My Traffic Shares Review – Worth The Hype?

By | October 1, 2015

Name: My Traffic SharesMyTrafficShares Review - Worth The Hype?


Price: Varies

Rank: 49/100 – Not Recommended

What Is It?

My Traffic Shares is a revenue sharing platform that offers services to advertise and an opportunity to earn online. However, this product may just seem to good to be true. Today there are more and more revenue sharing services hitting the internet but in order to function, they all depend on one common factor – growth.

While it’s definitely possible to earn by simply investing into the program, the way the company works still holds its flaws. Many are wondering whether it is worth their time investing any money into My Traffic Shares. This review should give you a much better look as to how revenue sharing actually works and the kinds of risk that are involved. Hopefully, you’ll get a better sense as to whether these kinds of risks are something you would want to take on.

How Much Is It?

Each Ad Coupon you purchase is equivalent to $12. This is unlike many other HYIP’s out there that usually have more than one standard adpack, but isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The maximum amount of Ad Coupons you can purchase is $12,000 worth. In exchange you’ll receive up to 8% daily for each adpack.

MyTrafficShares Review - Worth The Hype?

While this doesn’t seem to be bad in terms of your ROI, it’s also worth noting you’ll need a large investment in order to earn anything substantial. The total earnings for each Ad Coupon is 120% x $12, that is $14.40. So $2.40 profit on each purchased Ad Coupon.

What Are The Risks?

This is the most prevalent concern in any revenue sharing opportunity. If you’ve noticed, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of similar opportunities like My Traffic Shares. These numbers are only growing every day. But for the majority, the opportunity is nothing more than a risk versus rewards game.

Even for those who try to take advantage of as many revenue sharing products as they can end up with a loss. Reason being that many of these products depend on constant growth. Every single day, the companies rely on more members and more money coming in, in order to fuel growth. If there aren’t new members coming in everyday, than essentially these kinds of opportunities will have no more money to pay out other members with.

How It Works?

My Traffic Shares is no different than any other HYIP product out on the market. The way it works is by simply purchasing Ad Coupons and in exchange you have a chance to earn money. But where does this money come from? Well it all comes from one single source and that is from the new members who are coming in.

When you purchase Ad Coupons you’re basically buying a position. This gets added to a cycle of people who are paid out in order. Oldest members get paid first and newest members last. It’s through the purchase of new Ad Coupons that the revenue is shared among its members.

In addition, the company does sell advertising services, which may also be pooled into the revenues that are being paid out. And if I may add, the advertising services are the only thing that keeps the company going. Without it, all that would be left is its revenue sharing, which would be considered illegal.

Referral Compensation Structure

One of the best things I like about this new HYIP is its referral structure. It’s two-tiered which isn’t something you see very often allowing you to earn on two levels down. On the first level you’re eligible to receive up to 8% in daily commissions and 4% on the second. This means that any people you’re referrals recruit are added into your downline, thus enabling you to earn more money and more commissions.

MyTrafficShares Review - Worth The Hype?

The downside of this however, is because revenue sharing is so risky, any referrals you’ve managed to obtain can be lost, if and when the product is not able to sustain any longer. There is not only a risk of My Traffic Shares shutting down, but the earnings alone can become volatile and one day become a lot lower than the previous. I’ve experienced this more than once, so I figured it be best to give you a heads up of the risk.


  • Opportunity to earn money.
  • Ability to advertise to other members.
  • Solid two-tiered referral compensation structure.


  • Not a sustainable practice.
  • Too risky – can shut down at any time.
  • Takes a lot of money to make anything substantial (e.g. low withdrawal amounts)
  • PayPal not accepted.
  • Advertising is ineffective.
  • Relies on new member deposits for profit.

My Traffic Shares Overview

My Traffic Shares seems to have gotten the idea from the more infamous, “My Traffic Value.” If you have yet to take a quick peek at this product, here is a company whose earnings have become volatile over the years. I’ve heard many complaints and have seen individuals lose their investments.

Personally for me, the benefits here do not outweigh the risk. I feel because you are initially investing more than the amount you can earn in the short-term, it simply isn’t worth it. You’re risking losing more money than you can make. If you take a look at the payment proofs you’ll notice most of the payouts are in the very low figures. I do not find revenue sharing to be a reliable way to make an online income. It’s just not a sustainable practice. While I have made money with them, I’ve also lost out completely. A big reason for this is most of them require you to continually re-invest profits in order to earn. During this time, anything can happen to the company. They could disappear tomorrow or earnings could suddenly slow down, irrelevant of the actual intentions of the owner.

I found that the best way to make an online income is through affiliate marketing. It has and always will be this way. If you want to learn more on how I got started, then click here to see my review. Otherwise, if you feel My Traffic Shares might be a good fit for you then go ahead and give it a try. My only advice here would be to not invest money that you can’t risk losing.

Thanks for checking out My Traffic Shares Review. I’ve hope you’ve taken plenty from it and have a better understanding of how rev sharing works. If you have any comments or questions for me, feel free to leave them below.



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