MCA Motor Club Of America Scam Review

By | January 20, 2015

MCA motor club of america scam reviewProduct (Company): MCA Motor Club of America

Type: MLM/Network Marketing/Matrix

Price: $39.90 + $19.95/Monthly

Rank: Scam!

MCA Motor Club Of America Review – What Is It?

With so many MLM network marketing companies on the rise today it is incredibly important to get the full details and proper information to help you decide in whether the company is truly worth your time.

During my MCA Motor Club of America “investigation” I noticed a lot of iffy information out there on the net, which got me to believe a number of things I would like to share with you today in this article. Hopefully, by the end, you will have a better understanding of what is best for you!

Personally, I fly away any chance I can get from an MLM opportunity period. I don’t care if their offering me a million dollars in the next week for a payment on my Credit Card. That just makes me want to fly even faster!

Let’s get into it.

MCA Motor Club of America – what a niche first of all, and given the niche, I’d be extra careful on the types of tactics these managers are willing to use. When I came across the company many red flags stuck out at me, which I’m going to name here.

The first being, the request “for No Sensitive Info Needed.” Right after though the lady goes on to claim you’ll need a:

Member’s Name.

Your Address (?)

Phone Number.

Method Of Payment.

Signature for Authorization.

Now if you were to ask me, that is as sensitive as your information can get, when filling any, any type of online information out. This isn’t a college application, nor is it even like your applying for a job. You’re basically handing over all your information over to a company who is willing to take the chance of using you to continually recruit others.. That IS IT.

Whenever you seem claims in the 4 to 6 figure area in a fast amount of time, don’t even bother.. seriously just look the other way and don’t think of it again. But since we’re already here, let’s move on.

Now before going deep into the presentation, I was immediately confronted by personal information and payment who’s justification was to make it equivalent to less than 67 cents a day.

So Price Of MCA Is:

First 2 Months Due For $39.90 + additional $19.95 a month.

Odd how the personal information + the price were the very first two things you’re confronted with. Why? Because that’s the MOST important peice of information they want and need from you and once you are then told about the endless number of benefits soon after, most begin to think oh well this is a no-brainer, though I am still kind of on the edge!

If you are, great!

Let me tell you why MCA Motor Club of America is a scam.

All the following benefits of the company that are listed are mentioned as “qualifiable.” This doesn’t mean nor guarantee anything and if and when it does, this will require a lot of hard work on your end, work that you’ll not be trained properly with or by the MCA company. Simple Facebook postings will not do it, I’m telling you. I see it as one of the main promotional methods, through social media groups, and 99.9% simply brush through it like it is nothing.

In-fact thats what MCA is. They don’t stand behind any real, nor genuine product or service. They live, breathe, and profit by MLM (aka Pyramid Scheme).


Don’t get caught up in this hype! “Rather than just selling the membership and getting paid the next week…” you better get ready to start selling

If You Can’t Recruit!

You join their “matrix” for an additional cost of $39.95 – In case you don’t know what a matrix is, it’s a type of online system that is used, and borderline illegal which works to help earlier members profit.

Therefore, since the MCA Motor Club KNOWS the majority of its members will be struggling to be selling memberships, they have gone the extra mile towards illegitimate business incorporating both an MLM scheme and a Matrix (which all it is, is to get you to pay more money!) in order to help the higher sponsors profit, while people at the bottom lose.

Last but not least, I would like to cover some very disrespectful and false advertising made by the MCA motor club.

I understand when you go online and search for reviews, people will be claiming how simple and easy as it is. One thing you must know for your own good is that these reviews are:

#1 – Fake.

#2 – Paid For Reviews.

So don’t feel or get overwhelmed by the shocking constant 5-star ratings and reviews. Their there simply to persuade you into joining by the very company itself, where the many sponsors up top who have created this product are simply to blame for.


Simply by telling from the way this company operates and how they propose this opportunity, having been an online marketer for close to 2 years now full-time, I can tell you 100% this is a scam. If you do join, I guarantee you’ll waste your money and even more time if you plan on working with it.

Nevertheless, I believe MCA is operating off of a complete ponzi scheme and is barely legal, if that!

My recommendation is stay far away, but ultimately, I can’t stop you. I can only offer my insight and knowledge. If you would like to join a much more legitimate opportunity please check out my comparison chart below. Thanks for reading and I hope more than anything else, this has helped you in making the right decision :)

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