NetPennyStocks Review of a Complete Pyramid Scam!

By | February 23, 2015

Name: Net Penny StocksNetPennyStocks Scam Review!


Price: Minimum $1.95 Investment

Rank: 0/100

The following review of NetPennyStocks will give you a better understanding of how this program works and why it’s nothing but a complete pyramid scheme.

This product literally epitomizes every related trait we see in today’s most popular online scams and uses “penny stock trading and investing” as a deceitful method to what really lies behind this product!

What Is Net Penny Stocks?

It is a product that is currently trying to capitalize a portion of the internet marketing world by introducing this method of “1 cent stock trading.”

Net Penny Stocks Scam Review!




Net Penny Stocks makes some outrageously false claims that with each and every single $1.95 investment, “you will earn $101,970.75 in return.”

Sound too good to be true..?

That’s because it is!

In-fact let me tell you now that Net Penny Stocks doesn’t even begin to touch the surface of legitimate investment and stock trading, while additionally making you the claim, that in order to earn money, you don’t even have to do anything!

Here’s How Net Penny Stocks Works!

Essentially the company has one major priority, which is to recruit as many paying members as possible. By doing so, the company is then able to accumulate small recurring $1.95 payments. In return, Net Penny Stocks takes a portion of the latest payments every week, and pays a percentage of it to each member.

Why Exaggerate Earning Amounts?

There are many reasons I can think off the top of my head, but here are the main ones:

#1) In order to get you spending more money – Therefore, as a result of your daily $1.95 deposits and incoming profit returns, you are more likely to invest more money.

#2) Net Penny Stocks growth and profitability, despite its complete illegitimacy, is dependent upon the recurring payment of more and more members.

So once the number of Net Penny Stocks “$1.95 sales” can no longer exceed the number of Net Penny Stocks previously sold, is when Net Penny Stocks will immediately go out of business with the inability to no longer pay any returns to purchasing members.

#3) Hence, without new daily paying members, you can bet on the simple fact that Net Penny Stocks will simply shut-down its website & fake penny stock business, and run away with as much potential profit as they can.

NetPennyStocks earning potential scam

I’ve seen a number of similar companies like Net Penny Stocks through out my years in online marketing and can tell you without a doubt it is not a legitimate business opportunity.

Net Penny Stock & MLM Opportunity..

Net Penny Stock profits is merely the resulting accumulation of member investments, with a small percentage of which each older paying members are paid by from the newest members.

Moreover, its incorporation of MLM’s payment structure and “business opportunity” is one of the biggest give aways of how big a scam this product is – besides many of the red flags that can be pointed out on the website itself.

By incentivizing members to recruit more people into its MLM matrix, you can make greater returns.. Thus, it becomes a win-win situation, but only for the time-being, as Net Penny Stocks will no longer exist in the near-future!

Why Make Such a Bold Assumption!

Because, fact is, Net Penny Stocks is a scam and nothing but. Here are their so-called 3 Steps To Financial Freedom:

Step #1: “Best Investment Opportunity Today! FREE Sign-Up! You can now pay off your debts, loans & enjoy Lifetime Financial Freedom!”

Step #2: “Start To Auto Invest for $1.95 per Investment! You earn US$ 101,970.75 paid directly to your account WEEKLY – every week!”

Step #3: “Make 4 to 25 or More $1.95 Investments each – Increase Your Weekly Returns.”

False ‘Company’ Claims:

– Earn US$101,970.75 for every $1.95 investment you make!

“Note: NetPennyStocks Affiliates are more than excited to participate (unlike other expensive programs) & enjoy ‘Lifetime Financial Freedom’ for just $1.95 only!” – Wow, sound like complete sales propaganda or what!

– Ridiculously over-exaggerated profit earnings & fake consumer testimonials.

“15 Invest- Cost $ 29.25: You Earn US$ 1,529,561.75”

– As NetPennyStocks already explicitly states they have raised their own money without the need for banks, investors, & grants.


Net Penny Stocks Scam Overview!

Nevertheless, I realize you are on this page as you are on your own search to make your own online income. While this is surely doable, the review is only advising you to stay away from Net Penny Stocks and hope that you agree with the fact this company is nothing but a ponzi scheme.

The simple fact the company could not make this look and feel anymore obvious should give you that gut-feeling to have no affiliation with them!

Personally, I wouldn’t a trust a word on their website, not to mention that everything appears to be pointing us in the “CLICK HERE.. SIGN UP HERE.. MAKE $1,000,000 NOW HERE…” direction. - 1¢ AutoInvest High Returns! - Home Page 2015-02-23 14-12-49

To conclude, Net Penny Stocks offers zero to no support, lack of professionalism, with more falsified and misleading information than I can count on both hands.

If you’re still wondering or looking for the best way to begin making money online, I highly recommend reading this next review – Showing you how I was able to shift my thinking away from all the scams and false online marketing propaganda to a more legitimate nature in mind, all due to this one simply amazing product. :)

Thanks for reading my NetPennyStocks Review, and if you have any questions, comments, or opinions, feel free to leave them below.

6 thoughts on “NetPennyStocks Review of a Complete Pyramid Scam!

  1. Ranjeet

    Don’t lose your capital with this site. It is a scam on the internet. I have invested $50 and also withdrew 5$ but was never paid and is still pending. Thanks to PayPal, I just filled out a case and got back my amount…Never going back to netpennystocks, scam scam scam….

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for letting us know Ranjeet. Your input on Net Penny Stocks was extremely helpful. Glad to see you got your money back from PayPal!

  2. Abel

    This thing is just a scam… I made that one payment of $1.95… actually it is $3.0 because they never accept a deposit of less than three way back in 2010…. it is now over five years and nothing earned so far…,.

  3. Aime Matunda Pero

    Thank you so much for your review. But the best way is to take a try with small invest of $1.95- Honestly, I know this website since 2008. And when I tried to fund my account with Alertpay, it was not possible because Alertpay’s service was not available in my country Democratic Republic of Congo. Coming back to website today when I was surfing for ads on the website, I was surprised to see this website alive since 2008. But, this website must be online for long time. Normally, the scam website who are not able to do thing as they are claiming them, they cannot survive for more than one year. They must not dispear suddenly. I think this is not the case with NetPennystocks. I’m planing to invest small $1.95 with them next week to have a good proof and I will have my honest review about them.

    1. Faith

      Hi, I came across this website when trying to research if netpenny stocks is legitimate and i found comments this website. Thanks for your comment, please have you invested and verified if netpenny stocks is legitimate and pays?

      1. Peter G. Post author

        Glad you found this site Faith. I personally have not invested into net penny stocks, but I have kept in contact (both through e-mails and comments here) with many individuals who have had no luck with the site. Hope that helps!


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