Make Cash Monthly Scam Review With Google And Clickbank

By | March 17, 2015

Name: Make Cash Monthly

Website: www.makecashmonthly.comMake Cash Monthly Scam Review

Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $49.50

Rank: 12/100 – Scam

What Is Make Cash Monthly?

It is a internet marketing system created to help those just getting started and essentially teaches you how to make money with Google and Clickbank.. By using just the two, the system believes you can earn an unlimited income potential. However, there is a purpose to this review, and that is a result, of a problem with this product, which should not go unnoticed. As a result of people being unaware, I have written this review in order to better inform the online marketing crowd.

It is in addition, a product made specifically for individuals Make Cash Monthly Scam Reviewwith no marketing skills, or any real foundation to any online traffic.

The Make Cash Monthly company claims to be an all-inclusive money making system that will produce you income quickly and in a short amount of time, regardless of your online marketing experience.

Whether or not this is true or a legitimate claim is the purpose of this review. By the end, you will get a better sense of its overall legitimacy and any potentially better alternatives.

Affiliate Marketing

Essentially by purchasing Make Cash Monthly you will be delving into affiliate marketing, which for the most part, is a good sign given how much more inevitably legitimate affiliate marketing is over the majority of todays MLM marketing pyramid schemes.

By becoming an affiliate marketer, you’re essentially able to promote any product or service you wish. The one obstacle that usually stands in our way however, is the ability to gain constant daily traffic.. Our true foundation to making an online income!

How Much Is Make Cash Monthly?

I believe, that the price of joining and getting involved with Make Cash Monthly is much too steep, especially with what it offers.

Hence, you can expect to be paying $49.50, for a product, which honestly does not even work.. Here is more on that topic though!

What’s Included With Make Cash Monthly?

Although they claim to have this all-in-one exclusive type of marketing system, I must digress.

But here is a little gist of what to expect:

You will receive your own personal website consisting of 300+ pages – The claim here is that by having your own website, you can essentially begin to get your own traffic, and therefore, create an income.

On the other hand however, there is a big problem with this.

As a result of being some simple online marketing system, they attempt to make it all so much simpler than it really actually looks. The thing is, with Make Cash Monthly, you’re not just receiving any personal unique website, but instead an entirely duplicated website!

Therefore, this pretty much makes our entire case, that Make Cash Monthly is in-fact a no good scam, and that many of the other online reviews are simply rating it to be good and legitimate for their own selfish profit and greed – Not cool.. yeah I know!

Anyhow, let me tell you what’s wrong with these types of websites – In one word, duplication.

That means, the second Google sees your website or even feels its slightest presence, your Make Cash Monthly website and attempted income is going to be all for nothing.

Thing is, the creators of this product, have created a simple product and potential online income formula to sell to its mass number of consumers, and as a result of this simplicity, are now selling you a website that utilizes the exact same duplicated content as it is selling everybody else.. So, what in-fact is the point of purchasing something 1,000’s of others have previously purchased?

Literally… nothing at all!

Because of duplicated content, Google along with every other search engine out there, will find your website to lose every bit of its value, and likely avoid ranking you at all.. Let alone, on the 3 millionth page if you’re somehow lucky.

I tried to look for other products you could be receiving to expect with Make Cash Monthly.

Unfortunately, this website is really the only thing, besides some additional done for you advertisements and banners that will be added to your purchased website. These banners attempt to help you make money with Clickbank, but unfortunately, as a result of no traffic, these banners won’t be doing you any good.

In summary here’s what to expect in your “done-for-you” website:

#1) Google Banner AdsMake Cash Monthly Scam Review

In addition to these very simplistic banner ads that are already added to your website, is the false claim Make Cash Monthly makes.. That is, claiming you can get paid anywhere from $1 to $50 just for clicking on one of your banner ads.

Not only is that an outrageous claim, but so far from the truth!

