Morinda MLM Review – Looks Legit From The Outside..

By | December 13, 2016


Product: MorindaMorinda MLM Review

Opportunity Type: MLM/Network Marketing

Price: $35 to $120 per month

Rank: 20/100 – Not Recommended!


Morinda MLM Introduction

Today I want to cover a home-based opportunity offered by a company known as Morinda. More formerly known as the Tahitian Noni International company, Morinda was founded in 1996 yet is an opportunity that remains to be seen as controversial.

As an independent distributor, you are required to build a team of recruits, while constantly finding new avenues to sell Morinda products. These products all consist of their Tahitian Noni Juice, which they’ve alleged to have many unsubstantiated claims. Whether or not these products are actually helpful is up for debate.


Morinda MLM Products:

Tahitian Noni & Tru Age Max ($59 per bottle or $190 for a 4 pack) – Claims to lower AGE-levels (or “Advanced Glycation End-Products”) by up to 24%.

Sugar Stop ($42 per bottle or $160 for a 4 pack)  – Claims to block absorption of up to 40% of the daily sugars you consume.

Rapid Fuel ($45 per bottle or $170 for a 4 pack) – Simple protein powder they claim fights “AGEs.”

Therapy Gel ($42 per bottle or $160 for a 4 pack) – Claims to reduce and reverse “AGE” levels on the skin.


Morinda Mlm Products

These 4-5 products are basically all that consist of the Morinda MLM opportunity. I’d say the worst aspect to Morinda has to be the products themselves, which they claim can do all sorts of natural wonders for your body. More importantly, is the fact they’ve come up with this deceiving term called “AGE” to make you think that these products could actually extend years of your life.

One very key piece of information regarding Morinda can be detailed within its actual reputation. Similar to many MLM’s, Morinda has also faced problems with the law, being the borderline controversial opportunity that it is.

In an Attorney’s General Case vs. Morinda Holding Inc., they were found to have made many unsubstantiated claims regarding their products – things like being able to cure or prevent depression, arthritis, diabetes, and more. More information on that can be found here. This alone and the fact these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA should be reason enough to stay away from this MLM.


Morinda’s Compensation Plan

Just like every other MLM out there, we see another extremely complex and intricate compensation plan. But my question to you is why bother? Despite an attractive or incentivizing compensation plan, there isn’t much in the way of training and actually attempting to sell these products that are so unfamiliar to the community can be extremely difficult. The poor reputation on these products won’t help you sell more either.

Equally important is the fact you need to additionally recruit those customers into your downline to make a sustained amount of income and also be required to train them into leaders of their own team. Unless you truly believe in the products Morinda sells, this opportunity isn’t worth the hassle.

Multi-level marketing requires you consistently maintain a certain amount of volume of products. As you move up the ranks, this volume increases, but individuals rarely make it past the 1st level for good reason. Selling these products on your own and recruiting the right type and number of individuals is especially difficult.

I think what’s even more important than the compensation plan, is measuring the quality of the opportunity by looking over its income statistics over the past year. The following Morinda Income Statistics Chart (2015) show that 80.76% of their Independent Product Consultants, who are making money, received $95.71 in average monthly commission payments, or better yet have a medium monthly income of $22.30. The higher we move up the chart, the less IPCs we’re going to see at the higher ranks.

Morinda MLM Review

To be more specific:

Jade Level – Consists of 10.56% of IPCs who earn an average of $824 monthly.

Pearl Level – Consists of 1.82% of IPCs who earn an average of $4,446 monthly.

Diamond Pearl – Consists of 1.56% of IPCs who earn an average of $4,934 monthly.

Diamond Pearl Elite – Consists of 0.25% of IPCs who earn an average of $11,955 monthly.

Double Diamond Pearl – Consists of 0.12% of IPCs who earn an average of $16,945 monthly.

Triple Diamond Pearl – Consists of 0.16% of IPCs who earn an average of $30,645 monthly.

Platinum Diamond Pearl – Consists of 0.04% of IPCs who earn an average of $86,429 monthly.


But I think the most important statistic to note overall is that 57.49% of ALL active IPC’s did not receive any commissions whatsoever.


Morinda’s MLM Overview

This income chart further helps solidify the fact that very few people ever make it to the top of the ladder. We’re talking about less than 3% individuals who actually earn a monthly full-time income and it’s the people at the very top who are benefiting from everyone else’s work.

Surprisingly enough, over 80% of all individuals who are actually making some kind of money with the opportunity fall within the Coral Bracket, earning no more than an average of $95.71 per month, which for the most part is money used on maintaining your PV (Personal Volume) of products.

This chart furthermore shows just how difficult they make it to ever reach the top. It’s close to impossible for individuals just starting out with this opportunity. Unless you have a very solid and concrete plan where you can get build a downline of thousands of people and sell these products like no other, than maybe you can hit Diamond Pearl status one day. But for most people, this simply isn’t feasible. Given the unequal and unfair income statistics above, I think it’s safe to say that the Morinda MLM opportunity is nothing more than another ponzi.


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