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By | May 30, 2016

Product Name: MegatypersMegatypers - Is It Legit?


Price: Free To Join

Type: Freelance/Data Entry

Rank: 20/100 – Not Recommended


Megatypers Introduction – What Is It?

Megatypers is almost like an online data entry opportunity that pays you for typing in a certain number of words into a captcha. For each set number of words you complete, you are awarded with what are called ‘TypeCredits,” which you then can exchange for money. This exchange is set at a 1 to 1 ratio meaning that for every TypeCredit you receive, you earn $1.

Most of the job requires you that you typically complete a set of 1,000 words or so to earn a reward for that job. Normally, one job will pay you between $.25 cents and $1.00 for a job. While this kind of job sounds like a reasonable idea, it’s biggest let-down probably has to do with the amount you’re getting paid for the amount of time spent.

MegaTypers Payout Table


How To Sign-Up (with invitation code)

Nevertheless, if you were to get started with Megatypers or Protypers, you’ll need a few things. One of those is an invitation code, which is probably the hardest part of getting registered. But feel free to use 9B9H if you do need a code. The next thing you need is a way to get paid. They have a variety of payment processors, so this shouldn’t be too hard.


Here’s a List Of Accepted Payment Processors:

  1. PayPal
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Western Union
  4. Perfect Money
  5. Payza
  6. Web Money

Note that in order to make a withdrawal, you’ll need a minimum of $3 earned in your account. Now let’s get to the part where I discuss whether MegaTypers is a potentially good fit for you to earn extra money.


Here’s Why I Don’t Recommend MegaTypers

First of all there are two sites: Megatypers and Protypers. They are completely identical to one another and I wouldn’t categorize as either as being a scam. That’s not to say however, that I recommend these services as I’m sure they do payout. But the problem with Megatypers is it’s extremely low pay.

The other problem with Megatypers is the fact that these captcha images really aren’t all that easy to solve. Also, add that to the fact that you are only given between 6 to 10 seconds to solve these images. Here is an example of a captcha that I actually had trouble solving within that time frame:

Megatypers Captcha

Having to type in 1,000 words for each captcha or image will certainly take up a lot of time and it really surprises me to see just how low these payments truly are. Take this for example: 1,000 words is also equivalent to writing a 2-page essay and they’re only paying you around $.50!

That undoubtedly would take up hours and hours of your time. Now lets compare the Megatypers opportunity to something like, where instead of just randomly typing in a bunch of words, you are getting paid a lot more for your work.

Rather than getting paid $.50 for writing 1,000 words, you could be making $20. Now the main difference here is upwork is a website where you are researching and writing an actual article. This is a website where bloggers go to hire and outsource work and this is where you could come in as a freelance writer.


Freelancing & Affiliate Marketing – The Better Options!

So the question here is, why waste your time writing words for almost no pay on Megatypers when you could be making more of a legitimate income on a website like It’s true that freelancing isn’t exactly easy and it can be a lot of work, but it’s very doable and definitely blows a website like Megatypers out of the water. The one thing I have still yet to figure out is why exactly Megatypers is paying you in the first place to fill out captchas. I mean, who exactly is that benefiting?

Let me give you another example of where you could be getting paid a lot more to write 1,000 words. Let’s take blogging for example. Opening your own site and learning how to blog on that can be very lucrative when done right. In-fact, that’s what I’m doing right now.

The more you write on your website, the more visitors you attract to your site, and thus, the more money you make. It’s also a method referred to as affiliate marketing, which I highly recommend you take a look by clicking on the link below, rather than wasting any more time trying to figure out whether Megatypers is a good fit because I guarantee you, it is not.

The last thing I want to see you do is waste hours and hours of your life just to make a measly quarter. Megatypers and Protypers should almost be called a scam just because of their insanely low payouts.. It’s almost a bit unfair, don’t you think?

Please leave any comments or experiences that you may have had with either of these two websites. We’d love to hear more below!

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