My Mobile Money Pages Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 25, 2015

Name: My Mobile Money PagesMy Mobile Money Pages 2015 Scam Review


Owner: Andrew Davidson

Price: $39.95 Including 10% Discount

             After Exiting The Page!

Rank: 12/100

What Is It?

My Mobile Money Pages is an online marketing software that can be purchased at $39.95 on Clickbank and is a product which was developed by a guy named Andrew Davidson. The focus of My Mobile Money Pages is to get you buying an automated website developing software, claiming to create you any niche specific website on the go.

But, I will explain to you in detail, what My Mobile Money Pages, truly is. How and why it is over-exaggerating every single one of its over-simplistic features. And along with the fact, why Mobile Money Pages, isn’t really what it says it is!

This review will let you better understand how it works, and whether you can trust this product to actually do what it says. I will also try and go over some of the expected results achieved with My Mobile Money Pages.

How It Works?

Essentially, My Mobile Money Pages works as its own website builder, including several WordPress features, to help the software better understand what exactly you’re looking for in a website.

Furthermore, the product claims to help you achieve earnings of $547.43 per day; a very random number that I don’t believe is very accurate given the way this software is supposed to work.

My Mobile Money Pages 2015 Scam Review

In other words, My Mobile Money Pages should help you in earning $16,970.33 per month…OR $203,643.96 per year.. Not bad, right?! Well whether or not the features of this product can get us anywhere nearly close to this estimated income is the primary intent of this review. Nevertheless, to get started with My Mobile Money Pages, you’ll additionally need, a mobile phone or computer.

False Mobile Money Claims:

#1 – Mobile Money makes some rediculous claims like the fact Amazon even uses it, along with Ebay, and some other big online corporations. This can’t be any further from the truth if he tried!

#2 – The next false claim is that you only need ‘a few minutes’ to set yourself up for making thousands of dollars in everyday commissions.. Or should I say.. Millions?!

My Mobile Money Pages 2015 Scam Review

#3 – Oddly enough, you don’t even need technical or website design experience, or a website at all!

#4 – Another small but important to mention false claim, is it’s over-exaggeration in literally every statement or fact coming out of ‘Andrew Davidson’s’ mouth. For example: “1 Billion buyers per day are spending money online everyday.” That would mean, you and I, are buying something online, every single day. I honestly have not made a purchase in months!

#5 – Another claim, is that the majority of online affiliates are making money online, by the simple so-called use of money mobile pages. Thus, the company tends to claim all you need are the right mobile money page tools to be making income as an online affiliate.

#6 – But, that’s not all! They go as far into claiming My Mobile Money Pages is the only thing you’ll ever need to be making money as an affiliate. So that’s like saying, simply download My Mobile Money Page application, and begin making money without any work at all. What a ridiculous false claim, which nearly points out to the fact that this application is potentially 100% useless!

Let’s see if My Mobile Money Pages “simple 3-part demonstration” can even live up anywhere near today’s online marketing hype.

#7 – AND, you only need 2 minutes to do everything!

3-Part Demonstration Summary

My Mobile Money Pages Part 1:

Part one consists of you filling out some basic website information, that includes your desired:

 – Subdomain Name (Keyword)My Mobile Money Pages 2015 Scam Review

– Main Domain (Type)

– Site Title

– E-mail Address

– Password

– Adwords Account

By end of Step 1, you will have created your own, very basic, and simplistic website. Unfortunately, one of the false claims made earlier has been already proven wrong, by the Mobile Money Page Application, alone!

My Mobile Money Pages Step 2:

Furthermore, as we delve into step 2, the product takes a bit of a more advanced online marketing method. To me, this is where things get a bit interested. This is the step where essentially, all you need to do is research your potentially profitable keyword, and let the application go to work on building your desired website. Last, but not least, we see another false claim being made here, with the rediculous fact you’ll be using My Mobile Money Pages patent-pending keyword tool.

What’s even more odd about this, is they don’t call it any ordinary keyword tool, but keyword interceptor!! My Mobile Money Pages 2015 Scam ReviewWhat.. the heck? 

