MLM USANA Scam Review – Legit Opportunity Or Not?

By | January 1, 2015

Product: Usana Health Sciences


Founder: Dr. Myron Wentz

Type: MLM Business Opportunity

Rank: Legit – Not So Recommended!

(Reason? low income-earning potential..)

What Is Usana?

Usana is a health supplement supplier that was first founded by a man named Dr. Myron Wentz back since 1992.  Since its incorporation, Usana has leveraged its products through use of its own MLM structured opportunity. Usana thus welcomes anyone into its opportunity with open arms.

In this following review, we’ll be looking into whether Usana can truly help you earn a full-time living with its own home-based opportunity.

We’ll take a brief look into:

  • Usana Products
  • Compensation Plans
  • Income Earning Potential

Most-importantly, we’ll come to an honest conclusion to see if whether or not, Usana is a scam, or a truly legitimate opportunity.

USANA Health Products: Just An MLM Scam Opportunity..?

By taking a look into what Usana is really all about, that is by the products that they offer worldwide, and overall consumer ratings and reviews, we can better solidify our conclusion of whether it is legit or just another MLM scam opportunity.

What Products Does Usana Offer Consumers?

#1 Usana Nutritional’s: These are “high-quality” vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and are in-fact one of Usana’s most popular health products of all.

#2 Usana Diet & Energy: These are your basic meal replacements, including various snacks and drinks to help assist consumers in their weight-loss efforts.

#3 Usana Personal Care: Unlike the two Usana products listed above, this varies quite a lot!

Going from natural health products and items to products used to help with beauty and health seems to go a bit out of the norm in-terms of USANA Health-Care.

Nevertheless, its important to investigate the exact products and services being offered by the company, as it will prove to be useful in understanding whether USANA’s primary objective/motive is simply to attain staggering profits or to truly back up a potentially solid reputation by offering helpful and worthwhile products to consumers.

Last but not least is:

USANA MyHealthPak:

This allows consumers to customize their own nutritional supplement packs, making it easier to allow consumers to create their own combination of various USANA health products.

The total cost for the 28-day supply is fairly hefty, at a minimum of $160.54 in U.S. dollars! Any additional vitamin or pill, you would like to add on, seems to raise the price almost astoundingly.. Example: To add an extra dose of Vitamin D, you’d be paying an extra $15 or so.

How Does MLM USANA Compensation Plans Work?

Now that we have seen Usana to be offering some fairly legitimate products in terms of health and well-care, we will now take a look into the MLM compensation plan being offered. Another thing to consider is that Usana’s products are in no way cheap or a bargain.

Rather, they seem to be attempting to produce and sell higher-end health products… which by the way, are not FDA approved, meaning if you were to become a Usana Associate, you must take into consideration that the products you are selling along with their quality are all 100% dependent on the Usana Manufacturers! Something I find to be a bit sketchy in my book I believe.

Usana Retail Selling, Income, & Bonuses!

Unmatched Binary Compensation Plan – Now this may sound very confusing to Usana users at first, but is exactly how any MLM or Pyramid Scheme works! Take in mind that the only reason Usana is indeed legitimate, is due to the fact it has legitimate products to offer.

Here is how Usana Income, Bonuses, and Commissions work… Which is claimed by the way to make up 6 different potential ways to earning an income with Usana, and compose of:

#1 Direct Product Selling (“Retail Sales”):

In order to make a living with Usana, you must be able to sell their products both day and night. This is usually found as the hardest starting point in any MLM direct selling opportunity.

Take for example you are ready to start as a Usana member, and you buy into the opportunity, which in-term gives you a box of products shipped to your house. Now think, how you can go ahead and begin to sell the products you bought from the Usana company. Essentially, that is what you’d be doing!

#2 How Do You Earn Usana Weekly Commissions?

Usana additionally offers you to earn up to 20% in commissions weekly. Basically what this means is because Usana offers products that are tailored to the health industry, they are consumable, and allow you as a member to potentially earn a repetitive income from the Usana buyer in which you sold the product to.

Therefore, if your buyers happen to repeatedly buy more products, you are basically eligible to receive an additional 20% commission from the “Weekly Group Sales Volume,” but not for each individual purchase.

#3 What Is Usana Lifetime Matching Bonus?

These commissions all come from your sole ability to recruit and create a team of sellers.

These individuals are placed in your downline, allowing you to create your own miniature and potentially growing team of members. Hence, as in any other MLM opportunity, you are now given the ability to earn a Matching Commission from the commissions made by your recruited sellers.

