Matt Walker’s Stealth Income Machine Scam Exposed

Product Name: Stealth Income MachineScreen Shot 2014-08-19 at 4.45.43 PM
Product Website: Closed.
Product Owner: Matt Walker
Price: Not Free!
Overall Rank: SCAM! (not legit.)


Matt Walker’s Stealth Income Machine Product Overview

 It can be fairly difficult to tell from the outside what Matt Walker’s stealth income machine actually does, besides apparently making you claims of earning $300 per day. I’ve already come across numerous websites, that are coming across as promoting this product as the typical “hard-sell” tactic when it comes to online marketing.

Matt Walker's Stealth Income Machine Scam

Stealth Income Machine Scam Exposed!!!


Nonetheless, Matt Walker’s Stealth Income Machine has seemingly already gained a hundred or so affiliate employee’s under him, ready to create and unleash another online marketing scam to the list. A scam that essentially, steals wallets from people looking for legitimate programs to help them earn online. The stealth income machine makes it apparent that everything is built upon automation. It also gives absolutely no transparency to what you’ll be getting in advance without having entered any of your information.


There’s a reason to why I’m writing this article, and that’s because the Stealth Income Machine is not only new in the making, but seems to be getting ready to be unleashed by many online marketer’s willing to take part in the scamming of innocent people on the web into taking their money.

Stealth Income Machine Online Scam Review

Stealth Income Machine Online Scam – Your Typical Review.

Let me tell you exactly how I know this is a total and utterly despicable scam: Well you see, usually when a new product, or service, comes out, whether it be online, or advertised on your very own television, you’re given what we call to be something along the lines of “transparent information.”

Here is what The Stealth Income Machine gives us upon any sort of payment:

1) Doesn’t Require Big Initial Capital

2) “It’s Unique”

3) Great For Newbies!

4) “Watch Me Make $122,705 and How You Can Do the Same!”

5) 60-day Guarantee Money Back, No Questions Asked <— I’ve seen this last part over and over. People going through with a product simply because of the minimized loss involved with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Hence, if you’re not making $300 per day within the next few days, or unable to make $122,705 , it’s just like saying, we’ll be more than glad to pay you back!

If you think that’s going to happen, you may want to think again. Or at the very least, see how it goes, as the product reviews progresses overtime.

My Personal Opinion

As you can see, I have not tried this product, nor am planning on ever trying it for that matter. As an experienced online marketer I can tell you already that by mere research, you’ll see the same type of boring and lame old hype over and over again.

It’s never-ending, and it’s the mere fact that because Matt Walker here cannot make $122,705, he is more than willing to go as far as making up his very own B.S. product, sell it to you, upsell another product to you, and while he repeats and recycles this process, might, just find a way to attain maybe half that amount, over the next fulll decade that is!

To see how I make a real legitimate online income, feel free to read my totally rad review here on W.A.!

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3 thoughts on “Matt Walker’s Stealth Income Machine Scam Exposed

  1. BizOpp

    Hey Pete, thanks for helping me out with this review!

    I know better now to stay away from these kinds of scams.

    I’m truly grateful for all your reviews and help!

  2. Brad

    Thanks Pete for the great information, I thought something was a bit off with this guy as well!!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Brad,

      Your absolutely right.. I knew something was off. I could have sworn it when I began checking out the promises of this product!

      Anyway, The Stealth Income Machine has proven to become a whole online scam product we should be ensuring to avoid altogether.

      Appreciate the input!



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