My Advertising Pays Scam Review: How Does It Work?

My Advertising Pays Review 2014: Scam Or Legit?

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

About My Advertising Pays

Product Name: My Advertising Pays


Owner: Mike Deese

Price: Free to register; $49.99 per adpack

Make $60 In Profit Return!

So easy a child could do it.

Overall Rank: 98/100 Points!

Who’s It For: Anyone Looking To Earn “Fast” Money Online

My Advertising Pays Review: How Does It Work?

MyAdvertisingPays com created and developed by army veteran Mike Deese is a website advertising service, utilized by online marketing affiliates looking to simultaneously promote a product and/or service through MyAdvertisingPays advertising while earning money through my advertising pays profit sharing program.

My Advertising Pay Referrals

My Advertising Pays profit-sharing service, utilizes adpacks that are used in advertising allowing you to earn substantial income every single day.

Myadvertisingpays com profit sharing stats

Worldwide promotion of MAP’s made signing up sound like a no brainer when not just telling but by showing us how amazing MyAdvertisingPays was and the 100% success rate people were attaining utilizing their profit-share advertising program. 

While most people had been buying into it, I remained a bit weary of the program which is why I decided writing this MAPs review to help others understand more about MAP’s and how it can be of great benefit to you.

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MYADVERTISINGPAYS Free 30-Day Membership

The One Reason Why I Like My Advertising Pays Most:

One of the unique services that is initially offered to MyAdvertisingPay members is their free 30-day trial membership. With this 30-day trial, My Advertising Pays members are able to take premium membership advantage with its $99 Primetime monthly membership. What this does it enables new MAP members to take advantage of the many various advertising utilities offered within its facility.

Thus, this unique service gives members the ability to offer their free promotional website and advertising services. I alone have been able to leverage this very website with new and unique traffic and visitors by its free and highly powerful method of text ad placements, which becomes visible to hundreds of thousands of people each and everyday.

You should therefore take the free trial advantage within the first 30-days as you are given access to all areas of the My Advertising Pays platform and are able to experience and try out all the great MAP services being offered for free. That is, your ability to leverage $99 of valued advertising services to the public at no cost.

Click Below To Gain Massive Leads, Referrals, And Sales at No Cost or Obligation.

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

Quick Peek At The Membership Levels: 30-Day Trial & Primetime Membership

(MyAdvertisingPays Credit Pack Limits are also Equivalent! Very Beneficial)

My Advertising Pays Membership Level Benefits

Sign-up For MAPs Free Membership!


The second best way people earn income utilizing MAPs is by sponsoring others to the program. For every person sponsored, that person will gain 10% in earnings, to anything he or she purchases, whether it be MAP credit packs, advertising solutions, or their annual or monthly membership.

Hence, myadvertisingpays offers an excellent way to earn residual income over the life of their sponsors. The most unique part about MAPs is the fact you don’t have to refer or sponsor anyone to earn. Myadvertisingpays com earnings can be achieved by anyone willing to simply click on 10 ads per day, purchase adpacks, and earn MAPs profit share earnings every 20 minutes to their account.

Join The 61,470 Other MAP Users Today To Start Earning Online Money – The Easy Way!

My advertising pays ponzi or legit?



If your not familiar with MAP’s profit-sharing program, I highly recommend reading more on how it works. Myadvertisingpays is not a scam.

Myadvertisingpays literally allows anyone around the world to profit. However, you should be able to invest a good amount of money to purchase MAP adpacks. By contributing to the purchasing of more shares, the more money you receive through the system.


How much are MAP adpacks and what do you gain from them?

Myadvertisingpays adpacks are purchased at $49.99 each.

For every purchased MAP adpack or share, you receive $60 in return over a fixed certain period. Hence, say I were to purchase 3 ad packs.

That would cost me a total of $150. In return, I receive $180, since $10 profit x 3 ad packs = $30.

After you purchase a certain amount of adpacks, you then able to use the amount of profits gained to continually repurchase adpacks or withdraw to your eWallet.

Rather than withdrawing the $180 from above, I could utilize my growing account balance to purchase more adpacks, every time my account balance reaches $49.99.

What happens is my account will grow on a compounding basis, as the more adpacks I purchase either out-of-pocket, or from my account balance, the more MAPs adpacks I have to grow a bigger account balance that I am able to withdraw from.

MAPs withdrawals takes 3 to 5 days and because they use their very own internal processor, there is no limit to how much you would like to withdraw on a given basis.

Nonetheless, in order for MyAdvertisingPays to be a legitimate and legal service, they must offer something more in exchange to merely profit and money. Thus, you receive 1,000 MAP credits for each adpack.

These credits are used as a way to gain visual access by others to your promoted website, services, product, or affiliate link. In order for a person to receive their portion of MAP’s daily profit-share that person must click on 10 advertisements every 24-hours. 

The percentage of MAP revenue earnings have remained stable over the past 6 months, and is an excellent way to both get your affiliate program/service, out there, while simultaneously making a great ROI return!


Myadvertisingpays Testimonials

My advertising pays info review and testimonials

Myadvertisingpays scam or legit



 My Advertising Pay Referrals

OVERALL RANK = 98/100 Points!!!

Myadvertisingpays Scam or Legit?

MyAdvertisingPays Overview And Review


Leave any additional information, comments, or questions below! 

7 thoughts on “My Advertising Pays Scam Review: How Does It Work?

  1. Edemekaye Richard

    Hi Peter,
    Well done for this review, it is thorough and very explicit and also easy to understand.I have a question, how easy is it to withdraw from your account balance from my advertising pays via solid trust pay and have you done any withdrawal at all? Looking forward to hearing from you.All the best, God bless you.

    1. Peter G.

      Thanks Edemekaye! I’m afraid that My Advertising Pays doesn’t actually use Solid Trust Pay, Payza, or PayPal for their payment processors. Instead I believe they use their own withdrawal system that simply requires you to enter in your own bank account details to receive your withdrawals. It’s a fairly simple process from what I understand.

  2. Syed John


    How do you compare MAPS to TrafficMonsoon? How are they different from each other? Please do a brief MAPS vs TrafficMonsoon if you can.


    1. Peter G.

      They’re really not that different Syed, but MAPs has been around longer. One difference is MAPs adpacks expire at $60 whereas Traffic Monsoons expire at $55. While MAPs is growing at a slower pace, Traffic Monsoon seems to have more members. When all is said and done, that might not necessarily be a good thing. It’s hard to tell which is better and which one will be the more reliable/suitable revenue share to trust over the long-term.


    I tested MyAdvertisingPays I stopped after a few months because not enough remunerative. I get my money back and I put on TrafficMonsoon advertising as MAPS, unlike the package costs $ 50 and pays $ 55 but each pack really pays $ 1 / pack / day guaranteed!
    Cycling packs is so much faster cycle it in 2 months.

    1. Peter G.

      I totally agree with your statement on MyAdvertisingPays. You have to invest so much, just to make any money. This is something most people don’t tend to realize after they first join. But if you have say $1 grand or so to spend, then you can definitely make some great money with MAPs. Personally, HYIPs have never really been my thing, so to speak.


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