My Success Plan Online Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 25, 2015

Name: My Success Plan Online


Price: $97

Rank: 0/100 – Scam!


What Is It?

My Success Plan Online, aka “The Success Plan Online” is a product attempting to claim to make you $500 in income like its clockwork.

By joining this online opportunity, they claim you can enter the chance to win $500 in cash or a brand new Mercedes.

In addition to gaining entry to The Success Plan Online, is your redeemable access to their “Millionaire Website.” Nevertheless, the primary purpose and intention of this review is to find out whether or not The Success Plan Online is in-fact just another online scam, and whether or not it contains any useful information, tools, or resources that can help you to somehow succeed online.

This review will be follow by one of my most legitimate online income-earning alternatives, that can also be found here.

How Much Is It?

The Success Plan Online makes some truly outrageous claims and shows almost every sign of being a scam, almost like its shouting it aloud, and not attempting to hide this fact whatsoever. In addition to this, they falsely have claimed over the years, that “50 Lucky People Will Gain Entry For $97.”

This price isn’t even really used to gain access to My Success Plan Online, but for the simple maintenance of this website being able to operate. They actually claim that this system is worth above and beyond, $15,000!

Unfortunately, the product does not give a single claim as to what you’ll even be doing before making your payment, and requires you enter your personal credit card information, which I’d advise against at all cost. Consumer complaints have shown this product is nothing but a complete scam, rip-off, and unethical attempt of making money from individuals. There shows no signs of any benefit.

Additional Upsells

In addition to your “lucky” $97 payment, you will be confronted with many, many upsells. Upsells which are used as a way to make you continually spend more money, until you have seen the very last of this system go to work.

Red Flags & Warnings!

Here are some additional warning signs, telling you to stay far away from “The Success Plan Online..” More like, “The Failure Plan Online!”

Red Flag #1:

Use of illegal and unethical company trademark and logo signs. You’ll probably notice it as well, but this constant use of MSNBC, CNN, USA Today, and ABC is a complete violation of these companies.

This attempt to try and look legitimate, should not fool you at all, and have been literally being used since the dawn of the internet.

Red Flag #2:

“Proven Profit Machine” ‘Unveiled’, With $500 Payout Guaranteed… Minimum.” The simple fact The Online Success Plan uses this tagline and puts it right in our face, is saying something.

It’s really more of a warning sign than anything else, and that there is no secret proven profit machine or anything remotely similar. Their just attempting to gain our attention and interest, and I hope it doesn’t work!

Red Flag #3:

Use of upsells and lack of the necessary transparency in information. These two sort of go hand-in-hand, the first being, the product uses nonsense upsells, even after having paid the initial $97 membership fee, just to get more out the product. In addition, the lack of necessary instruction and vital information of knowing what you’ll be doing, just says it all.

The Online Success Plan Overview

Given these many red flags, including upsells, lack of information, “guaranteed $500 payout,” falsely used trademarks and company logos are all reasons alone of why you should undoubtedly stay as far away as you can from this product.

They clearly show every single sign of an online marketing scam and cannot even come close to competing with so much more legitimate income-earning products like Wealthy Affiliate.

Therefore, if you are truly interested in making a legitimate online income, feel free to check out my #1 recommended product review.

Put this information all aside, and by simply looking over The Online Success Plans consumer complaints, where people literally threaten to call authorities, is reason enough to know it’s an outright horrible scam!

Thank you for reading The Online Success Plan Scam Review, and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.

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One thought on “My Success Plan Online Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Trisha

    Somehow I was put on their notification list and I get a scam email from different email addresses multiple times a day. I have called 4 times to have me removed and my husband has called as well for me. I still get these unwanted emails. I am seeking legal action if it continues.


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