Millionaire Income System Review: Automated Niche Websites!

By | November 24, 2014
Product: Millionaire Income System
Owner: "Bren O'Hara"
Overall Rank: 5/100


Millionaire Income System Review:

Automated Niche Websites.. Do They Work?

In the following review, I’ll be covering the Millionaire Income System to the best of my knowledge, in order to share with you whether this is a worthwhile product or not. While I do realize that many, if not most, online income searchers are looking for the FASTEST way to begin earning substantial amounts of income online, that doesn’t necessarily mean Millionaire Income System is a legitimate means when attempting to do so.

At first glance, the products main sales page is very upfront with their own advertising methods and techniques. For example, you can already tell its use of glamorous homes, fast cars, even a video proof of Clickbank earnings. And there we have it, our first few red flags.

It’s not so much the proof of Clickbank earnings that bothers me most, but the fact you can’t even play the video until your ready to give up some information on your part. Only then will you be able to click the play button. Why would a company want to do this?

Well in their case, it seems like their desperate to stop a video from playing, simply to build up their own list of people they can contact both now and in the future. That way, you’ll always be a likely candidate for the Millionaire Income System to make money off you!

What I Like About The Millionaire Income System:

  • Minimal use of upsells, meaning just one membership fee to gain access to their platform and training.
  • Use of a system that actually has been proven to work, maybe not on every occasion, but if done correctly can.
  • The system’s overall conclusion that there truly is NO “loophole” nor “secret” to making millions of dollars online.
  • The fact that if you follow your own marketing plan in place, with set goals, you can achieve all your online marketing dreams.

Here is What I Dislike About The Millionaire Income System:

  • Besides their use of too much glamour on their sales page and the non-playing video for list-building purposes, I also don’t like the claim that “Making money online does not have to be hard work!” Although, somewhat accurate, that’s a highly questionable statement. My belief is that it takes work, to create great success! Thus, it is much more dependent on the individual than anything else. However, I’ve learned consistency is an entrepreneurs best bet when it comes to achieving success.
  • Their guarantee of TWO automated money sites all setup ready to have you earning income – Is a complete and totally inaccurate false claim! There is no such thing. Even my own website, while it contains an increasing amount of information on a daily basis still requires plenty of maintenance and on-going work, along with customer support, and small little things that are required of me in order to create an income.
  • This 21-day traffic blueprint! Something I’ve been hearing more and more of lately.. That you can create a high-trafficking producing website in just 3-weeks time, is a completely FALSE claim as well. It takes much longer than 3-weeks. Now if the Millionaire Income System could have only said the truth, as they most-likely already know it, that is say in 2-3 months time, I could have agreed with this point.
  • Seems like all your buying here is nothing but a 21-page/day blueprint, a manual, an instruction, a guide… Nothing more! No true mentorship and guidance – what a true online marketer would need to reach a million dollars in online income in the first place!
  • There is no such thing as AUTOMATED NICHE WEBSITES! For the ones that attempt in creating them get shutdown by Google, by never seeing the light of day in terms of proper traffic and visitors, all as a result of a huge lack in user engagement.

The Millionaire Profit System?

After delving further into researching this product, I was able to accurately concur that the Millionaire Income System is simply a duplicated product offered by the Millionaire Profit System. Essentially, the Millionaire Profit System seems to be the one behind it all. By utilizing something otherwise known as PLR – Private Label Resell Rights, the company sells the product to the consumer, who may either use the product for his or her own good, or alternatively, may make a complete re-production of the product by the simple creation of a new sales page! A ridiculous outrageous offer.

Essentially, to any average consumer the prices for each are as follows:

The Millionaire Income System: An Astounding $997 (For 21-Simple Videos!)

The Millionaire Profit System: Priced at $1,997!

For an additional $497, you can attain Private Label Rights to these products, essentially gaining 100% copyright to reproduce and sell these products however you like. In my opinion this product is essentially worthless, over-priced, and highly invaluable. I believe any $10-$20 book at Barnes & Noble can provide you with 100 times the amount of valuable information.


The Millionaire Income & Profit System Overview

The verdict of this system is pretty fair to say after having come across the bigger company in play here. Especially with these very high-ticketed item prices, one can come to the conclusion that these products are simply worthless given the number of lessons, and more importantly, the value that is within them!

verdict- scam

For those who have landed upon this review, I would like to let you in on the biggest secret to online marketing success – Proper Mentorship, Guidance, and an On-goin number of lessons and tutorials that can truly help you build up your very own amazing niche website and business online. Feel free to learn more below!

Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Millionaire Income System:

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