My Points Daily Reward Program – Can It Help You Save?

By | June 1, 2016


Introduction To My Points

My Points Daily Reward Program is a site thaMy Points Websitet tries to accomplish a lot. It allows you to both earn and save money in the process by offering you discounts on products you might also purchase elsewhere. In addition, My Points also gives you the option of earning money by referring friends to the network.

They even have surveys that allow you to earn some extra cash in your account. Although, I am not the biggest fan of taking surveys, what I really like is how you can earn cash-back rewards just for buying gift cards. So if you ever needed to buy a gift card for a family or friend, this can be a great way to get some cash back in the process.


Shopping & Cash-back On My Points

When it comes to getting cash-back, the rates don’t seem that bad. The biggest problem I had with My Points however, is its overall setup and the way shopping is done. For example, I could only shop by brand and couldn’t exactly search for a specific product. The only way to shop was by showing more random products that would then get simply listed onto the page.

My Points Shopping

One of the greatest features of becoming a member of My Points is the fact they offer you a $10 gift card bonus for signing up and for pending your first $20 on the site, which is just one of many great incentives in getting started with My Points.

In my opinion, My Points is a great alternative to saving money, especially if you’re looking to buy a really expensive item. A fridge from Sears for example, that originally would cost you $1,299.99 is offered for only $799 on My Points. I really couldn’t think of a better way to save money on such big expensive purchases.


Earning Money With My Points

When it comes to earning money with My Points, you can actually make money without having to spend money. It’s kind of like SwagBucks in a way where each friend who accepts your invitation earns you 25 points just for joining. Now lets say they end up spending $25 on the site, you get an additional 750 points in your My Points account including 10% additional bonus points that is earned by your referral.


Videos, Surveys, & Search

Another way to earn money for free on My Points is by watching simple video clips. If this is something you enjoy, you can earn 1 point for each video you watch. While it may not sound like much, these points can certainly add up if you do it daily. They have all sorts of videos ranging from Celebrity News, Food, Health & Wellness, to Arts & Culture.

Earning My Points With Videos

One of the easiest ways to begin earning My Points however, is the ability to take surveys. Now the number of available surveys change from week to week. For example, right now I only have 2 opportunities to earn My Points by taking surveys, but completing them could earn me a total of 630 My Points. The total amount of time it would take for me to complete these surveys is about 32 minutes, which isn’t too bad.

Then they have their own little search engine, very similar to what Swag Bucks offers where each search you make you earn more points. In this case, 10 searches a month is equivalent to 1 My Point whereas 41+ searches a month is equivalent to 100 points. So if you plan on searching for something online (this can be anything), then you might want to take a look at the little rewarding search engine that is offered on



When it comes down to it, My Points isn’t exactly the place I would prefer to make a substantial online income. But it is great for the big shoppers out there and can really help you save a lot of money. If you’re big when it comes to saving My Points is a great way to get started. Not only do they offer cash-back, but a whole host of coupons as well.

Saving Money With My Points

My Points has been around since 1996 so they definitely are a reputable and trustworthy site. It’s also great if you’re looking for some of the latest deals, which are offered by Groupon, eBay, and Living Social. They even have their own little browser toolbar which shows you the deals offered by different websites. Just by having downloaded this toolbar, you also earn an extra 100 points.

I believer however, that the best way to really rack up a lot of points is by referring your own friends to the network and showing them the benefits of using this website. Imagine having a lot of friends on My Points who make large purchases. This can earn you a lot of points that you can either use to redeem towards your own purchases or gift cards. So if you’re going to use My Points as a solution to saving and earning money, make sure to spread the word. They even have their own mobile app, which can making the whole process of letting others know even easier!

Feel free to leave any comments or experiences with My Points down below.

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