3 Secrets To Internet Marketing Success.

By | November 18, 2014

My 3 Big Secrets To Internet Marketing Success!

Whether you’re in network marketing, MLM, direct sales, or better yet, affiliate marketing, the point remains that in order to succeed you must realize what you’re up against. Too many people think that just because they have access to the internet that they can eventually make anything possible, and while that may be true, the simple fact is, the one secret to success you’ve been looking for doesn’t exist.

There is no true thing such as making money by use of automation. That’s not the same as making money while being away from your computer! As long as you’ve created a website, you can create income all day & night long.

There is no simple system that you can simply install that will start making you tens of thousands of dollars on the internet. Whether or not my facts will resonate with your true inner feelings, you’ll realize over-time that this is the truth! In-fact its becoming such a largely increasingly expressed norm across the internet marketing realm that MLM and Pyramid Schemes have taken over a countless number of minds by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

I’ve been there and done that; from attempting to put Facebook statuses on automation, to buying into scams that promised I’d be a millionaire over the next year.

While this is by all means not impossible, by falling for such scams will not help you get there. But will only prolong the destination. Trust me when I say I know exactly how it feels to have researched the internet in its entirety for the easiest way out. It took me awhile to admit, but as soon as I did, I began making money.. and actually, in “my own sleep” as well!

The whole point is that unless, you put a marketing plan in place that can be used to help you build a business, open 24 hours a day, 7 nights a week, with the right and proper visibility, you will never be making a full-time income on “automation.”

However, you can most-definitely make a passive, and residual income, after the hard-work and effort has been rightfully put in.

The first step for you to get your online business in place is simply by opening, owning, and consistently creating content for your website. It doesn’t matter what it is, not even how competitive your niche might be. The fact is, to stop wasting time, on the countless number of MLM scams and promises, and place ALL your focus on what truly matters, YOU! You are all that matters in this business. You are the only person who can make your dreams turn into a reality. You by being in control of your website and business can take it to heights never seen before!

Secret #1 to Internet Marketing Success

(Building Up Your Small Home-Based Business)..

Make sure after you’ve opened up your new website, your visitors are first comfortable. Refrain from the use of too many banners, graphic images, and advertisements. That won’t get you the sales and income you need! Atleast not until you’ve attained the borderline amount of necessary traffic.

The best thing you can do after building a website, is by providing high-quality content!

People come to your website and browse around for one reason. To find the information they intended on looking for. Sure you might catch them by surprise now and then by offering something unique and helpful to their current problem or situation. But make sure as you write your posts to create compelling content.. Now repeat that verse 3 times, everytime you start to write.

By creating compelling content you’ll find there is a lesser need to talk so much, as a direct sales person usually does in order to pitch his or her verse to you, as your main point is to simply answer a persons question, as concisely and shortly as possible.

Never underestimate the most powerful voice of all.. Silence!

Possible creative ways to offer valuable reader content: Create an E-book, guides, e-mail newsletters, videos, webinars, and even training courses. This will greatly increase the value of your content to begin with and make you stand out as a much more professional person within that niche. Also take into regard, that it doesn’t matter how many people in your niche may be offering the same type of offers or deals to the reader, the fact you’re doing the same, along with your compelling content, should only make it that much more compelling!

It simply shows your ability to fit-in when offering content people can come to trust!

Step #2 To Internet Marketing Success

USE social media!

I hope you’ve heard this before, and its better you hear it again. It may even serve as a good reminder to go check your primary accounts after having read this post. However, don’t over utilize it, nor underutilize it. But utilize it as the “dessert” to your online marketing content “meal.”

It will provide you with all the traffic boost you need, increase everyday user engagement, and provide you those extra content comments that you know always come in handy!

Top recommended social media portals by order:

1 – Google Plus.

2- Twitter.

3- Facebook.

4- Pinterest.

5- LinkedIn.

6- The rest….

If your social media audience is still small, then work on just 1 or 2 for the time being until you are able to grow your media base. Yes, it takes a bit of patience and time. But you’ll soon see and realize that as long as you can consistently create valuable content, you’ll easily become recognized on an almost oddly proportionate and gradual basis!

You’ll be thankful for implementing them in the first place – Not to mention how long it takes to simply share a post on Google plus .. 10 seconds at most!

Secret #3 To Online Marketing Success

Too many small businesses and home-based business franchises have found themselves competing with way too many big and larger brands. In-fact its a primary cause as to why so many people tend to shy away from the affiliate marketing world and fear the creation of their own website and blog! The best way to over-come this fear and to find the motivation to truly excel your online business to its very limits, is by simply joining a larger home-based business community!

You’ll be shocked as to how much the amount of feedback and help exchanged that will be able to change your online business into a total 360 degree angle. I’ve tried many times to build a business ground up on my own, and out of stubbornness found consistent failure after too much work, until I finally found the guts and courage to join an actual community for “newbs”!

Little did I realize, not just then, but to this day, how BIG of an online marketing NEWB I still am. Instead of being ashamed to admit so, I almost take pride in saying I’m a complete online marketing newb who by finally finding┬áthe necessary resources and training to running a money-making online business out of thin air.

And it’s not like I have 20-years of experience in this field!

Suffice to say, it is very permissible to say regardless of the hundreds upon hundreds of online money-making methods that I what I do know, is every single one of them is not concrete, and requires a highly consistent work-ethic, except for 1 method alone!

The harder the work you put in, the much more concrete your online marketing success becomes. That’s why I chose this affiliate marketing community as my number #1 go-to facility, to attain and achieve the necessary help to my on-going gradual online success!

4 thoughts on “3 Secrets To Internet Marketing Success.

  1. Joakin

    Hello Peter
    I am also a wealthy affiliate members, a newbie.
    I love your website and also appreciate what you are doing with the skills you have acquired . I know that it took you many years of learning, trial and error to get you so far; for that I applaud you.
    I, also had been scammed a lot mainly because I thought there was some easy way to make money online, without any actual work.
    It was in the year 2000, I was serving in the USMC, when some Amway dude approached me with the opportunity to become a business owner. Although; I did not join Amway thank God. However; I did borrow two small books from the guy: Who moved my cheese and Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!
    after reading those books, My quest of becoming an entrepreneur has began.
    Just so you know Peter, your work will be saving many families in the US and across the globe.

    1. Pete

      Hi Joakin,

      Apologies for just getting to your comment. I’ve been busy in writing some of my latest posts. Thanks for the compliments by the way, and yes it is very true it took my quite awhile to get things with my online business moving forward. As you already know of course, Wealthy Affiliate has truly helped lead the way quite efficiently!

      Anyway, I’m glad to hear about your experience back in 2000 with Amway Global and appreciate you offering your story. Good thing you were able to distinguish at the time whether this would be a worthwhile opportunity for you to join.

      It’s funny you mentioned the story and book of Rich Dad Poor Dad.. I have actually just started to listen to it on this podcast through my iPhone, sometimes while writing. It’s a highly motivational book and gives two great inspiring accounts of how the author learned to adapt in taking the right advice! One of my favorite aspects of the book is in the very beginning where he mentions how they should be teaching students in school more on how to make and manage money, instead of constant useless topics that tend to be both overwhelming and of dull interest.

      I believe people should be able to choose interests in where they want to learn in most.. By doing so, they’d be much better acquainted to reaching and heading towards a successful future and career more earlier in their lives!

      Anyway thank you again Joaking, pleasure speaking with you, and I very much hope one way or another that my work proves to make a difference :)



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