MX Revshare Review – Legit Or HYIP Scam?

By | October 17, 2016

Name: MX RevshareMX Revshare Review


Owner: James Lee Valentine

Type: HYIP/Revenue Share

Price: $5 Mini adpacks & $25 Medium adpacks

Rank: 30/100 – Not Legit.

Why MX Revshare Isn’t a Legitimate Opportunity

MX Revshare, in my opinion, is not a legitimate way to earn money online. It’s not really a method of earning at all in fact. Instead, it’s a high risk investment opportunity, where you are required to buy a certain number of adpacks while expecting some kind of profit (return on investment) in return. There are innumerable problems with this kind of earning however, and most-likely won’t pan out the way you’d might expect.

Currently, there are 65,000 members inside MX Revshare, making it one of the largest HYIPs of this year. But don’t be fooled by the “$3,000,000” paid out in commissions that does not take into account the amount of money used to purchase those adpacks. While MX Revshare might sound like a good opportunity from the outside, it is one to definitely be careful of and use caution before using.


MX Revshares Adpacks

Here is a brief of summary of the type of adpacks you can buy with MX Revshare.

  • $1 adpacks maturing at $1.50 (mini adpacks)
  • $25 adpacks maturing at $27.50 (medium adpacks)
  • $50 adpacks maturing at $55 (large adpacks)

For every $1 adpack you purchase you receive $.50 in return. For every $25 adpack you purchase, you receive $2.50 in profit. For every $50 adpack you purchase, you receive a $5 profit. If you ask me, that’s a lot of risk for a very minimal return. Let’s say for example, you were to purchase four $50 adpacks for a total of $200. That’s only a $20 profit. In order to earn just $100 in profit, you would need to have purchased $1,000 in adpacks!

And you see, that tends to be one of the main problems with HYIP’s. They can look so much more attractive than they really are. While you might be able to walk away with a thousand or two in your pocket, if you’re lucky, it sure won’t provide you with any sort of reliable income. Most HYIP earners, take away no more than a $100 to $200, while many walk away with a loss!


MX Revshare Risks To Watch Out For

More importantly are the many risks involved with HYIP. For example, many don’t last more than 6 months to a year and even when they do, earnings tend to get smaller overtime.

In order for an HYIP like MX Revshare to sustain, it must be able to continually attract new high-paying members. Even when that is the case, many of the members who first joined will have racked up so many adpacks by then, that they’ll tend to accumulate most of the earnings.

HYIP’s like MX Revshare isn’t something you can depend on. It is built upon risk and whether you want to take that risk is completely up to you. What I can tell you, is that I have experienced the best of both worlds.

I’ve earned with some, but lost with many. In the end, the smartest choice for me was to leave them for good. It’s unethical and you can’t always trust the person running the site behind the scenes. You just never know whether that site will up and vanish with your money in his or her hands.


MX Revshare Summary

There is one benefit to MX Revshare however, which is the ability to promote and advertise other offers you may have. For each adpack you purchase, you’re allotted a certain number of impressions or visitors.

The only issue with this is that everyone tends to simply promote other HYIP’s that they might be involved with. Another issue with this is that they’re pretty ineffective. Advertising with HYIP’s is like putting a pamphlet up on a bulletin board that no ever bothers to look at. There is no difference in this scenario.

Besides that, there isn’t a whole lot to praise with a site like MX Revshare. While I’m sure you may have heard how great of an opportunity it might be, it’s very important to be realistic before going with a site like this and to not expect a whole lot.

There is a very good chance that if you do buy your first adpacks, you won’t be earning any profit for months to come. In that case, it’s important to always stay on the look out for how the site is doing and the constant steadiness of the earnings. Otherwise, the smartest choice is to withdraw and walk away while you can.

Have any question regarding MX Revshare? I’d love to help. Just leave your comments and questions down below!


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