Make Money Robot Review: Why Automated Trading Doesn’t Work

By | December 28, 2015

Name: Make Money RobotMake Money Robot Scam Review


Price: “Free” ($200 Min. Deposit)

Type: Binary Options & Trading

Rank: 5/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

Make Money Robot is a binary trading platform promising to earn you up to “$1,586 per day” through binary options & trading. This isn’t the first product of its kind to make such a promise. In-fact there are hundreds of these similar types of binary products promising the same thing.

Make Money Robot by Michael Williamson is nothing more than an attempt to scam you through the use of their so-called binary trading software that can allegedly predict signals and alert you to which trades are the best ones to bet your money upon.

Moreover, Make Money Robot additionally tries to target users who have never experienced binary option trading before and by claiming you can earn an unlimited amount of income by simply trying this latest product out.

How Much Is It?

Is Make Money Robot really free? Absolutely not. Make Money Robot first tries to get you by claiming that the system is 100% free and to activate your license by simply inputting your e-mail.

Make Money Robot Scam Review

From there, you are told to “Get Access Now” to proceed to the third step where you’ll be required to sign-up for Empire Option as your “recommended broker.” Afterwards you’ll need a minimum $250 deposit just to start trading with your new account.

That’s probably why the product also claims that “All of the profits are yours, you keep all the money.” The catch here is that by signing up with Make Money Robot, they get a 100% commission on your first binary trading deposit!

Make Money Robot Scam Review

“Start Making Money”

It’s funny how easy they make this process sound. All their simply telling you to do is to sign-up for Empire Options and then to “Start Making Money” by making your initial deposit. Even more ironically is the fact you’re now being told to make a deposit when initially they claimed the product was completely free. From there, all you need to do is make a deposit and let the robot go to work. Make Money Robot Scam Review

Problem is, these robots never work and the only thing they’re good at, is dispersing your money for you on the most random trades available. A lot of these binary trading option softwares claim to have this latest technology that can predict winning binary trading signals. Fact is, none of them have ever been able to “signal” anything. For all we know, it could be Michael Williamson himself simply dispersing your money for you.

Make Money Robot Scam Review

The only intention behind Make Money Robot is to have you deposit your money, that’s it. They don’t care whether you win, or you lose. Their only in this for the commission and nothing else.

Claims To Create “New Millionaires”

Another thing being mentioned is the fact people have become millionaires with Make Money Robot. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. While yes, anyone can make money with binary options, it’s important to note anyone can lose just as easily as well.

If you haven’t heard, binary options is literally like a 50/50 gamble. There is no guarantee and there is almost no chance you can predict which way a trade is going to go based on their historical signals.

This is the result of the binary trading industry being based on very short-term trades that don’t rely on past performance. Thus, any given trend of a trade is completely irrelevant into which way it’s going to go next.

Make Money Robot Overview

If you’ve been looking for a way to make an online income, Make Money Robot isn’t the one. Don’t believe the hype, the fake countdown timer widget, and the fact they only have “30 licenses left.” It’s simply untrue and these binary products only tend to repeat themselves over and over.

Soon people are going to completely forget about Make Money Robot only to look for the next best way of making money online. I don’t recommend becoming a binary trader in the least, because of the high risk and the fact the people who win are so very few. If one thing is for sure, they don’t rely on a fake software to make these trades for them.

Otherwise, Michale Williamson would be using his software himself instead of relying on your deposits for his own commissions. So do me a favor, stay away from this one, and if you want to see how I’ve legitimately earned my own income, check out how I became an affiliate marketer through the link below.

Thanks for checking out my Make Money Robot Scam Review. Please leave any comments or questions down below.

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