Michal Cheneys Commission Machine Scam Review

By | March 10, 2015

Name: Commission MachineCommission Machine Review: Scam Or Legit?

Website: www.commissionmachine.net

Owner: Michal Cheney

Price: $27

Rank: 70/100 – Legit

What Is Commission Machine?

Commission Machine is an educational course consisting of a 7-module video training series on how to become a “super affiliate marketer,” developed by online marketing guru, Michal Cheney.

Commission Machine, an affiliate marketing based platform, utilizes an alleged “R.A.P.I.D.” process and formula teaching you how to earn money as an affiliate.

Commission Machine is nonetheless, practical in the sense of its affiliate training system, which foregoes the idea of product creation by showing you how to create an income by becoming a simple online affiliate for any product or service that you wish to promote! (Now that’s what I call, legitimate online marketing!)

About The R.A.P.I.D Income Formula

Michal Cheney’s R.A.P.I.D Income Formula stands for:

1. Research

2. Angle

3. Provide

4. Incentive

5. Deploy

I know, looks and sounds like a somewhat weird abbreviation, but is the formula that is used in teaching you how to take steps into becoming a successful online affiliate marketer.

How Much Is Commission Machine?

In my opinion, Commission Machine holds a pretty fair price, which can be purchased with just a one-time $27 payment, giving you access to all of its training and traffic techniques.

In addition, they have a 30-day money back guarantee in case you do decide to change your mind.

Nevertheless, I find it to be fair, given there are no upsells to buy into, while using just a one-time fee to learn almost all that you need to become an effective affiliate marketer.

What Commission Machine Strategies Include?

Essentially what you will be learning by becoming a Commission Machine member is how to utilize certain executable strategies to prevent making any regrettable affiliate marketing mistakes as you begin the process.

Some of these methods claim to be scientifically proven tactics and techniques that are consistently utilized by Michal Cheney himself, and include:

1. How to use certain ‘super affiliate strategies’ for getting more clicks by utilizing free traffic sources.

2. Where and how to find the best and most optimal products and/or services to promote within your specified affiliate niche.

3. Learning how to promote the top affiliate marketing products to help you generate the most affiliate income through each single sale – meaning finding the best high-priced and potential monthly recurring items to sell.

4. How you can begin to create certain affiliate promotions in order to build up credibility and an online reputation in order to obtain more visits and sales of your specific product.

5. Eleven various ways and methods to effective get people to buy your promoted product through your specified affiliate link.

6. How you can eventually leverage your affiliate marketing tactics to begin generating a minimum of $1,000 in monthly commissions.

7. How to win certain ‘leaderboard contests’ through the creation of your individual yet essential advertising promos that are likely to sell.

How Commission Machine Works?

Commission Machine nonetheless, is a much more legitimate affiliate marketing training platform than most products we currently see out there today.

There are a few great things and reasons I like it, but still happen to be a few disadvantages in con’s in place.

Nevertheless, in order to better summarize how Commission Machine can help with your individual online marketing strategies, it is important to understand that all these training steps involved with this R.A.P.I.D Income process basically comes down to a three step process which includes:

1 – Methods that can be ‘copied’ – what this means is not 100% copy and paste, but more along the lines of previous tried, tested, and proven executable methods that are known to work in the affiliate marketing world.

2 – Deploying promos as an affiliate – according to Commission Machine, these executable ‘promos’ really seem to be a big deal. I however, am not so sure what the reason for this is, but is somewhat interesting nonetheless..

In summary, these promos are your individually help promotions of your advertised product or service that when specially held for your consumers, should help in getting you more traffic and more sales.

What I Dislike About Commission Machine?

Furthermore, while the objective in utilizing Commission Machine is more than fair and honest in its utilized tactics and strategies, I’ve found a few disadvantages you should know about before purchasing.

Although, they seem a bit minor in comparison to the overall product, its important nonetheless.

Given my time in the affiliate marketing world I have personally found that there is nothing more vital, important, and effective than the ability of attaining help from your own comrades.

For example, if I had never found out about or joined Wealthy Affiliate (todays #1 affiliate marketing program worldwide), I would have never attained the ability of getting all the help that I needed through highly facilitated methods like:

-> 24/7 Live Chatrooms

-> On-going Discussions, Classrooms, & Trainings

-> Weekly Live Held Webinars

-> Ability to Private Message Anyone

-> A Community With 200,000+ Member Succeeding Everyday

And so much more.

Commission Machine Overview!

Thus, if you are looking to be a highly professional affiliate marketer, I would say Wealthy Affiliate to easily be your best bet at that.

Commission Machine on the other hand, while it does do good in regards to teaching the basics, is best for those looking to better tidy up on their online marketing skills.

Verdict: Legit
Rank: 70/100

#1 Affiliate Marketing Alternative!

Nonetheless, I am and will always be a huge crazy fan with Wealthy Affiliate, and is a program which you have not yet given a try, you must certainly give it one. I’m still waiting to hear of people who are making good progress with Commission Machine, and though I am not advising against joining, I can assuredly tell you Wealthy Affiliate has taken the upper hand advantage on over any product I have tried and seen.

2 thoughts on “Michal Cheneys Commission Machine Scam Review

  1. Diamond Esq

    yea after the training ‘how much budget you need earn 6 figures?
    it not mention just all tools get access too reply thx

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Diamond,

      I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Many people think that they need to spend money, in order to make money. Though that’s not necessarily true.. Unless you’re looking for some reliable coaching and tools to proper online success, then I recommend becoming a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Otherwise, I would stay far away from Commission Machine.




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