My Fun Life Review – Scam Or Legit?

By | March 1, 2015

Name: My Fun Lifemyfunlife review - is it a scam?
Owner: Dan Edwards
Price: $21 monthly recurring
Rank: 15/100

MyFunLife Review: What Is It?

My Fun Life, a travel based MLM opportunity created by Dan Edwards provides everyday consumers and potential recruits with travel and flight booking services.

Afew of its biggest potential benefits is in its ability of claiming to show you how to:

#1: “Earn Cash Back On Your Travel Expenses.”

#2: “How To Get Discounts On Your Traveling.”

#3: “How To Earn a Fortune By Joining Their MLM Opportunity”

How Much Is MyFunLife?

There are two ways of joining this opportunity, which allows for My Fun Life’s monthly paying members to earn from a variety of ways. One of which is heavily based upon its own potential MLM marketing scheme.

Thus, in order to become a qualified MLM member of My Fun Life’s services and opportunity, you must pay a recurring $21 monthly fee.

On the other hand, you may also choose to register as a free affiliate of My Fun Life, which will also minimize your income potential by creating your own downline and team of My Fun Life members.

What’s Different About My Fun Life?

For those who may be interested in looking to sign-up, register, and earn with My Fun Life as their own home-based opportunity should be aware of the fact that the company is really just the middleman between Travelocity and its paying MLM members.

myfunlife review myfunlife scam review

Therefore, if you’ve been wondering if whether My Fun Life is a legitimate opportunity or just another online scam, you’re questionability of them is completely warranted.

The mere fact My Fun Life has created its own pyramid structured MLM scheme, while using a simple company such as Travelocity to offer as their service says quite a lot, given the fact that any and all potential online consumers are most-likely to skip over My Fun Life when presented.

What My Fun Life Offers?

In this case, we can view My Fun Life as an opportunity that essentially offers zero value in return, has no affiliation with Travelocity to begin with, and is using the online travel niche as a way to exploit and gain its own profit out of.

Nevertheless, here are some of its own attempted branded travel services that are being offered:

“FunTRIPS”: Offers Special MyFunLife Member Exclusive Travel Deals.

“FunCONDOS”: Claims to find and offer you luxurious condominium accommodations around the world for only hundreds of dollars rather than having to pay thousands up-front.

“The Cha-Ching Booking System”: Claims to offer the lowest rates on airfare, car rentals, and hotel booking.

“Sizzle Weeks”: Special MyFunLife Condo Deals Posted Weekly Exclusively to MyFunLife’s Paying Members.

Due to the fact none of these services are able to work without a legitimate and actual booking system, for example Travelocity, is proof of its own that My Fun Life is greatly dependent on the use of other online traveling services.

Is My Fun Life a Scam?

If for example, My Fun Life had opened its doors with its own unique travel and booking system, then we could move forward in making the case that this could actually be a potential and worthwhile opportunity.

Since that is not the case, My Fun Life proves to be nothing more than the average comparison travel search engine, with an attempt of exploiting the online travel scene by use and attainment of money from regular individuals for the sake of its own skeptical income-earning pyramid scheme!

MyFunLife Overview

To conclude, the majority of MyFunLife’s members will most-likely come to see the great difficulty when attempting to use it as a method of making money.

The reasons for this are fairly simple, despite all the income-earning exaggerations, one is likely to find it difficult to find others who have a similar interest in joining an online travel opportunity.

Especially after learning and understanding how tough it will be for each individual on its own to recruit its own members, is why the greater majority come to see MyFunLife as a non-worthwhile opportunity.

Moreover, without a strong marketing plan in place, or having found your own methods of attaining a consistent amount of traffic, is likely to make it all the more harder.

What Now!

If you’re truly honest with yourself in wanting to learn how to earn a legitimate online income without having to go through the struggles and hardships that are well-known to come along with today’s constant annoyance of MLM scheme’s, I suggest taking a look into affiliate marketing.

This will allow you to start your own online business without having to rely on the false guarantees and promises made by companies whose sole motive is in simply taking your money.

By becoming an online affiliate you will be able to further open your own online business and website, on any niche you decide, while simultaneously learning how to begin driving consistent profits.

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Thanks for reading this review on MyFunLife, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them below.

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