My Binary System Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 18, 2015

Name: Smart Profit System; Smart Profits; My Binary SystemMy Binary System Scam Review

Website: &

Price: “Free” with a catch

Rank: 0/100 – Scam

In this review, I figured it time to hit three birds with one stone! But you might be asking why, given every online marketing system should be unique from one another.

And, indeed it should!

But, in this particular case, we’ll be reviewing three different binary option/trading systems that all hold something in common, and are all, complete online marketing scams, that have been made to fool us out of our own money. Yes, despite the false “free” claims.

Before going any further, I would just like to say, I have reviewed approximately 40 of these products to date, and not a single one, has proven to be legitimate!

So What Is Smart Profits System?

Essentially, it is a binary options marketing scam. For the most part however, the majority of these systems fail to tell us anything when being introduced to us, besides a “promising guarantee” of earning thousands of dollars by either:

a. the simple free download of a system/software.

b. making a simple deposit and letting our money do all the work.

Nonetheless, as a result of Smart Profits System growing bad reputation, the owners/creators had decided to change their so-called company ‘trademark’ to My Binary System.

Therefore, when you go to the new Smart Profits System website, you will see a change in the overall layout, design, and information.

About My Binary System

The first difference you will see is a big pop-up that says:

“How Would You Like To Make $650,000 A Year Working Just 4 Hours Per Day?”

Crazy, huh?

I’m not sure what’s more crazy, this actual outrageous claim, made precisely to raise our levels of curiousity to an all-new height, or the simple fact somebody would go this far, to scam thousands and thousands of individuals out of their money.

My Binary System False Claims:

The biggest false claims of this system include..

#1 – 100% Totally Free.

#2 – 100% Trustworth. (Haha, yeah right!!!)

#3 – No Hidden Charges.

We will get to the “freebie” in a moment, and I will explain to you what’s really going on here.

In addition, this will also work to better explain what in the world is going on with this newer binary system, that can be found at One of the major differences found with this system is how it is attempting to be so much more sneaky in the way it introduces the binary options market to us.. In-fact it gives no mention at all, and the reason for this is simple.. Rather than attempting to get the attention of those already familiar with the binary marketing crowd, it is making an attempt to gather anyone and everyone with a desire to make money online.

I see these two different types of methods at capturing us all the time.. And honestly, they are both very dangerous, and must be avoided at all costs!

You will see things from fake reviews, to fake testimonials, to some of the most convincing yet fake videos and sales pages… Copies that are purchased at $1,000’s of dollars merely to convince us of their legitimacy. But the fact stands, there are more scammers in this world of internet marketing than we could ever know what to do with.

Red Flags:

Here are the red flags involved in “My Binary System”:

Red Flag #1 – As stated previously, we have the false claims that are made in the pop-up.

Red Flag #2 – In addition they state that “This offer will expire in … 8 Days” – Another false claim to be aware of, and technically has no expiration date.

Red Flag #3“Discover My 30-Minute Money Making System” – While it is true, it may take only 30-minutes to be in potential profit, there is another catch or side to this.

How It Really Works?

Here is how My Binary System and Smart Profits along with every other Binary Option Trading Scam really works..

First, the reason these systems and softwares are constantly being offered to us for free, is to make us think we are actually being offered something of value, when in reality all that is being done is our new assignment to a binary options broker.

What this does is it makes the owners behind these products eligible to earn an affiliate commission from us. By having us deposit the minimum $250 deposit into a binary option account, these guys have the potential to earn a commission off every single deposit we make.

Thus, there is NO secret software or system to earn us money automatically and instead we are risking 100% of our money and deposits, by attempting to make a “winning bet” on some kind of immediate binary stock exchange.

Therefore, there is ZERO logic to this, and are simply trying to play a very quick “double up or nothing” bet with our money.

My Binary System Overview

The more deposits we decide to make, the more income My Binary System and makes. It becomes an extremely lucrative business for these guys, especially when you are recruiting hundreds or thousands of new individuals on a monthly basis, and is the very reason to why they will go as far as they can to lie to our face.

To conclude, both of these systems hold no value to us and are actually very illegal in nature.

Hence, if you are looking to make a legitimate online income and want to stay as far away from these online marketing scams as possible, please see my #1 recommendation here.

Otherwise, feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below, and I will get back to you!

Thank you for reading this My Binary System and Smart Profits Scam Review.

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