, are riddled with hidden and subtle scams.

Thanks for reading this Lucky Rich Kid Scam Review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


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