What’s that supposed to mean..! 

Apparently all you do from here, is enter in your keyword, to obtain your list of the most “profitable 50 keywords” within that niche. From there, simply click on export, and those keywords will be used to automatically create your 2-minute website.

This is definitely the most intriguing part of this web-design software, so I am going to fully explain the problem with this, and the facts that are being completely hidden from you. You will also come to understand why My Mobile Money Pages is indeed a scam, no matter how good its attempt in its intentions toward us.

My Mobile Money Pages Disadvantages & Problems

So the way this works has been seen many times in the online marketing world, not so much in the present, as it was used in the past. The way the software works is by a simple scraper. Everything is very systematic. You’ll see that it is all set on a default theme, the images go where they’re supposed to, along with the content, and such. What happens after you click on the “Start” button is the software goes out on the web, and begins scraping everything relevant to that keyword. Thus, it will do its own specific search on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and begin to input the various images, links, and content on this website. Now there so many potential problems with this, I can’t tell you enough.

To summarize, stealing content and using it for your own while it is pretty darn unethical, is additionally going to be caught by Google’s SERPS and indexing. That’s the reason for all its algorithmic updates, from Panda, to Penguin, to who knows what is next – Google Polar Bear? ;)

Anyway, the second that happens, your new Mobile Money Page website, will not see the light of day. This use of duplicated content is asking for more penalties than you can possibly imagine, placing it back in the millions of other websites. Furthermore, that’s not even the only problem.

The next problem is the mere fact you won’t see any traffic coming your way for being penalized. Another issue, is you don’t even have your own domain or hosting, and are simply creating a new subdomain attached to a domain, that’s likely marketing My Mobile Money Pages!!

But, as stated the very biggest problem of all, is that you’re using Google Adsense & Amazon, on a website that has no potential in gaining the necessary 100 or 1,000 visitors per day!

Another issue is it claims to build you authority backlinks, which according to My Mobile Money Pages, happens to be one of the necessities of getting good traffic and rankings.. Well, where I come from, that is in no way the case! This company claims that it is, simply because it is one of the easiest ways to convince you, and the easiest job for the software to fulfill.

Hence, by using an automated backlink software, it can go out and automatically spam other websites, to get you fake backlinks, which ultimately, will also be found out by Google, and penalize your website even more.

My Mobile Money Pages Overview

So I know I have said quite a bit in this review, and I know it’s filled with nothing but being this bearer of bad news, so why not jump right to the goods news.

As of now, you likely have some kind of passion in online marketing, and are ready to give website building a whirl. In addition, you even wouldn’t feel too bad with making some really nice income on the side, so allow me to introduce to you, My #1 Recommendation – a way for you to legitimately create a website full of substance, unique content, and everything else you can imagine.

Don’t let this scare you, Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate will help you achieve your dreams and goals, by giving you the step-by-step blueprint on how to properly start as an online marketer.

No need to buy into a scam like My Mobile Money Pages, claiming to make you all this money on automatic, and like it has some kind of hidden secret. “Andrew Davidson” knows exactly what his hidden agenda is, so why give him any satisfaction of the doubt!

Thank you for reading this My Mobile Money Pages scam review.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them for me below!

2 thoughts on “My Mobile Money Pages Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. M.J. katzbarry

    I have not been able to get a response from them regarding support, as I am not able to get the sitebuilder to work. Do they respond to you, if so please let me know what your magic touch is. I think its a great site, or might be, but the support leaves much to be desired. They do not respond at all. That is bad for me, as I don’t get to use what I have purchased and would very much like to get a site built. P.S. I also purchased the Platnium upgrade that doesn’t build the site either. Thanks

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey M.J.! When it comes to making money online, I really don’t recommend any product that doesn’t offer much support. It usually ends up being a scam if the owners themselves aren’t involved with their own members! Honestly, I would either try to contact the Mobile Money Page support team once again, or asking for a refund if possible.


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