MyCashBots System Software Scam Review

By | January 18, 2015

Product: MyCashBot Auto Click Software
Type: Binary Options Software
Price: $250 Minimum Deposit
Rank: 5/100

What Is MyCashBot?

my cash bot scam

Another binary options trading web-based software, which claims to give you free access to its “$1,857.93/day valued” system.

This following review will give you a more detailed review to what MyCashBot really is and if it is legit or not.

What MyCashBot Does?

Their claimed software supposedly trades binary options with little or from no effort from you, as it goes ahead and automatically begins to do all the trading for you.

The MyCashBot Auto Click Software, like most other similar scam systems, claim to choose the best trading assets for you increasing your chances of winning.

Just like most binary trading software systems however, this has proved to bear a near-impossible feat.. As there isn’t a single binary trading software system in the world with the ability to predict future winnings.

Registering For MyCashBot Auto Clicking Software:

Step #1 – You must enter a personal e-mail address onto MyCashBot’s landing page.

Step #2 – This then forwards to you to a back-office, where you are then shown how to fund your own Options broker account using your personal Credit Card with a minimum $250 deposit.

Step #3 – Here’s where the supposed benefit comes in and that is MyCashBot’s claim in matching your $250 (or over) deposit.

Is MyCashBot a Binary Scam or Legit?

Despite the free binary system and software claiming to pick the highest profitable trades for you, we now know that in all likelihood there is nothing to benefit from this, as there has yet to be any sort of system with such “magical” power!

Nevertheless, it is the matching deposit that could really make a positive affect on binary option traders.

As always though, those creating such binary system schemes, always have something going on in the background working to make as much potential profit off its members as they can.

In this particular case, MyCashBot seems to do a pretty fair job at just that…

MyCashBot Is Not Free.. What’s The Catch?

The catch with MyCashBot’s Auto Click Software is that as soon as you deposit the minimum amount of money to your own brokerage account, MyCashBot immediately uses your deposit in order to use it towards profiting off you as their own binary affiliate.

Therefore, for every and any additional deposits you make into the binary option trading market, you are simply profiting MyCashBot for no reason at all!

What Users Are Saying About MyCashBot?

After doing a bit of investigating, the conclusion seems to be pretty crystal clear. The fact is that the MyCashBot System offers nothing more than a bunch of false hype in their schemish attempt to raise the hopes of so many binary traders out there.

It’s simply proven to become nothing more than another middle-man between the binary options market and binary trading affiliates simply looking for a way to steal as much “unethical” binary commissions as possible by luring you into their fake MyCashBot Auto Clicking Software System.

In addition, their claim of making it rich in the binary options world has proven by binary trading experts to be completely false..

Even if MyCashBot were to be legitimate, and the system was truly able to increase your chances of winnings, it still would be literally impossible for you or anyone to make the guaranteed amount of money that is being claimed on MyCashBot’s very own website!

MyCashBot Auto Click Software Overview

Of course we know by now there is nothing spectacular, not even original nor unique about MyCashBot. However, that should not go without saying you should be on the look out for other potential binary trading softwares or systems that act as though they are legitimate.

These systems and softwares at best, while they happen to be taking the internet by storm as of lately, never tend to sustain after users experience just as much losses as wins. The best way for you to increase your chances in the Binary Trade Option market is to do it on your own! To use your own gut instincts and PUT or CALL based on your own experience and knowledge.

At the same time, I haven’t found the binary option trading market to be a reliable way to making a nice consistent online income. The fact is, the binary trade market is just a tad bit better than gambling, or use of lottery scratch tickets themselves. Unless you are an affiliate of the binary option trading market, there is no reason to stick in this business, no reason at all. If you really want to make a consistent online living, learn to become an affiliate. Rather than using these fake systems and softwares, speak about your own experiences within the Binary Option Trading Market, and profit by starting your own website online, which you can then turn into your own affiliate business!

If this sounds like an interesting viable solution to you, check it out below, because I honestly, could not recommend it enough!


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