Take note here that this is really where the Usana opportunity really tries to “shine..”

It’s a result of this MLM technique that gives you the incentive to attain more and more recruits so you can earn a larger Lifetime Matching Bonus. According to USANA, “it is the best way to quickly boost your income.”

My opinion on this however, differs as you’ll see shortly.

#4 Usana Incentives: What are they?

Once you reach a certain point in creating your team, Usana will basically reward you for your hard efforts by including:

– Luxury Travel

– Exotic Destinations (e.g. Ireland or Hawaii)

– Cars

– $1,000’s in Extra Cash

– “Respect as a top achiever”

#5 What Is Usana Leadership Bonus?

Top Usana Team Leaders are eventually eligible to receive a fairly large share in company profits: 3% weekly, off USANA’s own commissionable volume. Essentially, it means you’ve qualified to become a Usana Gold Director; that is a highly-reputable team leader.. One in which I believe could take decades of immensely hard work and learning.

#6 Usana Elite Bonus.. ?

Another plain old and boring additional incentive!!

My opinion: I can’t see why Usana would use #5 and #6 as an incentive to join their opportunity at the very beginning stage of signing up. Any highly-legitimate company would know better and have no need to use this as an incentivized reason to convince you into joining.

So Is Usana MLM Earning Opportunity a Scam.. or NOT!!

I would not go on to say that Usana is a scam by any means. Actually, they are indeed one of the better MLM opportunities I have seen out there on the market, despite the low income-earning potential..

Here is why:

 #1 – The Company has built and continues to build on its long-standing reputation.

 #2 – They offer some high-end quality health products.

(This may be questionable, given that they are not FDA approved. Although, the majority of health supplements today (e.g. weight lifting, weight loss), are also neither FDA approved and seem to benefit certain people.)

 #3 – They don’t try and glamour the opportunity or hard-sell you in anyway.

(They may be a bit devious in some of their wording in terms of incentivizing you to join, then again, that seems to be how the marketing world works today.)

But the best part of all, that I have found to prove legitimacy was through Usana’s use of disclosure in its average income proof for the company!

Now that is something you do not see a lot, in fact rarely ever. Especially when it concerns an MLM online opportunity. Seeing that Usana is truly not a scam, despite the 1,000’s of consumer complaints plaguing various forums and online discussions, gives you a much better feel of what any MLM/Direct Selling opportunity can be like.

It is TOUGH!



And full of doubt..

I personally am biased towards the whole entire MLM scheme. I find it very hard to believe all these companies are incorporating it, and feel its being done very shamefully 99% of the times, yet they get away with it, because it all involves the internet!

What Usanas Average Incomes Look Like?

If you happen to have little to even medium experience and knowledge of MLM marketing, you might have to expect that your earnings will most-likely not exceed beyond $1,500 a year!

The simple fact here is MLM and direct-selling is as tough as it gets.

Can it be lucrative? Yes, the most in-fact, which is also why it is no easy task!! It is along the lines of.. ALL or NONE!

Usana Earning Potential Overview?

Nevertheless approximately 3/4 (3 quarters or 75%), of Usana Associates earn no higher than $757 to $1,523 in Annual Income!

Those in Usana who earn 6 to 7 figures in income ONLY make up less than  .1% of the company in its entirety! Meaning the top earners are for the most part the people who’ve likely founded this company, have worked at it for years, or have been able to invest more time and money into the business than the majority of Usana Associates.

Are You Looking For A Better Way To Earn An Online Income?

See my comparison chart here below!

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One thought on “MLM USANA Scam Review – Legit Opportunity Or Not?

  1. Evelyn

    Great review, I’m not a fan of the MLM industry. It’s something I find very difficult to build a business from. There are lots of them out there and yes a lot of them have been in business for years. It’s a tough business.

    I’ve been involved in these types of business models myself and usually their main focus is by getting people involved in the pyramid. I believe these types of businesses stay in business for years is because the only people buying their products are the ones involved in their business.

    Like you said usually only 1% of the people are making a good living from it. The others are struggling and paying a monthly auto ship payment that keeps these types of businesses going. This is something people should consider when these types of companies say they’ve been in business for years.

    I think people who want to get involved in the MLM businesses should really consider the product they are selling and really look into their complicated compensation plans they offer before they consider doing something like this. :) Again. great review. :)


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