Multi Stream System Review: Here’s My Take On It

By | December 19, 2015

Name: Multi-Stream SystemThe Multi-Stream System Review


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What Is Multi Stream System?

Okay, so I just joined the Multi-Stream System network and honestly, it’s not a big deal. Sure it might be great for online marketers who have just started.. But it really doesn’t teach you the essentials of online marketing (or much of anything for that matter).

Multi-Stream System at its core, isn’t such a bad idea and I wouldn’t label it a total scam. The main thing that bothers me are the unwarranted promises and guarantees.. But hey I understand, this is online marketing.

Nevertheless, if you want to see success with the Multi-Stream System it would be a good idea to learn first and foremost, how to get traffic to your business. Aside from that, while Multi-Stream System might sound like a good idea from the surface, it’s important to remain cautious and realistic. The website requires you join 6 different programs and while it may seem easy at first to get these businesses up and running, I did not find that to be the case.

Is It Really Free..?

Sure, at least that’s what they say..

Multi-Stream System Review: Is It As Good As They Say?

However, you’ll be required upon joining to also join six other programs that I am very well aware of. Each one of these programs will require that you pay to join. So in actuality, Multi-Stream System isn’t really free at all and is a product best applicable to users who’ve already joined these programs in the past or have built up a business with most of these.

What Are The 6 Different Programs?

#1. Traffic Monsoon

The first business, as many of you already know is Traffic Monsoon. This has become one of the most popular methods to make money as of lately, but isn’t something I would hedge my bets on. Its an advertising revenue platform that requires you invest money in order to make money.

In other words, its a high yield investment program that requires you purchase adpacks on a daily basis. The average investment into this program is a $100 minimum. I’ve personally invested some money into this program and yeaah.. we’ll see where that takes me. But, this is just something to keep in back of your mind in case you are considering the use of Multi Stream System.

#2. Four Corners Alliance Group

I’m a bit surprised to see that another one of the main products here is the Four Corners MLM opportunity. Let’s just put it this way.. It’s an MLM! Meaning, it can take you a whole lot of time to begin making any residual income here. You’ll need hundreds if not thousands of leads to join Four Corners to make a realistic income within this opportunity. You can take a look at the levels below. The fee to join, I believe is $18 per month.

Four Corners Alliance Group MLM

#3. My Paying Ads

Here is another very similar opportunity to Traffic Monsoon. It is also another high yield investment program that requires you make a fairly hefty investment to get anything worthwhile out of this. Nevertheless, referrals will make a great part of your daily commissions if they do happen to become paying members.

#4. National Wealth Center

Another MLM network here, but one that I really dislike. Reason being that these guys charge individuals up to $7,500 for simple informational packages. In other words, this here is an MLM without any real backed up product. I would actually go onto label this one a scam. I’m guessing Multi-Stream System has added this program in order to try and make those high ticket commissions.. Not a big fan. I believe the cost of joining NWC is a $100 monthly membership fee.

#5. iGrow Network

This is a social media networking opportunity (otherwise known as “LeafIt”) that has been successful in the past and is probably one of the more legitimate opportunities here within the list. If memory serves me right, I believe there are still two different methods for joining. One is as a free affiliate (which you can still earn from by recruiting) and the other is by becoming a $50 associate.

#6. Power Lead System (or PLS)

Another MLM opportunity that requires you build your downline and use the many tools within the system such as their capture pages, autoresponders, etc.

What I Like & Dislike About Multi Stream

Ok so the idea behind Multi Stream isn’t all that bad. But I have a few issues with the product. First of all, Multi Stream System is really an opportunity on its own and the idea of adding 6 or 7 more businesses to the list is too many.. Wouldn’t you agree? How can you focus on building up so many businesses at once?

They make it seem like it’s as easy as promoting your capture page to other individuals only to expect them to join and pay for all these products.. Let me just say this. If you don’t have a blog, a website, or an autoresponder, it’s going to be harder than you think. People need information and value in return to make a decisive decision. It is a whole lot more effective for you to focus on promoting just 1 or 2 of these products and building up a residual income with these rather than all 6 or 7 at once.

More importantly, these aren’t free or cheap opportunities to join. Joining all these programs or networks can easily cost you in the $1,000’s. But my biggest concern I have are the programs that they decided to use within the system. Let’s look at what they decided to use: MLM’s & HYIP’S! (sorry, no bias here.. just saying!)

First of all, even though I ended up joining Traffic Monsoon for the experience and what not, that’s a program I’d give another 7 to 8 months before shutting down. Hopefully longer, we’ll see.. Same goes for My Paying Ads. These aren’t sustainable businesses, but are business that rely on advertising purchases made by other members. These purchases are then used to pay you out as a paying member. I’ve been involved with a few of these in the past and trust me, the ending is not pretty. Imagine you did all this work to begin getting referrals to these HYIP programs, only to see them disappear in a month or two.

Last but not least, we have these MLM’s.. Some I would say are OK, and others that are just straight out scams. I can’t believe they added National Wealth Center to the list for example. Any program that tries to sell you $7,500 worth of informational products should not be operating. That’s a fact.

National Wealth Center MLM

Here’s what would make Multi Stream a more legitimate opportunity (in my opinion).. If you could actually decide the 6 programs for yourself. What if you rightfully so, preferred the more legitimate affiliate marketing route and actually had the moral intention to teach others how to create a legitimate 6 figure business.. Now is that such a bad idea?

—> Now Here Is a Product I Recommend! <—

But before closing final arguments, let me just tell you what I do happen to like about the program. I like how you can try it out for free. That’s a plus despite misleading you into joining these six programs. I like how you can simply promote and make money with the Multi Stream System platform itself as well. That is a great addition. Then again, I don’t like all these misleading guarantees, promises, even the videos, etc. really makes the program look and feel a lot worse than it is and really raises my skepticism quite a bit!

Multi-Stream System Overview: What’s The Verdict?

I know I happened to focus on a lot of the negatives. But I still believe too many individuals will have trouble with it. Here’s why.. We have had hundreds of similar programs like these on the web and ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many products you’re attempting to promote at once. What matters is how you go about promoting these products. A lot of people begin to think.. Oh this should be as easy as posting a few links here and there on Facebook and maybe a couple traffic exchanges. Err, wrong!

There is a good reason as to why you see such a large gap between those individuals who are constantly getting hundreds of referrals a month and those who are getting 0 to 3 and the reason is because they have a system in place. They have a legitimate source of traffic. Maybe they have a website, blog, and e-mail list all going at once.

It is a whole lot easier when you have a built up audience in place that you can start constantly promoting your products to (trust me). You see, that’s when online marketing becomes a piece of cake. But when you don’t have these legitimate traffic sources in place, you really don’t have any online business at all and that’s where these “get rich quick schemes” come and get you and things start to seem much harder than they should be.

So take my advice and before you join Multi Stream System or any similar type of product, build up your traffic sources first, starting with My #1 Recommendation; one that allowed me to learn the ropes from the beginning. It is effective, reliable, and the most legitimate one I know of, and I know all the products :)

Thanks for reading. Please leave any comments and questions below!


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  1. Jay Carey

    That’s reassuring lol. The top program on this list is Traffic Monsoon. No a good start.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Lol, couldn’t agree more Jay. To add on top of that, they keep switching out one product for another. I wonder why that is, but Multi Stream System is definitely not a product I’ll be getting involved with anytime soon!


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