To be more realistic, you can expect to get paid anywhere from $.01 to $.50 per click. Very rarely does one click produce you $1.00.

#2) Clickbank Banner Ads

As we already know, you’ll also receive a website with a few Clickbank Banner Ads.. Will these do you any good? Clearly not for two reasons.Make Cash Monthly Scam Review

a. No traffic! Meaning no consumers or visitors to click on the banner in the first place.

b. How many times have you purchased something by simply having clicked on a banner? Hence, in order to make any sales, you should be aware of the necessity in creating some or any kind of your own unique content so that the visitor can better relate to you. Most of all, feel trusted!

Nevertheless, while it is true Google is likely worth over $381 BILLION dollars, and that individuals over the world are making a nice hefty income just by using Google Adsense, somewhere near the $10,000 to over $30,000 every month, is not done without hard-work.Make Cash Monthly Scam Review

Does that mean you can’t do it?

Absolutely not, you sure can.. However you do need the right tools, resources, and training. In-fact you need the top-notch coaching to be able to do so.

By getting nothing but the best, you will learn how to gain an unbelievable amount of traffic to your website, which you will work on increasing its everyday value.

Once you can start reaching 1,000’s of visitors per day to your website, then you can be making a 5 or 6 figure salary.

However, Make Cash Monthly truly is in no position to be of help to you. See my overview below, for more details!

Make Cash Monthly Overview

Now what!? Well, as I previously stated, at-least we have a few awesome and legitimate alternatives we can look at to help provide us with a better online income alternative.

In addition we also know and have come to the conclusion that Make Cash Monthly is a no-good scam to be avoided at all costs.

So.. can you still be making a legitimate online income..? And if so, then how!

I used to ask myself that same darn question every single time I would run into a new scam. In-fact it was because of these endless online scams I would be losing out on both time and money, not to mention all the continuous effort, I would put in one day after the next to try and make this online marketing gig work.

Anyway, it wasn’t until a whole year later, I was finally able to. Prior to that I would try everything, without much luck. Finally I did a thorough search to look out for the top legitimate online product and found it. There wasn’t a single bad review to be said nor found.

The day I upgraded my membership would probably be the best day of my life and can therefore, not just vouch for the legitimacy and effectiveness of this product, but recommend so without reservation!

Feel free to check out my review to see exactly what I’m talking about!

5 thoughts on “Make Cash Monthly Scam Review With Google And Clickbank

  1. Lynn

    I’ve waited for almost 4 months for some measured results of purchasing 10 Domains. Not one click, not one sale. It appears that after the 60 Day Clickbank Guarantee expired, my Clickbank ID within the ads on each domain site was changed. I sent emails over a number of days requesting correction. I was only given the runaround delay tactic. Also, throughout the 3 and 4 months of waiting, they include you on their mailing list to send any other business opp your way in hopes of them making more sales. This group has been around on the Internet with RIPOFF reports dating back to 2008. I wished I had done more homework before paying these SCAMMERS. LS – 07/06/15

    1. Peter G. Post author

      That’s the worst Lynn.. I’ve been in your situation before. But, I can’t believe these guys would go so far to change your affiliate link while not honoring their guarantee. That is some poor customer service. We all learn from our mistakes though Lynn. If you’re still looking for a better way to get started online, then make sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate!

      1. syed saad hussain

        hi peter can you please help me to earn money onlime>> please i could really use your help and advice!!

        1. Peter G. Post author

          Yeah of course Syed! Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate. You can sign up for free and from there I’ll be more than happy to help you :)

  2. Raymond

    This GetCashMonthly and 100’s of other names it’s known by is a complete scam. After following complete instructions for 3.5 months; the scammers responds timely until after the 60 Day Clickbank Expiration Guarantee. Thereafter, they changed my Clickbank ID within the ADs and started giving me the runaround delay tactics. Complete and total SCAM ………… Please do not waste your time and money! R. Robinson / 07/02/15


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